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Gold ring

Gold ring in dreambooks:

European (Judeo-Christian) - Dreaming of gold ring meaning: promises a speedy marriage or christening;

Hindu (Hinduism) - Ring of gold in dream: for married couples – marriage blessing, for unmarried – imminent wedding party;

M. Ibn Sirin (Islamic) dreambook:

If raining with rings of gold – woman has lost her wealth;

Golden ring for man when his …

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Flash of enlightenment, sudden vision.


What awakens in me?

In general:

Lightning, the flame jet is identified, often for a spontaneous idea, a sudden insight or inspiration from the unconscious, you should consider us and often reveals a flash of how we can do better in our waking life. Under certain circumstances it is against the sudden discharge of inner tension warned could …

Comment by janis: … up from horrible dream where I was hit by lightning, it …

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… joy, happiness, bond between people, obligation, and happiness. To wear the bracelet in the dream, indicates the special satisfaction towards someone or something. Alternatively, the dream about bracelet may be an indication of the restriction the one is suffering from. The dreamer does not feel free, instead he needs more space of his own. Consider that different ornaments or certain words on the bracelet have a special meaning either.


On the psychological level, …

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Ring (jewellery)

… promise, oath.


- With what I want to unite myself?

General Meanings:

A ring in a dream usually stands for a relationship. It is not necessarily a love relationship, which the dreamer has to another human being, and sometimes they are too narrow and impede the self-development. A wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond and a promise. A ring seal or an old heirloom embodies the traditions and values​​. An engagement ring is a symbol of an even deeper loyalty. A friendship …

Comment by jake: Dream: bunch of friends, fiancèe, dad, …

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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels ( general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians}  and traditional : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single …

Comment by carmen: I dreamed of going up the stairs with a falling …

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The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality.


How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express?

General Meanings:

Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or the mare also represents femininity, …

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- New Life and Fertility.


- Where I am going? Am I in the process of the creation? What I am going to create?

General Meanings:

Achievement – Pregnancy usually symbolizes hopes and plans, that are maturating in us and eventually become successfully achieved.

Finalization or Development – Becoming pregnant in a dream often indicates the long period of waiting, which was necessary in the dreamer’s life, and after which a specific project become …

Comment by fara: … glass had one line of crack but it did not break however …

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Silver ring

… level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows same way of thinking and acting.

Silver also is a symbol of the moon. The moon stands for soul. In such way ring of silver in dream symbolizes two souls. And these souls are ready to help each other in case of

Comment by Refiloe: … morning with a dream where I was proposed at the samw …

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Diamond ring

… ring stands for a highest standards on the earth. It is an absolute perfection in all areas of mankind. It is a  power source of concentrated energy for the dreamer.

Ring with diamond represents connection, an ultimate excellence in a relationship. If it is wedding ring with diamond in dream then this symbol is for unbreakable bond between two. Diamond in an engagement ring shows even deeper and stronger bond, focused promises and eternal loyalty.

Diamond in ring can be a symbol …

Comment by Bella: … about 5 years of marraige. what does that mean?

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- Freedom, escape, exemption from the weight of the physical level.


- Which part of me wants to fly?

In general:

Normally, birds in a dream are a symbol of imagination, thoughts and ideas, need its essence for freedom to emerge. Since pagan times, man of birds and flying is fascinated. Previously, it was believed birds are the bearer of the soul and have accordingly magical and mystical powers. He sits in a cage, that …

Comment by Embyre: i had a dream where a puffin flew up to me and …

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Water well

… share?

In general:

A fountain symbolizes the access to the most hidden feelings and emotions of the dreamer. Only through this gate, it is possible to find him eventually to wholeness. Wells may represent the accumulated experience of life, the rest partially in the depths of the unconscious. The symbol then requests often take advantage of this wisdom more for deeper self-knowledge and to strive to reach the inner harmony. The circumstances in the dream, for example, to allow the …

Comment by Sunday: … what does this dream mean?

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… Question:

In what place in my life am I ready to grow?

