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… definition

Perpendicular to the vertical; parallel to the plane of the horizon.

Synonyms of horizontal.

related terms:level, flat.

Meta-data: Waagerecht Horizontal Horizontal Orizzontale

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- In general: elevator or lift symbolizes that the dreamer is dealing with information.

- If an elevator is descending at points such as point out that the dreamer climbing down into the unconscious.

- If an elevator traveling upward: the dreamer going up to spirituality; Also: Some people believe that you are leaving your body during sleep;

- If you stuck in the lift: dreamer is not in his spiritual …

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… What can I do to get to the top?


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to dream an elevator: you will get unexpected news.

* Please, see meaning of lift.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A platform or an enclosure raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people or freight.

Complete definition

An elevator (or lift in the Commonwealth excluding Canada) is a type of vertical transport equipment that efficiently moves people or …

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… loom means movement and travel, in fact the weaver is working you must forth for your dream.The horizontal loom is the symbol of disability.It is always better to see a loom on which the web has only just begun, as one in which it is already ready to be cut ;

- It is like a life (the idea of ​​the Loom comes here instead of the familiar from spinning the thread of life, it already occurs from Homer times).Therefore the loom predicts that the life has begun if the fabric was started to …

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… producing low pressure above the wing and high pressure below it. This deflection also generates horizontal drag along the direction of the wind. The resultant force vector from the lift and drag force components is opposed by the tension of the one or more lines or tethers. The anchor point of the kite line may be static or moving (e.g., the towing of a kite by a running person, boat, free-falling anchors as in paragliders and fugitive parakites or vehicle).

Synonyms of kite

verb: …

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… a very powerful enemy if see the lion in the freedom – for a dreamer to see a lion that is running out in freedom, warns about evil that is hiding out for you;

Grief and distress if the lion is imprisoned – the meaning of this dream foretells about sadness and suffering;

Success in every aspect of the life if the lion has been tamed – if you were able to tame the animal, then it means that you will be able to control anything you want;

Will defeat enemies if the lion is …

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… individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances:

Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the horse is running, the dream represents inner independence and easiness;

Prosperity if the horse in a barn – the dream promises rich life ahead of you;

Opportunities in career if the horse is wearing a saddle. The dream foretells about more prestige progress in your professional life;

Disobedient horse signifies barriers -the dream …

Comment by cosmo: … down and dark mane running towards me and runs into me …

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… you see coagulated blood, this dream announces that you will get a disease;

Warning If Running – You are dreaming that you see running blood especially on the ground,  this mean that evil is working on this and you have to be very careful about you health, family because the evil wants to involve your soul into bad things;on the ground running;

Luck If Collecting or drinking – When you dream that you collect or even drink the blood, this announces you will have good …

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… or cheat you. And also you have to beware of false friends;

You will do something stupid if see running or climbing – In your dream the monkey is running or climbing, this denotes that you will commit or experience stupidity of all kinds;

Stupidity around you if climb and play – This dream shows that there are some stupid people around you and you have to deal with them;

Joy if see dancing – The dream is a good sign that you can expect cheerfulness, amusement  and serenity; …

Comment by Sherlz: … game. I am always running from one destination to another …

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… fireball in the sky – a hostility brings serious worries and troubles;

Emancipation If  Running away from fireball – you will liberate and release from an oppressive burden.


Disaster If Burning down everything – someone dreaming, that a place a house or field burned down completely due to a fire, will come calamity for local people through natural disaster or severe disease;

Lower disaster If Burning without flame – But if the fire burns without …

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… wolfpack – a clash with the enemy.

To be in a pack of wolves – a threat.

To dream rapidly running wolfpack – the damage from enemies.

To hunt wolves – you will access the conspiracy against you and you will crack it.

To kill the wolf – you will reach a victory over the enemy.

To eat wolf’s meat in dream – is a good omen, a favorable circumstances.

