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…to the rider, “My name is Beauty.” cosmo If the horse was white w dark brown from knees down and dark mane running towards me and runs into me becoming one. sheng lee A dream: my family moved in a new house. Weird old looking 2 or 3 storey house. All of a sudden my sister started digging up a room that she saw that the pervious owners buried something. It was a strong strong odor. She comes running out telling us to go look. So she unburied the m… Continue reading

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…ing, going, or growing water towards home: one is resisting to difficulty; – Going back at home – Dreaming of water that is moving back: you will not give dangerous influences; – 1. To empty a boat of water by bailing; 2. Water is entering in ship – 1. Dreaming that you’re bailing the water out and getting feet wet; 2. Dreaming that dirty water is rising and entering in ship: anger, disease and poverty will impose (or are impos… Continue reading

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…d that I was a pregnant centaur. Can you help me? sealtaur i was looking at my father, who recently passed away, sleeping orf resting on the bed near a wide glass window. When i looked outside the window i saw a centaur about 10 feet away picking something from an open pit with his human body and fore legs into the open pit while his hind legs outside. When the centaur noticed me looking at him, he rushed jump out of the pit and before he gallope… Continue reading

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Birth pangs

…ith increasing frequency, childbirth is achieved through caesarean section, the removal of the neonate through a surgical incision in the abdomen, rather than through vaginal birth. In the U.S. and Canada it represents nearly 1 in 3 (31.8%) and 1 in 4 (22.5%) of all childbirths, respectively. Synonyms of birth pang noun: labor pain, labour pain; plural: birth pangs, labor pains, labour pains…. Continue reading

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Association: Nature; the ability to tame yourself; freedom. Question: Which part of me wishes to be set free? What kind of features of the animals I can relate to myself? General Meanings: In General all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have an ability to warn o… Continue reading

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…ews. Arabian (Islamic) – To dream celebration of Christmas: you’ll participate in a joyful celebration. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Christmas is a Christian feast, the birth of Christ, on December 25 (Eastern Orthodox Christians on January 7). Complete definition Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday observed on December 25 (with alternative days of January 6, 7 and 19[2]) to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the cen… Continue reading

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Association: The end of a cycle; The end. Question: What is it that already over? General Meanings: The dream has a lot to do with the death ,when it wants to frighten the dreamer. The main thing is that people know about the death, that it exists, but does not realize it and when they dream of the death, it overwhelms them. They experience how short life actually is, and it can be over any time, any second. Usually the death in dreams symbolize… Continue reading

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Baby / Babies

Association: Child-like self; Rebirth or revival; Trust and reliance. Question: What new is born inside me? Or was it just a rebirth? What is it that I trust? Am I confident enough? In general: – Safety and protection: In all cases (girl or boy) dreaming of baby is the symbol of the unconscious longing for security. There is nothing new – as we always are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with… Continue reading

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Ring (jewellery)

…onsider, that the laws of society are much lower than the laws of our souls, and we should not give them so much importance. Tsvetkov Dreambook: Ring dream interpretations by Tsvetkov Ring can be interpreted as: 1. Proposal; 2. Relations or relationships; 3. Loss (the dreamer could get a divorce or separation). Vanga’s Dreambook: Dreaming about ring meaning by Baba Vanga The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of event… Continue reading

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One-horse carriage

…use and for comfort or elegance, though some are also used to transport goods. It may be light, smart and fast or heavy, large and comfortable. Carriages normally have suspension using leaf springs, elliptical springs (in the 19th century) or leather strapping. Synonyms of one-horse carriage noun: car, coach, bearing, transportation, transport, conveyance, portage; plural: cars, coachs, bearings, transportations, transports, conveyances, portage… Continue reading

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…en I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud which was shaped like a baby Ayhu Apa arti mimpi melihat awan berbentu tangan dan seperti sayap?? Prince I have had two dreams about clouds. The first was in 1997 and the other was in 2008.

