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In general:

Paint is generally for the externally visible personality of a person, in particular its behavior and the impression he leaves behind in others. Can hide behind it, however, quite different properties. Sometimes you can see from the paint so the request to not pay attention to so much on the outer facade, but more to give the way you really are. Flaking of the paint suggests a nakedness in waking life. Fresh paint points to the repeated success, to preserve the image.

* Please, see meaning of painting.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
A colored substance that is spread over a surface and dries to leave a thin decorative or protective coating.

Complete definition
Paint is any liquid, liquefiable, or mastic composition which after application to a substrate in a thin layer is converted to an opaque solid film. It is most commonly used to protect, color or provide texture to objects.

Synonyms of paint
verb: color, colour, depict, dye, picture, portray, stain; noun: dye, color, colour, tint, painting, hue; plural: dyes, colors, colours, tints, paintings, hues; related terms: acrylic paint, acrylic, antifouling paint, coating, coat, coat of paint, distemper, enamel, encaustic, finger paint, fingerpaint, house paint, housepaint, oil paint, semigloss, spray paint, water-base paint, coloring material, colour, colouring material, color, pigment.

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