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… obtain;

Loss of money if dead person eats or drinks – to dream of the dead person, that is eating or drinking, symbolizes the losses especially the ones that are related to money;

Dishonest richness if carrying the dead man – to dream of seeing yourself carrying the man that is dead, signifies to money and other luxuries. However these things will be earned in dishonest and unfair way;

Long but unhealthy life if the dreamer was kissing or touching the dead man – such a …

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… feeding the cat, signifies condemnation from people that are close to you;

Infidelity if eating the cat – such dream warns you to be aware of unfaithfulness;

Will be betrayed by friends if see many cats – to dream of seeing more than one cat, symbolizes perfidy from some of your friends;

Someone is talking behind your back if hear the cat meowing – to dream of the cat that is making noises, denotes to unpleasant talks about you;

The danger will be rendered harmless if …

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Contexts about dog

… dogs

To hit a dog

Dog bites your right arm

You talk with a dog

Dog licks

Old dog

Dog eating a cat

Yellow dog

Dogs arriving

Dog with hair loss caused by demodectic mange

Dead puppy


Snake eats a dog

Small white dog

Dogs that bites your hands and legs

Your dog ​​is lost from the house

Dog bites a family

Running dog

You have sex with a dog

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… spiritual independence, rebirth, knowledge – The Ouroboros or Uroboros, a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, symbolizes the perfection, an infinite energy and the power. This ancient symbol appears in the dream when the dreamer is ready to engage with complete spiritual self-sufficiency. Dreaming of the snake eating its own tail has symbolic significance not only as the symbol of self-renewing life, but also as the symbol of the penetrating knowledge and the dragon.

Medicine …

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… the dog means victory – If the dreamer kills the dog, then he will destroy an adversary;

Eating dog’s meat means property – In the dream to eat meat of the dog, suggest that an enemy will bring his assets to you himself;

Disadvantage if dog is eating meat – If the dreamer sees that dog eats meat, then it might be a warning about coming financial problems.

Drinking dog’s milk means fear – In the dream to drink milk of the dog predicts terror and infirmity; …

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… dream of vomiting or throwing up with hair, or the hair is growing on your tongue, or you you are eating the hair, or any other dream which is related to the hair that is in your mouth, such dream symbolizes your communication skills with others. The dream shows, that maybe you speak too much, or said things which you were not supposed to say. Keep in mind that sometimes it is better to stay quiet, instead of talking nonsense. The subconsciousness is telling you, that you feel sorry about …

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… of monster in dream clearly tells that the dreamer can have some kind of phobia or energy eating fear in himself or meaningless stress in his environment.

Afraid of Events

Shocking life events If tornado, storm, lightning, blizzard, earthquake – Dreaming about being afraid of earthly disasters indicates socking life events in the dreamer ‘s waking life. But in other hand such dreams can be induced by external stimulus and show that, while you was asleep, real storm, …

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… pain in the upper abdomen, upper abdominal fullness and feeling full earlier than expected when eating. It can be accompanied by bloating, belching, nausea, or heartburn. Dyspepsia is a common problem and is frequently associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or gastritis. In a small minority it may be the first symptom of peptic ulcer disease (an ulcer of the stomach or duodenum) and occasionally cancer.

Synonyms of indigestion.

noun:dyspepsia; related terms: pain, …

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… The action when somebody diminish or destroy the value or quality of. The food become unfit for eating.

Complete definition

Of food, that has deteriorated to the point of no longer being usable or edible. To ruin; to damage (something) in some way making it unfit for use.

Synonyms of spoiled.

verb: ruin, mar, corrupt, damage, vitiate, destroy; past forms: ruined, marred, corrupted, damaged, vitiated, destroyed; related terms: rotten, uneatable, edible, decayed.

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… as a guardian of the cemetery symbolizes the other devouring divinity ( to be devoured by eating). Devour is the way to return back to the origin.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Eat (food or prey) …

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… Hindu (Hinduism)

- See: bad news from a distance;

- Call to hear: a wish is granted;

- Eating: you love lush pleasures at the table.

