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… am I ready to put aside?

General Meanings:

Burying unpleasant things To dream of your own funeral, this is an indication of fear to be overwhelmed under too much responsibility. This also can symbolize the end of an situation and action, which were not so pleasant for you. Your unconscious shows that you may want to bury your bad habits, feeling, desires which are painful for you. Funeral shows changes in your life, the relation between past and future. When something ends – starts …

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… - Purity, clarity & pure cold.


- What I want to purify?

In general:

White as the color stands for innocence, purity and perfection, after which you strives, but you never quite achieved. Because it dissolves into the spectral colors, the white in the true sense is colorless. It means purity, so dressed in white in many countries of the bride before the altar does occur, but also restraint, coolness, and infertility (in some cultures in the Far East, white knows …

Comment by Danielle: … some very stylish white pants. There was also some of …

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White lead

… Short explanation

A basic lead carbonate once used in paint.

Complete definition

White lead is the chemical compound (PbCO3)2·Pb(OH)2. It is a complex chemical compound, containing both a carbonate and a hydroxide portion. It was formerly used as an ingredient for lead paint and a cosmetic called Venetian Ceruse, because its opaque quality and the satiny smooth mixture it made with driable oils it made a good pigment. However, it tended to cause lead poisoning, and its use …

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Funeral director

… Short explanation

An undertaker, one who arranges funerals.

Complete definition

A funeral director (FD, LFD, CFSP, FD&E, Mortuary College graduate), also known as a mortician or undertaker, is a professional involved in the business of funeral rites. These tasks often entail the embalming and burial or cremation of the dead, as well as the planning and arrangement of the actual funeral ceremony. FDs may at times be asked to perform tasks such as dressing (in garments …

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Pall (funeral)


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to see pall in a dream means emergency and disaster come to you;

- removal of a dead body: death of a loved one.

Arabian (Islamic)

- death.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

To cover with or as if with a pall.

Complete definition

A pall (also called mortcloth) is a cloth which covers a casket or coffin at …

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… will end in insulting and disgrace;

Examine your behavior if one sit on in a moving hearse - In the dream you are in the coffin and the hearse is moving,  it is a serious but not fatal disease on one or a closely related person, this may be connected with homosexual. You must reconsider your behavior with a friend or relative, because we have to love people such as they are;

Happiness and sadness if coffin is moving by itself - This dream shows that illness and …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… like crossroad. You have worries and problems in your life. You need an advice. If the crosses are white and bright, this is a good omen, that you find the way out from the worries. But if the crosses are dark and damaged, this shows that you need help from the others, because you will not overcome everything with your own efforts, you need the support from the others.

The cemetery is wet or in the water or can not find the way out – This means that you are overfull of hardship and you …

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… you dreamed of gray, dark silver or ash hair, shows pain and sorrow;

Fortune and knowledge if white color – Dreaming of white or bright silver colored hair signifies wisdom, goodness and happiness.

Hair meaning in dreams by length :

If you dreamed of short hair, then it might indicate repressed sexual desires;

If you dreamed of long hair, then such a dream can symbolize sensuality, purity and divinity.

Haircut meanings  in dreams:

Sometimes haircut could show …

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… with flowers -This represents a baptism, wedding or joyous family event;

Death If with white lilies – This dream is a notice about death and funeral of a friend;

Success If with lighted candles – Good sign that a particular project will succeed;

Worries (but will be solved) If kneel in front of it – Tells about serious troubles in prospect, but more and higher help will be given to you; Also: Now humility would be helpful to solve the problem;

Prosperity …

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… of the swan, the meaning of such dream can be explained depending on the color of the swan.

White swan symbolizes the ability to feel deep feelings and emotions. The white color also shows the purity and innocence, also shows good relationships between the dreamer and the environment he is in. The white color also denotes to idealism and desire for perfection.

