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In general:

You dream of an album, you will have success and true friends. Watches a young woman photographs in an album on, you will soon find a sympathetic lover.

* Please, see meaning of photos.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation
A blank book for the insertion of photographs, stamps, or pictures.

Complete definition
An album is a collection of recordings, released as a single package on gramophone record, cassette, compact disc, or via digital distribution. The word derives from the Latin word for list.
Today, with the vinyl record no longer being used as the primary form of distribution, the term “album” can still be applied to any sound recording collection, such as those on compact disc, MiniDisc, Compact audio cassette, and digital or MP3 albums. Cover art is also considered an integral part of the album. Many albums also come with liner notes and inserts giving background information or analysis of the recording, reprinted lyrics, images of the performers, or additional artwork and text. These are now often found in the form of CD booklets.

Synonyms of album
noun: scrapbook; plural: scrapbooks; related terms: autograph album, book, volume, phonograph album, record album, stamp album.

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