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Dollar notes

In general: Indicated how often they currencies. Often, they also announce a failure from which you ultimately but still draws a profit. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – see dollar notes in a dream: means an inheritance; – purchase or buy makes closer to something that goes beyond your own strength and therefore fails; – lose: anger brings through a misunderstanding, but it will turn out well; – found: you will receive a gift. Hindu… Continue reading

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In general: Warning not to spend more money than you have. It threatens losses, both emotional and intellectual nature can be. Psychologically: Whoever it is one in a dream, in waking life should be more generous to his fellow man. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – show loss and anger at, nor a sign of greed; – see a lot of banknotes: it will result in financial loss; – include: the situation is worsening. Arabian (Islamic) – count:… Continue reading

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100 (number one hundred)

100 Number One Hundred Symbolism – general and spiritual meanings, psychoanalytical characteristics and practical significance: General Meaning of Number 100 in a dream: One hundred symbolizes the creation of self from the chaotic beginning and nothingness. Specifically this number shows the dreamer’s achievements. 100 stands for individuality and intellectual independence due self-knowledge. One hundred also means complete wholeness of t… Continue reading

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…r the money into pieces in front of me. Please help me to understand what this really means Shanaaz I had a dream that me and my uncle and my mother (both dead) we’re sitting and my uncle told my mother that he would give her 2000 pounds and then she smiled and looked at me and then i had another dream that i received 100000 pound as a check p.s they were both wearing white madison Did you feel sad when they tore up the money you gave them? i thi… Continue reading

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Felix owusu anni I had a dream of finding a plastic container half full of money both notes and coins my countries currency and 100 dollar friends tried to snatch it from me but they couldnt then i started picking them one by one into my pocket.please tell me the meaning…. Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – To dream hundredweight: oppression. * The hundredweight or centum (cental – Canada) weight (abbreviated cwt) is a unit of mass defined in terms of the pound (lb). Its British definition is not the same as that used in North America. The two are distinguished by speaking of the long hundredweight and the short hundredweight: In Imperial units, a (long) hundredweight – 112 lb, which is equal to 50.802345 kg…. Continue reading

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Homing pigeon

…innate homing ability, meaning that it will generally return to its own nest and its own mate. This made it relatively easy to breed from the birds that repeatedly found their way home over long distances. Flights as long as 1,800 km (1,100 mi) have been recorded by birds in competition pigeon racing. Their average flying speed over moderate distances (500 miles) is around 80 km/h (50 mph),[citation needed] but speeds of up to 177 km/h (110 mph)… Continue reading

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…d the screen door and began to go down the steps. I remember feeling like I belonged with them. I noticed how fierce they looked and thinking how magnificent and scary they were. Candi I had a strange dream….it started with 2 wolf like shapes forming above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barel… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Good changes if voting – In the dream you are voting, this announces you that you will change your current position and surrounding and this possibly goes for the better. * Please, see meaning of community, council meeting, speech, hall, meeting. Definition of Voting: Short definition Give or register a vote. Complete definition Voting is a method for a group such as a meeting or an electorate to make a decision or exp… Continue reading

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…be measured in any unit of force divided by any unit of area, the SI unit of pressure (the newton per square metre) is called the pascal (Pa) after the seventeenth-century theologian and scientist Blaise Pascal. A pressure of 1 Pa is small; it approximately equals the pressure exerted by a dollar bill resting flat on a table. Everyday pressures are often stated in kilopascals (1 kPa = 1000 Pa). Synonyms of pressure verb: press, pressurize; noun:… Continue reading

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Nepeta cataria

In general: what eats you and what caused you pain; remedy long-standing problems; Help with continuing discomfort, the cat part of your nature, your femininity, the playful part of yourself, a sensual part of you. Psychologically: A playful solution to an old problem. Explanation & Definition: Complete definition Nepeta cataria (catnip, catswort, or catmint) is a species of the genus Nepeta in the Lamiaceae family, native to much of Asia… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Inability to commit Prostitute often represents “ignoring ” of civil concepts of morality. Sometimes the prostitute in the dream stands only for a sexual desire, for more freedom in own relationship, that is why it is often dreamed of the “eternal” bachelors. If a man dreams of a prostitute, this can point to his negative image of woman. On another hand, facts that he longs for sex without consequences,… Continue reading

