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… An occasion for such dreams cannot be processed as a senses of guilt or aggression. To dream deceased is this way, is the single possibility, to put an end to the relationship and connection with them.


Memories can ” be buried” for years in the unconscious, and often the dream reminds other times, places or relations, when people who have died appears in the dream. This helps him to cope better with the present. Who sees a deceased in the dream, expects or …

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Burial (bury, burying)

… because only then you can move toward.

To bury a live person ( father, mother, stranger, baby, sister or brother)  - This dream signifies that your inner world is in confusion. You bury a person in the dream, this indicates that the certain person makes you worry about him/her. Positively this can be a mark that you try to bury and solve all your worries and stress in your real life and you are working on them.

To be buried or somebody buries you – Indicates that in real life you …

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… old relation, career, habits etc.)

Dreaming of funeral of still living persons (father, mother, sister, brother, well known person, relative, husband, wife etc.) – This dream is a sign that you have to separate or step aside from that person, from his pressure or influence. You have to start living independently and do not be afraid to express your opinion or thoughts. This symbol encourages you to make the first move to your independence, because unconscious shows that you are ready …

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Kiss / Kissing

… or given by the mother, shows the tenderness you are missing;

Joy if kissing brother or sister – in the dream in which you kiss your relatives such as brothers or sisters, shows happiness in your life;

Fear of losing the respect if boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife kissing the other person – the dream in which your partner kiss another person, shows your fear or losing that person or the respect he/ she has for you;

Disappointments if kiss the old person – to dream …

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… because Oedipus has killed his father and has married his mother.) Those who dreams of the deceased father, with whom he had a relationship of trust during his lifetime, association receives advice and assistance in a quandary position. Who himself becomes in the dream the father, even if that should not be in the waking life. In everyday life, perhaps an idea for which it is worthwhile to work with energetically effort. However, generally, the whole dream may be considered very …

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… phylogenetically within the Toxicofera clade from which they evolved, the sphenodonts are the sister group to the squamates, the larger monophyletic group, which includes both the lizards and the snakes.

Synonyms of Lizard

plural: lizards; related terms: saurian, gecko, iguanid, iguanid lizard, worm lizard, night lizard, scincid, scincid lizard, skink, teiid, teiid lizard.

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Fine (penalty)


Who pays it must also in waking life “cough up”. The soul can expect a punishment for anything.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Of superior quality.

Complete definition

A fine is money paid usually to superior authority, usually governmental authority, as a punishment for a crime or other offence. The amount of a fine can be determined …

Comment by marphil: … had pictures of my deceased sister printed on them…

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General Meanings:

Dissociation from environment The prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him.

Blocked creation and feelings The dream about prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announces that your creativity is …

Comment by Danielle: … 19th century, My deceased aunt drove me to the jail and …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… Then we search for an advice with those which we visit there in the cemetery – from the deceased parents (or a parent) who promises you comfort, which denotes the overcoming of problems and worries. In the grave you try to find the way out of the situation which is dark and evil-threatening for you.

Cemetery sometimes can signify a fatality, if there are evidences and indications in real life. Other traditional meanings arise from the following circumstances:

Standing, …

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Gravestone / Sepulcher

… burials in the Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions, among others. In most cases they have the deceased’s name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on them, along with a personal message, or prayer, but they may contain pieces of funerary art, especially details in stone relief. In many parts of Europe insetting a photograph of the deceased in a frame is very common.

Synonyms of Gravestone

noun: headstone, tombstone, stone, monument, memorial; plural: gravestones, …

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… bad sign that predicts an early death or an unhappy marriage;

Welfare if inspect well-known deceased graves – Very good omen which announces rapid progress to wealth and honor;

Losses and problems if see full grave of buried people -  This person will get into difficulties and even threatens loss of assets;

Temporary worries and after that joy if you are in the cemetery and the graves are overgrown - Signals of sorrow and temporary despair. But if you master …

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… from relatives and friends if dream of those you knew that are already dead – to dream of your deceased relatives and friends, signifies something new you will find out;

Sad news if touched or kissed a dead person – to dream of kissing or touching the person that is already dead, promises gloomy and tearful news you will receive;

Will suffer the hard period in life, but will recover soon if see an open grave – to dream of the open grave, signifies that the dreamer will struggle …

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Urn, Urns

… a dream of an urn can also rouse a premonition of the death. The vessel which holds the ash of a deceased person, indicates a bereavement, however, this could be mood position, in which we currently find ourselves.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Disease if see an urn – In the dream symbol of urn promises dangers in near future which will result sadness and illness;

Honor relative if see – You are dreaming that you see an urn, this signifies that …

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Chagrin (annoyance)

… grudges your happiness;

- With the brother : you can leave on your business partners;

- With the sister: your success will not keep waiting any more for so long;

- You have the annoyance with the cleric: respect the order and do not be insincere and disingenuous;

- With an old woman you have an anger: you will lose prestige through your own fault;

- With strangers: you will soon see the falseness through your business partner.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in …

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Die (emotionally, give up the ghost)

… perish, pass away, expire, decease, depart; past forms: died, perished, passed away, expired, deceased, departed; related terms: surrender, quit, relinquish, forlet, abandon, blin, tired, exhausted,

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… pleasant or pleasing, the worries turn into blessings that they don’t reverse.

In general:

Deceased ancestors in a dream indicate unhappiness and concerns that are grounded in past actions. The characters encounter a friendly, one is evil may finally turn out well. But if they are rude, the concerns are even greater.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see: is regarded as a warning of disease.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. …

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… that they want to defend themselves against people, which considers bad advice. If you meet the deceased parents in the dream, this is considered as a looking for advice, you need assistance in a precarious and an awkward position.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see parent in a dream (if they still alive), this means that you are longing and yearning for their care;(for alive):

- In the dream you see or speak with them: means joy, happiness and success in …

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… phylogenetically within the Toxicofera clade from which they evolved, the sphenodonts are the sister group to the squamates, the larger monophyletic group, which includes both the lizards and the snakes.

Synonyms of lizard

– ; related terms: saurian, gecko, iguanid, iguanid lizard, worm lizard, night lizard, scincid, scincid lizard, skink, teiid, teiid lizard, agamid, agamid lizard.

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… Park neighborhood, and is the oldest community newspaper in the Twin Cities. It absorbed a sister paper Avenues in 2007 (which had been Grand Gazette till 2003).

Synonyms of villager

– ; related terms: denizen, dweller, habitant, inhabitant, indweller.

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… from this, but this is not a decision, you must face with your troubles.

Somebody (brother, sister, mother, friend etc.) is dressed like a clown – In your dream you see somebody you know dressed like a clown has too meanings. The first one, he/she is trying to make you happy, to make your life better, because you had very painful period in your life. The second meaning, signifies that people around you may be hiding their true intentions, trying to cheat you. You have to be very …

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… (Judeo-Christian)

- brother in a dream is reflection of dreams themselves;

- see brother or sister in the dream: early message;

- a woman dreams of her brother: drawing domestic happiness;

- a man dreams of his brother: he expected controversy;

- they divorce: grief in the suit;

- take leave of him: serendipity, it is a matter entirely reliant on their own;

- lose: you go against a stormy future;

- see death: deterioration of the situation;

- quarreling with him: you will have …

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