In 1997, I dreamed and saw at first, a very clear blue sky and later, words appeared in uppercase letters. I tried to read the words but failed because a stormy light (or transparent) white cloud appeared over them… Continue reading

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Derby (horse race)

…plete definition A derby (UK /ˈdɑːbɪ/ dah-bee or US /ˈdɜrbɪ/ dur-bee) is a type of horse race, named after the Derby Stakes, still run at Epsom Downs Racecourse in England. That was in turn named after Edward Smith-Stanley, 12th Earl of Derby, who inaugurated the race in 1780. The best-known example in the United States is the Kentucky Derby. Synonyms of derby noun: bowler; plural: bowlers; related terms: bowler hat, derby hat, plug hat, chape… Continue reading

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Islamic Water

…thing of water …” (“Al-Anbiyae” [The Prophets], verse 30), and “If they [the idolaters] tread the right path, we shall give them to drink of water in abundance, that We may test them thereby …” (“Al-Jinn” [The Jinn], verses 16–17.) (3) Marriage, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “And He it is Who hath created man from water, and hath appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for thy Lord is very Powerful.” (“Al-… Continue reading

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…r the money into pieces in front of me. Please help me to understand what this really means Shanaaz I had a dream that me and my uncle and my mother (both dead) we’re sitting and my uncle told my mother that he would give her 2000 pounds and then she smiled and looked at me and then i had another dream that i received 100000 pound as a check p.s they were both wearing white madison Did you feel sad when they tore up the money you gave them? i thi… Continue reading

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…نا جميلين ولكن آأحدهمـآ تعلق به قلبي اكثر وكـآآن آأحد مـآآ آأخطفهم منـآآ وكنت ملتهفة لإيجـآدهمـآ وووجدنآهمآ آأخيرآأ وفرحنأآ وكـآنـآ جلسنـآ في حديقة ومن ثم غادرنا المكآن keisha my twin dream had twins I gave birth to less than 1 week old the father is an ex mate who cheated on me. I was cring for the twins and dispite them have baby sizes the twins spoke, understood me and reponding accordingly to my questions as though they were 7 year olds. calv… Continue reading

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Bridle (reins)

In general: Bridles urges us for domination or even better to make the life more active, then we will be successful. Often, the animal must also be interpreted that you hold at bay. With the dreamer in his dream bridle, so he is looking forward to the yoke, then restraint or self-control necessary. If a bridle is maded ​​of flowers, then this dream is symbol of more feminine kind of control. Psychologically: Bridle can point to the need of conce… Continue reading

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Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Love affairs if white horse – In the dream you unhitch a white horse, this signifies many love affairs in your life; Offensive if brown horses – When unhitch a brown horse, this denotes that you will by insulted by your close friend of family member; Unpleasant person if black horse – This dream shows that an objectionable person will get married because of money and benefits; G… Continue reading

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In general: Bock (animal) may require more courage and wisdom, so that you achieved good results. Whether he can actually announce an inheritance, like old dream books claim is questionable, often behind this interpretation may be wishful thinking. Psychologically: The animal that someone wants to take on the horns signaled psychological damage caused by own negligence. In the male sexual dreams primal force that wants to have your victim. Spiri… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – Dreaming of postnatal: good future. Hindu – Dreaming of childbed (postnatal): beware of empty promises. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Postnatal – period after childbirth. Complete definition Postnatal (Latin for ‘after birth’, from post meaning “after” and natalis meaning “of birth”) is the period beginning immediately after the birth of a child and extendi… Continue reading

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…d the screen door and began to go down the steps. I remember feeling like I belonged with them. I noticed how fierce they looked and thinking how magnificent and scary they were. Candi I had a strange dream….it started with 2 wolf like shapes forming above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barel… Continue reading

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Working animals

Traditionally: European – To see working animal or animals in dream – your work will be supported. * See also others interpretations about animals and car… * draught animals, draft animal, beast, brute, creature, brutish, bestial, beastly, brute…… Continue reading

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