General Meanings:

Connection of Heaven and Earth – Without trees there won’t be forests. The tree symbolizes the connection of heaven and earth. Their roots anchor deeply in the Earth, and according to the mythology, they carry a hidden treasure: the wisdom of life.

The Holiness of trees – In all his force he appears to us in the holy trees, which is particularly the most powerful -oak, also including the hard …

Comment by GA: Had a dream w/ a lady.there were some of us …

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… Question:

What things I would like to make easier for me in my life?

General Meanings:

Lack of time - A symbol of time pressure – the constant views to the watch calls us to rush, you are a prisoner of your appointments and obligations. (The bracelet is at the same time a symbol for the chain, handcuffs etc.)

Psychological Meanings:

Pressure of time -Watch on wrist warns stressed out people, they are feeling limited and constrained. Like any other watches, point to the need …

Comment by Gloria: I dreamed of my boyfriend giving me two watches …

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… after which it differs, for example, the following meanings:

- white paint can display delusions of persecution, sometimes morbid.

- flash (especially red) announces a paint joyous occasion or otherwise refer to energy and drive.

- grey paint are for a monotonous, uneventful life, perhaps, behind which lies a rich intellectual life of sols, sometimes brings gray also stated that you do not want to stand out.

- black paint sometimes announces a disease or other risk.

Psychologically: …

Comment by Art: I have a dream that I was painting a wall. Paint …

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… he is penniless or poor in the waking life, this means luck and prosperity during days, the return of the former splendid relations. If somebody dreams who is rich at the waking life, that shows him many offensiveness and poverty.

General Meanings:

Evaluation of Own Worth  - In the dream money is not necessarily a hard currency, but rather symbolizes the way in which the dreamer evaluate himself. When this symbol appears in a dream, it can point out that the dreamer must carefully …

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… warmth?

General Meanings:

Worries   and Hardship – Lizard often goes for envious people, of whom you must be aware. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different or personal circumstances. This reptile is like a small dragon.

Psychological Meanings:

Subconscious and Fear – As a dream symbol it is considered as harmless, but rather, it represents the dreamer’s subconscious and hunches. Dragon lizard threat is in …

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Male security, resources, identity.


Which of my attitude to safety, am I ready to change ?

General Meanings:

In the dream the wallet represents the place in which the dreamer keeps safely his resources – not only the financial, but also all the rest. Wallet symbolizes the personality and the desire to identify and to realize themselves. Depending on the circumstances the following special meanings are possible:

The loss of

Comment by nky: I dreamt of buying a wallet for my fiancee as a …

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… To what extent love is dangerous for me?

General Meanings:

Strength and Power – Bear in a dream most often goes as impetuous and brute force, which you should use with caution in order not to overshoot the target. Positively such a force, energy and perseverance can help you to handle with hard situations. Leadership and healing ability, strength for defense.

Danger and Menace – The dream about bear also has a dangerous, threatening meaning in itself. In the fairy tales and …

Comment by Luis: i dream that my sister and I entered the …

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- Spirit, energy, clean and purifying.


- In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

- Huichol shamans: wisdom

Artemidoros Meanings:

Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds:

firstly the heaven and divine,

secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life.

In the interpretation of the heaven fire you have to proceed as follows:

to look at …

Comment by justin juniour: … you for your good dream interpretation. I am a father …

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… threat or a hostile people.


The wolf is a very dangerous animal. In the dream, he appears as a sign of recklessness, aggressiveness and impulsiveness. The wolf in the dream points to the irrepressible point in us, the second self, with which we are in constant struggle, on the stress state of the soul. Dreaming of wolves should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become …

Comment by Beverley: My dream was so weird everyone was running …

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… and sometimes dark.


- Through what do I experience?

In general:

Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a dream are a warning of possible troubles or dangers. Firstly, all storm clouds can expect setbacks that can destroy the livelihoods. Secondly, fleecy clouds …

Comment by Erika: My dream last night was crazy… I was in …

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