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…ntravenous fluids can also be used. Antibacterial drugs are beneficial in those with severe disease to shorten its duration and severity. Worldwide, it affects 3–5 million people and causes 100,000–130,000 deaths a year as of 2010. Cholera was one of the earliest infections to be studied by epidemiological methods. Synonyms of cholera noun: Asiatic cholera, epidemic cholera, Indian cholera; plural: Asiatic choleras, epidemic choleras, Indian cho… Continue reading

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Association: Transcendent meaning: a nourishing gift of balance or transfer (physically and mentally). In general: Confidence in the healing process, trust in the power of growth, nourishing (both physically and mentally). Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A Mediterranean plant with oval leaves, used in salads. Complete definition Borage, (Borago officinalis), also known as a starflower, is an annual herb originating in Syria, b… Continue reading

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Western Capercaillie

…like tail. Also called wood grouse. Complete definition The Western Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), also known as the Wood Grouse, Heather Cock or Capercaillie play, is the largest member of the grouse family, reaching over 100 cm in length and 6.7 kg in weight. The largest one ever recorded in captivity had a weight of 7.2 kg. (15.9 lbs). Found across Europe and Asia, it is renowned for its mating display. Synonyms of Western Capercaillie nou… Continue reading

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…l exists for physical, mental, and social growth and development. Ageing is an important part of all human societies reflecting the biological changes that occur, but also reflecting cultural and societal conventions. Roughly 100,000 people worldwide die each day of age-related causes. Synonyms of ageing adjective: aging, senescent; noun: aging; plural: agings; related terms: mellowing, biological process, organic process, catabiosis, biological… Continue reading

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Candy floss

…s mostly air, servings are usually large. Cotton candy is often served at fairgrounds or circuses. Food coloring is used to change the natural white color. A typical serving on a stick is at least one ounce and contains about 100 to 115 calories. It is sometimes sold in bags containing several servings. A similar confectionery is the Persian Pashmak, and the Turkish Pişmaniye, although the latter is made with flour in addition to sugar…. Continue reading

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German language

…explanation An inhabitant of Germany; a person of German descent. Complete definition German (Deutsch [ˈdɔʏtʃ] ( listen)) is a West Germanic language related to and classified alongside English and Dutch. With an estimated 100 – 108 million native speakers, German is one of the world’s major languages and is the most widely-spoken first language in the European Union. Synonyms of German language noun: High German, German; related terms:… Continue reading

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Brown bear

…merica, Europe and Asia having brownish fur (Ursus arctos). Complete definition The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is a large bear distributed across much of northern Eurasia and North America. Adult bears generally weigh between 100 and 600 kg (220 and 1,300 lb) and its largest subspecies, the Kodiak bear, rivals the polar bear as the largest member of the bear family and as the largest land-based predator. Synonyms of brown bear noun: Ursus arctos… Continue reading

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…orthern Hemisphere, from Alaska to Greenland to Eurasia and including most of Canada and the United States. It grows in wet habitat, such as marshes and fens. This sedge grows in clumps from long rhizomes. The stems are 75 to 100 centimeters in maximum height. The leaves are narrow and small. The inflorescence has a bract which is sometimes longer than the spikes. The fruits have dark-colored bracts and a sac called a perigynium which is gray-gre… Continue reading

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Bridal jewelry

…rt bracelets or military dog tags, jewellery normally differs from other items of personal adornment in that it has no other purpose than to look appealing, but humans have been producing and wearing it for a long time – with 100,000-year-old beads made from Nassarius shells thought to be the oldest known jewellery. Synonyms of jewelry adjective: jewellery; noun: jewellery; plural: jewelleries; related terms: adornment, bead, bijou, bling, bling… Continue reading

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