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- small growth.


- Where in my life I’m about to grow?


Branch is interpreted as part of life, whereas these circumstances, depending on the precise meanings of the following:
- Green and flowering branches proclaim that meet expectations and positive experiences of life are imminent.
- Kahle, dry branches warn of failures and disappointments, or want to experience that one seeks to displace.
- Branches lying on the ground indicate that hopes and plans have died because they did not have enough courage and strength,
to realize them.
- Burnt branches is meant as a futile effort.


The thin branch (see above) indicates wish-fulfillment, if he is green and flourishing. Are the skinny branches or leaves, it is hoped in vain for
a favorable change of conscious life.


Ehrenerweisung for a winner or ruler and desire for immortality for him.


- Green: happiness and blessing, the success of important projects, fulfilling long-cherished wishes;
- Drought: misfortune to suffer through an injury of a loved one;
Do not cling to rigid ideas, because you will thus not be successful.

- as part of the (living) tree sign of strength, otherwise isolated, weakness;
proclaimed wealth and many happy hours with friends when he is full of fruits and green leaves;
- Green: your hopes will be fulfilled;
- See a tree with many branches with leaves: very fortunate omen;
- Dry: bring disappointment and annoyance; sad news of the absent;
the past pursued a still and it sticks to things that are long gone
and so is dwindling hopes.

- green: with the speeches alone you will achieve nothing;
- Spruce branches: you can have success, but you must exert yourself;
- Burnt: all efforts are in vain;
- Withered: no effort without success;
- From a Shrub: everything looks confused, but you will find a way out.

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4 Responses to Branches

  1. Hannah says:

    I had a dream that a branch crew out of my nipple, so I snapped it off!

  2. julia busacca says:

    I had a dream that i had short branches sticking out of my back and stomach and i was pulling them out. what does this mean?

  3. Pretorious says:

    Dreaming on a tree which the
    Branches were pruned and look
    green,flat and beautiful

  4. Sandy shepheard says:

    My dream was that l was going down an avenue lined with trees and the leave buds were eagerly unwiding and they unwinding in such a beautiful green shiney leaves and i was in awe of how beautiful they were.,with their extreme urgency 2 unravel from the bud 2 the begining of a leaf. If someone can divulge and explain the meaning l wud greatly appreciate ur time in replying . Thank u Miss S Shepheard.