Black swan have the meaning of death and misfortune. Sometimes it might indicate the mask people wear to protect themselves. …

Comment by Anne: … morning of a bid white bird dying and was not sure if it …

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… black lion, means that you or someone else is trying to do damage;

Magnificent power if lion is white – such dream shows your creativity and ability to cope with the most difficult situations. It could also indicate your fear of facing the the capability you are holding back;

Loss of wealth if been followed by the lion – if you saw yourself being followed by the lion, then such dream shows that you will lose your riches;

Warning of impending danger if being attacked by a lion …

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… if the kittens seemed nice and cute, any serious harm will be escaped;

Tender love if the cat is white – to dream of the cat that is white, is a good sign, that the dreamer will find the love of his life, however the cat as a symbol shows that he should be careful with the one he will fall into;

Evil if the cat is black- to dream of the cat that is black, denotes to dangers and/or unlucky love;

Confusion if the cat is spotted – the colours of the cat, represents passionate and …

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Contexts about dog

… dog

Vicious dogs


Mad dog

Dog’s flea

Newborn dogs

Vicious dogs attacking me

White dog

Your dog ​​dies


Sick dog

Ticks on dog (dog’s ticks)

Wounded, injured dog

Brown dog

Bloody injured dog

Pitbull dog

Ticks on my dog

Killing dogs

Attacking dogs

To be bitten in a hand

Dogs birth

Dog bites you in a leg

Your dog ​​died


Large dogs

Dogs that attack you

Someone gives you a dog

Many dogs attack you

Black dog bites your left hand …

Comment by Natalie: … that my small tiny white guineapig ate my house mates …

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… the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis. The white snake implies the depth of the soul. Dark snakes can alert the dreamer to change his life. Green snakes represent the body energy, which could still be used.

Kissing, touching or any other friendly contact with snakes in the dream, represents the possibility of betrayal and deception.

Healing, freeing and protecting – Together with other symbols this animal can be …

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… young woman said once that such dream about cute dog for her has symbolic meaning of new lover;

White dog means great friends – Dreaming of dog with white colored hair denotes good, pleasant acquaintance or trustworthy friends;

Playing friendly white dog is good sign – Dreaming about playing with white friendly dog might announce expectation of joyful event; For a man it is an omen of a happy coincidence, for woman it can have symbolism of weddings – she may marry soon it; …

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… of dark, then such a dream signifies unknown, wildness and secrets.

Purity if the horse is white – if the color of the horse was white, such dream denotes to clearness and good fortune. The next period of the life will be sinless and positive.

Alternatively, if the horse is white it could also show the issues that are related to intimate life. Maybe there is a fear of showing the desires and wishes which are in common with sexuality.

Fear if the horse is red – which …

Comment by cosmo: If the horse was white w dark brown from knees down and …

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… of all control and enjoy yourself at the flow of life force.

Huichol shamans:

Dreaming of white foam on ocean waves signify love, creation; Dreaming about walking on ocean’s water shows that you want to create something new.

New Family dreambook:

Ocean meanings in dreams by New Family Dreambook

If you dreamed of the ocean that is calm – it’s a good sign. If the sailor enjoying a good and pleasurable voyage – prosperity in business.

If you dreamed that you were …

Comment by Nompumelelo: … the waves with a white foam that kept on forming, then …

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… take into account their color: they are colorful or black, the tribulation will be bad if they are white color, which means, as stated, finding joy, a very quick end.

- Depends only a curtain in the house, it just means affliction, there are many, correspondingly more.

- Looks someone through curtains in a strange house, the Lord meets the evil of that House.

- Dreaming one, he curtain with draperies or equal to his house, a terrace or a boat, a cloud can cast a shadow,will he get in …

Comment by Stephinah: … metres of a cream white lace where i was sitting on the …

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Waboose Spirit Keeper of the North

Medicine Wheel:

Key words: White Buffalo, acceptance, peace, strength, forgiveness, humility, end, top, gift of what we have learned on our journey through life, thinking about paradoxes.

Description: In Sun Bear’s vision of the Medicine Waboose him the name was given as the Spirit Keeper of the North. The north is the time of the winter, at night, for a transitional period in which we humans are either elders or …

Comment by Ivan Maldonado: … him. He wore white deer skin pants. It was snowing. …

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… that you will suffer from a loss – usually through your own clumsiness.

Warning – White eggs show that you exaggerate things unnecessarily or even too much “to balloon”, and it warns you because otherwise you will get in trouble.

Happiness or Strife – Eggs that are boiled or fried, show joy and success; rotten eggs warn against domestic strife.

Success – A success seems assured, which will increase even further if more than one egg in a dream became …

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Oak (tree)

… Fruits constitute an important source of food for many tribes of North America. The bark of the white oak is applied most frequently for curing purposes. It works as astringent and antiseptic.

General Meaning

Your own strength and endurance.


Awards are decorated with oak leaves.

Transcendent Meaning

Perseverance in the dream time; Force to reach new heights of the understanding.

* Please, see meaning of tree, acorns.

Definition of Oak:

Short …

Comment by beth: … like hundreds of white wax candles hanging on the limbs. …

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