Arabian (Islamic)

- To see or hear call: you will take a pleasant trip;

- To hunt or catch: operate a lucrative business;

- To fry or eat: indulge carnal pleasures.

* Please, see meaning of Northern bobwhite, birds.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A small, short-tailed Old World game bird resembling a tiny …

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Glass of water

… list of glassware includes drinking vessels (drinkware) and tableware used to set a table for eating a meal, general glass items such as vases, and glasses used in the catering industry, whether made of glass or plastics (such as polystyrene and polycarbonate).Drinkware, beverageware (colloquially referred to as cups) is a general term for a vessel intended to contain beverages or liquid foods for drinking or consumption.

Synonyms of glass of water.

noun plural: glasses of water.

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… occurs in dreams sometimes body conditioned for example an upset stomach. One feels disgust when eating in a dream, which is warn of a jealous man.


He often explained in response to unconscious feelings, affections and desires that we reject ourselves.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- disgust in a dream: a purely physical response to unconscious thoughts;

- feel: indicates an upcoming misfortune, brings an upset stomach;

- feel by eating: a man wants …

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… that an intention or a project doesn’t stand under favorable rating and should be abandoned.

Eating Ice announces an adventure after which you will have “stomach aches” and this will run dangerously.

Psychological Meanings:

Danger The ice in the dream is always a danger symbol. It appears in a lot of different forms, for example, as an ice cover on rivers and seas, lakes. If the dreamer breaks the ice or floats on the floe in a river or in the sea, the psyche indicates red …

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… come back and everything will get sorted out;

Will get rich by the cost of other people if eating other people organs – the dream in which the one was eating organs of somebody in his dream, will become wealthy, but with the help of others;

Possibilities of treasures if find the organs of another man – the one who finds the organs, such as liver, lungs or any other ones will become wealthy, as unexpected gifts and riches will arrive to him.

Arabian (Islamic) …

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… be rewarded because of your hard work and huge efforts;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Success if eating pancakes – You are eating pancakes in the dream, this announces you success in the project or work that you do;

Fulfillment of desires if have pancakes – This dream symbol shows that you will implement your desires and promises, this will bring you satisfaction;

Arabian (Islamic)

Success if make or bake sweet pancakes – Sweet pancakes announces you luck …

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… them or allows to fall, losses, perhaps threaten a mental collapse.

Improvement – Egg eating announces better health improving and safeguarding of material resources.


The beginning of the world – The egg in a dream represents the amazement of the dreamer, which he feels in the face of the miracle of life. Certainly, it is not surprising that the egg is a symbol of life and fertility. The egg comes into the most mythological tales about the world. Thus, …

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… couples this dream brings grief with the children or children’s blessing;

Merry family If eating – When squirrels are eating in your dream, such a dream informs you about family happiness and quiet family life;

Pleasure If stroke – In the dream you are stroking the animal, signalize about familiar pleasures;

Discords If chased – In the dream you see when the dog is chasing the squirrel tells about disagreements between friends and this is the reason for fear; …

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… after severe work you have done. This is the sign, that you will be pleased. If you see yourself eating an acorn it is the sign of happy, easy future and wealthy life you are going to have. If you see yourself trying to pluck the acorns from the tree and shaking the tree, it signifies your good impact on other people. You should be happy, as people around you, respect and admire you.

In general:

Dreaming about acorns indicate that from small beginning a huge growth will occur. Because …

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Dragon (the mythical creature)

… with the dragon, he is miraculously close with another, highly armed ruler peace.

- Does eating meat or a dragon, he is raised by the Emperor obtain wealth, as much as dragon meat

has eaten.

- Dreaming of a prince or emperor, who killed a dragon, he will defeat a powerful king in the war; a common man will be emperor. For these things accomplishes only an emperor.

- (Serpent-dragon): a wicked stepmother;

- Pursued by him, you will overcome with difficulty a danger.

- The dreamer …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- see eating or sitting in a cage:you will overcome your enemies and / or difficulties.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- to see jackdaw in a dream: annoying or distressing news;

- listen to croak: loss of prestige;

- see flying: your fate turns unfavorable.

* Please, see meaning of star, birds.

Explanation & Definition: …

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