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In general:

Income is a key part of our livelihood. Every dream that is associated with it symbolizes, therefore, the attitude of the dreamer to his desires and needs. If the dream of a better income is, then the dreamer feels that he has overcome an obstacle in itself, and is now accepted as valuable. A sinking income symbolizes however need and perhaps the attitude of the dreamer to poverty. …

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Oak (tree)

General Meanings:

Strength, Wisdom, Family – Not only the dream symbol is important, but also the feelings, which we associate with it. So it is with certain tree species. In Western countries, for example the oak is a symbol of great strength and durability. Oak is often regarded as sacred trees, it were associated with natural wisdom, philosophy, prophecy and optimism. The oak is …

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- Treasures & resources; Security & wealth.


- What is worth to me? What is value to me?


Accident  - Some maintain that money and coins altogether mean accident.

Better less than more  - It is always better to possess little property and money than too much, because big wealth means concerns and grief because it is difficult to …

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Repetitions occur in the dream as compulsive behavior or as recurring dream symbols. Repetitions, that make us unhappy, Sigmund Freud called neuroses.

If you are dreaming always same dream or a dream series in the same behaviors again and again, same situation or same dream symbols – then this dream says to you, that you should give up your compulsive repetition in daily …

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- Lustful force relentless energy & omnivores.


- What am I determined to do?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


omnivores; hair; collide; horns lust; horned gods; earth-religion.


Goats are four-legged, horned mammals that are occurred worldwide. The goats in some parts of the world are also useful for its milk and meat. They can be …

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The power from the small one, Unconscious forces, Magic.


Where do I perform work changes?

General Meanings:

Painful experiences Any type of deformity refers to a part of one’s personality, which has not yet been integrated or developed. In the dream a dwarf represents the part of the dreamer which was damaged by a painful infancy or childhood trauma or too …

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