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Authority, power, wisdom.


How do I get my power to express? How do I show my authority?

In general:

Beard of men is often interpreted as a symbol of masculinity, virility and superiority (which is partially outside of dream interpretation).
- Previously, the symbol of male superiority, later interpreted as applying a mask behind which you want to hide one’s own interior, an interpretation that apply to most of today’s dreams.
- If you look at yourself with a beard, one wishes, perhaps in a situation of male floating, so to respond courageously to exert more power and influence to affect or sexually attractive.
- If the dream of the beard shaved off, this indicates the fear of losing his manhood in the eyes of others, often in fear of a failure of a sexual nature.
- the beard of women shows in a dream, that they long for more protection and security (for example, the partner relationship), looking for a father figure, is perhaps also their desire for a distinct masculine and potent partner in it to light. Other meanings are derived from various circumstances, for example:
- strong beard is traditionally understood as a sign of good health.
- If a beard begins to sprout, it can announce an improvement in general health and better living conditions.
- Can you cut off a beard, this is a warning sign, particularly the financial losses predicted.
- A white full beard is a symbol of wisdom, he can refer to one’s unconscious, or a person you should consult a counselor.
- The red beard is based on old dream books warn against the falsehood of others, but certainly behind it subliminal prejudices that are traditionally associated with red hair.
- If you lose the beard in a dream, you should drop prejudice and outdated views.
- Who brushed his beard in a dream, which is attributed in ancient dream books vanity;
- He who gives away to a woman who risks loss of potency. For more information about the importance of the beard can also give general interpretations of the hair.


In ancient times it was permitted only to kings and prophets, to wear beards. The beard was and is still considered a symbol of authority. In general, the beard was the sign of the mature and wise man. In the dream, the beard is a symbol of male power and virility. But it can also signal aggression tendencies. If the beard removed in a dream, it means loss of power, submission, castration and / or impotence symptoms.


Sign of male power, courage and wisdom.


European (Judeo-Christian)
- a long beard: indicates good business;
- very large, long and strong: much honor, good health, the stronger and the full beard, the better;
- a white: awakens reverence and awe; sign of wisdom;
- gray: you are the target of schadenfreude, also means trouble and strife;
- black: health;
- a red beard applies to disputes and quarrels, false friends;
- see yourself with a strong beard indicates good conditions;
- someone tugging on your beard, you’re taking a limited risk, maybe you lose power;
- failing whiskers: points to losses;
- shave the beard: applies to losses;
- cut yourself: do you intentionally inflict harm on someone, fear of loss of strength and virility, also: you will soon have to take leave from a good friend;
- pluck: you must satisfy your creditors;
- be beardless (while wearing a beard in life) you chase after bad;
- the beard comb and brush: points to the vanity increases your prosperity, your former colleagues despise you;
- growing see: your property is multipart; come in favorable conditions;
- of a young girl: loss of a lover;
- (for men) see a beard on a woman: caution, frustration and anger; unpleasant memories and lingering illness, should the female sex in the near future compared to be very careful because this woman “wears the trousers”;
- (for women) see a beard on a woman: feeling or sense of security in a man with beard;
- a young woman admires a beard, you have the desire to marry, but you risk an unhappy marriage.

- see: the possibility of an increase in your property is imminent;
- cut: one should not make fun of other people;
- tear: you remind your creditors and rightly so, because you’re unreliable;
- gray: your knowledge and skills will be rewarded, but not as much as you want it;
- black: bring your passion you in danger, you mastered!
- red: fake people around you, be careful;
- snow-white: the dreamers prophesied shame;
- when a woman have: small loss;
- in a child: you shall only ever consider everything before you start something;
- dreaming of a beard: it is shameful to the general scorn are revealed.
- Tear it off his beard, he is in agony and pain lose his fortune and endure disgrace.
- Dreams of the emperor or a prince, he had lost as a result of one Albens his beard, are the people and economy plunge him into great troubles, a poor man who lives in misery and worries, will shake off this and then have reason to be happy, a man from the middle class or an owner who makes a living will suffer damage in any way.

Arabian (Islamic)
- a long and dark beard: health;
- weak: to ridicule it will not fail thee;
- have a long gray: despondency and despair will haunt you;
- see on a woman: annoyance and anger.
- when a young girl dreams that she had a beard: this points to early marriage, the beard is dark on a good, red is a bad draw in marriage;
- a married woman who had a beard: it will die, or her husband leaves her;
- remove beard: multiple loss;
- abusive: sadness;
- if the beard is full and dense: give dignity to the carrier, give them dignity, but they have grown too rich and belongs to the dreamer to the middle class, he will get into debt and get a lot of trouble.
- Dreams of his beard was magnificently sprouted, he is rich pile of wealth, the hairs become but too long, sickness and affliction plaguing him, but will not exceed, but the measure because they can whittle down his beard with ease again.
- Did the emperor that dream, his nation will multiply it useless and have nothing but trouble and vexation. Sprouting him hairless parts of the body hair, such as the palms, on the cheeks or anywhere else where they can not grow hair, he will bring out people of foreign tongue, a new army, and its treasures will increase; a common man or a poor will push debt and worries. A married woman will receive and bring up a child to the world.
- Do you think it the one hand, his beard had failed him, he will come into deep poverty and fall victim to the general contempt.

* Please, see meaning of hair.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
Facial hair on the chin, cheeks and jaw.

Complete definition
A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin, upper lip, cheeks and neck of human beings. Usually, only pubescent or adult males are able to grow beards. However, women with hirsutism may develop a beard. When differentiating between upper and lower facial hair, a beard specifically includes the moustache, which refers to hair above and around the upper lip.

Synonyms of beard
verb: defy, brave, dare, challenge; noun: barb, whiskers, awn, chin; plural: barbs, whiskers, awns, chins; related terms: face fungus, adult male body, man’s body, facial hair, fuzz, imperial, imperial beard, beaver, moustache, mustachem, goatee, stubble, vandyke beard, vandyke, Attilio, soul patch, face, human face.

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  1. maggie says:

    My dream it about a friend who bring a baby to work but the baby has a beard, I tell her she can go show the baby to everyone I will hold the baby later.