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The horse associates with fast, usually elegant, feelings of developed consciousness, sometimes unexpressed sexuality.


How do I find my own power? What kind of natural forces I suppress or express?

General Meanings:

Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and …

Comment by cosmo: If the horse was white w dark brown from knees …

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One-horse carriage


European (Judeo-Christian)

Longing for the old times if see One-horse carriage – such dream may indicate the past, as the one who was riding in One-horse carriage is looking for some privacy or trying to get away from things that already happened in the past.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Richness if see One-horse carriage  - usually the carriage is associated with the prosperous life, therefore the dream gives a clue about new incomes.

Arabian (Islamic) …

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Derby (horse race)


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to see horse race – Derby in a dream: a dream of happiness, you can expect financial gains.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any of several annual horseraces.

Complete definition

A derby (UK /ˈdɑːbɪ/ dah-bee or US /ˈdɜrbɪ/ …

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Birth pangs


Have you suffered the birth pains during dream? Dreaming of birth pangs could indicate problems that you has already overcame or with which you still struggle.

If you dream that after birth pangs you was delighted and happy with baby in your arms, then the hoped outcome is already set in waking life. But if dream was not calm, or you woke up before you could see the baby, then this dream might say that the plans of …

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Ring (jewellery)

… in dream by composition:

Golden ring for man when his wife is pregnant – she will give birth to a son;

Golden ring with a precious stone – means that such benefits will come with ease;

Golden ring or a man wearing a golden ring – represents innovation, and the results could bring afflictions, betrayal, or a revolt; A reference to a woman who has lost her fortune;

Golden ring from the God – bad omen;

Silver ring (wearing a ring made of silver) – nothing will stand in …

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… this case a lion. The young, little, baby lion is always a good omen, which usually announces the birth of a boy. The lioness mostly have very similar explanation as the lions, the only difference between them is that first ones relate to men and the other ones to women as for the dreamers. It is also known that lion is known as a symbol of nobility.

* Please, see meaning of:

desert, lioness, zodiac, animal.

Definition of Lion:

Lion is a big cat that lives in prides. Lions are …

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… a Man – If a man is dreaming about being pregnant, then such dream indicates his wish to give a birth in his life for something. It can be related to professional activities that brings money or it can show his wishes related to riches, maybe the dreamer has desire to get new property or anything materialistic and valuable. Other meaning of pregnant man foretells that there is the desire to have loving wife.

Real pregnancy – But it is very possible that vision about pregnancy in a …

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… is also known as being industrious animal, who builds things in life, without any complaints.

Horse – this animal in dreams represents strength, power, virility and sexuality. There are many meanings of the horse depending on your sexual libido, ability to handle the difficulties and generally how strong you are as a person. Consider, how the horse looked in the dream, only then you will be able to interpreter the dream in the right way. If the horse is weak, some of your personality …

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… shows the fear of losing of that particular person. It also could show that you feel guilty of not giving enough of attention to that person, therefore you dream of his death, where you lose any contact with him for good.

The death of your own

If the dreamer sees his own death, then the dream shows that maybe some part of you is dead and not alive anymore, which shows that you are changing as a person, as individual. The other meaning could show that the dreamer is not taking care of …

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Islamic Water

… water or a well in a dream also could be the immediate cause of a trial, fight or calamity.

Giving someone a glass of water in a dream is glad tidings of a child.

Drinking a glass of spring water in a dream means conceiving a child, or that he will receive benefits from his wife. In this sense, glass in a dream represent the substance of a woman and water represents a fetus.

ggg Drinking hot water in a dream means distress and adversities.

If one is pushed into a pond or a river …

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… gains of war.

Water helps for everything to come to life. Water in dreams represents a semen, a birth, a life. Water can symbolize a marriage, a fertility and a delivery of one or more children.

Water can be lifegiver and sustainer or it can be a deadly foe and lifetaker. Water is the same in dreams as it is on the earth. On one side, water is symbol of purity, peace and justice, but on the other – symbol of worries, pain, sorrow or destruction and death.



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General Meanings:

The way of life On your own life and time, from birth to death, we are always on the way. It is more often to dream ways, roads, streets, paths in our dreams, than anything else. It is really important to find out which way we have to go, which country to choose. What does it pass what are its barriers.

Current life situation Most often it is only the short distance, well-known street or just our memories that came from our minds. Such …

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Three (number 3)

… your thoughts. It is the element of our will, the idea, the result of the union of man and woman, giving the birth to the future.  Another symbol that only the three gives as a whole: The Family = father + mother + child. Human personality = body + soul + spirit. Time = Past + Present + Future.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- Fortune if you see number three (3) –  If number three appears in a dream, this means good luck and success;

- Threat if you see three …

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… in the area of another person.


On the spiritual level is the bay for shelter and giving birth.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A body of water (especially the sea) more or less three-quarters surrounded by land.

Complete definition

A bay is a large body of water connected to an ocean or sea formed by an inlet of land due to the surrounding land blocking some waves and often reducing winds. Bays also exist as an inlet in a lake or pond. A …

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Sexual intercourse

… the emperor, he communes with a virgin, and his longing ardent wish will come true, a man of low birth will become rich resources of the authorities, but instill fear.

- Dreams of the emperor, he sleeps with a known prostitute, he will give pleasure to have them but no one remember a man of the people will make his fortune and find a good income.

- It dusk to the emperor or a prince, he had with a married woman having an affair, he will ennoble their gender, equipped with rich gifts and …

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… dreamer.

Properties of the female In a dream an oven and a baker indicate procreation and birth. In the dream woman is occupied with the preparation of food in the oven, this is always an indication to the maternal giving and nourishing properties. The “fire” in the oven also has an importance because ancient people say that the fire is one of the four magical forces of nature.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Fulfillment of wishes if see in front of …

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… again, which means that after times of hardship and suffering again becomes easier and easier. Giving and receiving gifts can also play a symbolic role and raise the question of give and take.


The religious and spiritual side of the dream must to be considered: are you ready to devote more attention to questions of faith?


European (Judeo-Christian)

- Dreaming of Christmas: joy and peace in the house.


- To celebrate Christmas in dream: you …

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… is the one, which these dogs are chasing, denotes that he will face a serious offense;

Dog as horse means enemies – In the dream to see a dog with bridle or that he is pulling a cart, it is an indication that you will get enemies;

Chained dog means stealing – In the dream to chain or to tether a dog or to see such, indicates that someone wants to steal from you;

Dog house symbolizes pet or big trouble  - Dreaming of dog house denotes that one will get a dog, but second …

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… A mythical beast traditionally represented as having the legs of a buck, the body of a horse, the tail of a lion with a single spiral horn on its head; a symbol of virginity.

Complete definition

The unicorn is a legendary animal from European folklore that resembles a white horse with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead, and sometimes a goat’s beard and cloven hooves. First mentioned by the ancient Greeks, it became the most important imaginary …

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Baby / Babies

… are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with face of birth.

- Work and success : To carry a baby (male or female) in dream symbolizes work (or many of them) and not easy one, but hard. Don’t worry now, just keep reading. Dreaming that you are carrying a baby (or someone else, it’s doesn’t change anything) indicates current tough times and shows a little of future, where you will need to carry your burden for a while and only after many …

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… from somebody is a

bad sign for the dreamer, it is like a warning;

Appreciation If Give (giving away)  - In the dream you give away your money to somebody, this brings unexpectedly big gratitude for your work or help;

Gain If Giving to a beggar  - You are dreaming that you give money to the beggar, this dream promises you large profits and benefits;

Worry If Winning – In a dream to win money is a sing that you will have some troubles, but don’t worry everything …

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