To catch a wolf or to have one or to tame a wolf – there is a chance to become the object of ridicule or to get in a …

Comment by Beverley: … weird everyone was running around in chaos in schools in …

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… Rabbit can be interpreted as:

Rabbit – the fulfillment of desires;

If the rabbit is running it symbolizes happiness and wealthy life;

When the rabbit is walking slowly it represents hidden, unexpected upcoming happiness;

For the rabbit being caught up it foretells about the agreement if you are going to propose or someone is going propose to you;

To feed the rabbit – marriage or success in business;

When someone gives you a rabbit as a present it means love;

Eating …

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… milk – This dream promises healing and joy in your life;

Great harvest If Seeing running goats around on a farm – This dream is a good sign about your awesome harvest (in business, personal life);

Warning If Seeing jumping – This dream is a warning that you should avoid any mischief or carelessness;

Signal If Seeing elsewhere – That points to reckless transactions which you should avoid through increasing wealth;

Inheritance If Seeing the herd of …

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… fear of failure or losing on some certain situation or problem.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Running out of time

To dream that you are having an exam, and see that you are running out of time, shows the tendency of your personality to leave things for the last minute. You are the person who always leaves things for the last minute.

Is late for the exam

To dream that you are late for the exam, denotes to your fear of not doing everything that supposed to be done at time.

Unable …

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… will face the poverty in his life and those he is surrounded by;

Beware of malicious people if running naked in the dream – the one who was running without any clothes will get betrayed by relatives or friends at any situation he will be in;

Death if laying naked on your own – the one who was laying on the ground naked, might face the experience close to death.

Arabian (Islamic)

Will lose money if naked in public and feeling ashamed of it – such dream indicates the loses …

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… sometimes it leads to problems and difficulties with other people.

Mild illness if nose is running – to dream that your nose is running, signifies the sickness you will suffer from. However it will pass away very soon without making bad consequences;

Unjust people if dream of pierced nose – to dream that your nose is pierced, warns about bad people you are surrounded by;

Everything will go well if nose is well shaped – to dream of having nose that is normal, signifies …

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… associated with the ability to relocate yourself from one place to another faster than walking or running. The dream about flying can be interpreted and explained in a correct way only when there are known both internal and external features. Usually if the dreamer sees himself flying, he relates himself with the bird and ability to fly just like the birds do.

General Meaning

The main meaning of the dream, shows the dreamer’s desire to experience the ability to get separated from the …

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… needed;

When the animal runs away – to dream of being in contact with animal, but seeing him running away for no reason, indicates the doubts you have on your mind. There is a ambiguity within your personality, which you keep fighting. Keep calm and try to divide the animal and human aspects, only then you will be able to keep the peace within yourself.

Psychological Meanings:

Animals in dreams represent the instinctual power that lies in every human – being. The animal in us, …

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… way. It also could show the dreamer’s intention to control somebody, therefore he keeps hunting, running and chasing the animal.

The other meanings of hunting have different meanings, depending on the circumstances of the dream:

New plans if go hunting – according to ancient books, hunting is interpreted as new plans for the future such as sexual adventures or new period of life;

Disappointments and losses if failed at hunting – such dream indicates that you will lose at …

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Contexts about dog

… and kittens

Your dog

Lost dog

Dogs that are chasing you


Dog poop at home

Dog is running over

Mad dog

Dog ​​bites left hand

One dog was chasing you

Dog eats another dog

Dogs playing

Sex with a dog

Rats, cats and dogs

Dogs and cats together

Dogs, cats, mices and guinea pigs

Your dog ​​runs away

Large black dogs

Dog crying

Fleas on your dog

Kill a dog in driveway

German Shepherd

Dog bites a person in the face

Dying dog

Your dog ​​speaks …

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… on aerobics it symbolizes that you need to start exercising. Maybe you should start going to gym, running or hiking. Make sure you find type of sport you would like to practice.

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