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In general: Invitation shows mostly from loneliness, from which one can not excuse their own efforts, it is hoped that others take the contact. This symbol warns against isolating themselves more and urges even escape from the prison of loneliness, instead of waiting for others. Psychologically: Anyone who has dream about invitation whishes to have more social contact. Also, dreaming of invitation shows that dreamer is feeling more alone that he… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Generally the collar in dreams stands as a symbol of keeping up with the rules and orders. Collar may also indicate unfavorable circumstances that lead to failures, especially when the dreamer tries to iron or finds it difficult to put it around the neck. Alternatively, in these days it is very popular to wear a collar as a jewelry, therefore it shows the desire to be beautiful. Psychological Meanings: Psychologically the colla… Continue reading

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In general: Roast symbolizes that something is cooking (mature) and can come to a favorable conclusion. Maybe the icon has the sense of “smell a rat” also points to an opportunity or a risk. Who wants to fry something, contribute to the success of something, perhaps point to its guests, fellow human beings, in a good light. When the roast burn, we may have all credit playful. Psychologically: The roast is the symbol for the Sunday an… Continue reading

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Jesus Christ

Association: Higher consciousness; redemption. Question: Which part of me is closer to God? General Meanings: Trust in God and do not lose the faith Christ can symbolize the relation with the belief for religious people, this can show clearly both strength and doubt of belief, that depends on the circumstances. Mostly he embodies own personality with all his possibilities, the ideal of himself to fulfill the spiritually and emotionally people wh… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to get an audience: improving the position and has good luck and success; – to give an audience: listen to important news, current plans are too far-reaching in order to be fulfilled. Arabian (Islamic) – (an audience with a highly placed have) you will improve your position. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The spectators or listeners assembled at a performance, for example, or attra… Continue reading

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In general: Most people have a strong need for a protected privacy. The dream of an intruder can therefore only mean that the dreamer feels threatened. Often, the intruder in a dream a man this primal fears in the game that have to do with power and violence. Psychologically: The dream of an intruder is usually manifest in connection to sexuality and experienced in this area to a threat. Spiritually: At the spiritual level, the dreamer may be op… Continue reading

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Psychologically: The icon for the “green light” and openness may be understood as a sexual invitation. * Please, see meaning of station. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation An entrance capable of being blocked by use of a gate. Complete definition A gateway is a point of entry or exit. Synonyms of gateway noun: gate, entry, entrance, portal, door; plural: gates, entries, entrances, portals, doors; related terms: entra… Continue reading

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In general: Actual physical symptoms or discomfort are often taken into the dream and show up there in the image of the intestine. However, this dream symbol is also often used for mental processes, it can be understood as a reminder to be more self-criticism or self-reflection. It may also be that the dreaming is not really very open to too much occupied with themselves or from reality into his inner refuge, which can lead to loneliness. Under… Continue reading

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Association: Potential; birth, hope, wholeness. Question: What would I like unfold? Generally: Rebirth and New phase – The egg is a symbol of not realized potential or opportunities, which the future will bring. A dream of an egg, then this is a clue to the dreamer that his natural abilities haven’t become fully aware. It is a symbol of rebirth. Spiritual oppressive will yield a new attitude to life. As the child in a dream , it anno… Continue reading

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In general: The dream of a dagger plays a big role, its significance is either in attack or in defense. Dagger can be like the sword of aggressive male sexuality, but also display aggression outside of sexuality, you must learn to control. – Partially it can also hope to get the help and care. – Uses the dreaming with the dagger attack another man, it tries on a deeper level, an unloved part of you cut out yourself and get rid of. – If the dream… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – if man drinks from a Coca-Cola bottle or dreams a bottle of Coca-cola: has an erotic meaning. – a sitting man drinking from a bottle: an invitation to relax again. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A carbonated soft drink. Complete definition Coca-Cola is a carbonated… Continue reading

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Association: Find what you want; choices. Question: What I am willing to take home? In general: The translation secret wishes: you want in interpersonal relationships have something that was a previously denied. Maybe you want to buy the love of a close person or acquire only the recognition of the partner, be sure that it is treated properly. But the vision is doubt: can you buy love and acceptance really? If you buy new clothes, which is an in… Continue reading

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In general: A closed can indicates that you want to know anything that is kept secret from you. An open invitation is to take an opportunity. In addition, the can symbolizes female sexuality. Important in the content of each case. Psychologically: – a locked can that can not be open has to do with feelings that you want to keep in any case under wraps. – An open can indicates that we give something, so anyone want to give a donation. – An open c… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Inner sensibilities - Elf (mythical creatures) can embody the unconscious as a basis of impulses, feelings, energy and consciousness. From this, conclusions can be drawn what moves and motivates a person. Elf often expresses also the need for romantic love relationships. Psychological Meanings: The desire of lightness in difficult situation – Who dreams of it, wants to know how elf can take off and fly so playfully and ef… Continue reading

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Class (education)

Psychologically: It is the memory of the time of learning. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – You are dreaming that you give a course: you will get an invitation; – In the dream you enjoy the classes: you must protect your independence. Arabian (Islamic) – In the dream you get classes: the love will bring you under the slipper; – You are dreaming that y… Continue reading

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Hair stylist

Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) The desire to look good if visiting the hair stylist – such dream shows the desire to be successful and happy, especially on the sexual basis; Dishonor if you are the hair stylist – if the dreamer sees himself being a hair stylist, then such dream means that you will fall into disfavor due to looking after others. Alternatively, the dream may indicate you desire to be helpful for the… Continue reading

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Wine bar

Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Relaxation if see wine bar in a dream – You will get an invitation to have pleasure and relax; Gossips if being in a wine bar in a dream – This dream indicates gossips by which the dreamer makes himself a fool. Keep your mouth shut if you want to avoid worries. Hindu (Hinduism) Warning if dreaming of wine bar – This dream shows that you are immoderate person, you do not pay at… Continue reading

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In general: In the dream, the behavior of the dreaming or the another dream figure decidedly differ from normal behavior. The dream state gives the people the freedom highlight aspects of himself that he could not normally realize. Psychologically: Bizarre behavior with the dreamer or other dream characters can give explanation about the psychological condition of the dreamer. Spiritually: An invitation to the dreaming, is coming back to check h… Continue reading

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In general: Today probably most of people dream of a car or other means of transport, if a dream of continuing movement.We dare to dream of a dispute, it may be an indication that old and already deposited methods of testing the given situation are the solution.Wagon can be understood in terms of a car.Pulls it an animal, you interpret this.A rickshaw, which draws a man, exhorts the dreamer not to harness for its purposes others. Psychologically… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to pour something in a dream: point to losses; – pour coffee or tea: an invitation to a party. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation To cause to flow in a stream, as a liquid or anything flowing like a liquid, either out of a vessel or into it. Complete definiti… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – singing: soon hear from an old friend. Hindu – an invitation to a party. Arabian (Islamic) – a celebration attend soon. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A singer in a choir. Complete definition A choirboy is a boy member of a choir, also known as a treble. Synonyms of choirboy – ; related terms: chorister…. Continue reading

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