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Goat meat

Please, see meaning of dream about meat.

* Goat meat is the meat of the domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus). It is often called chevon or mutton when the meat comes from adults, and is called cabrito or just kid when from young animals. While “goat” is usually the name for the meat found in common parlance, producers and marketers may prefer to use the French-derived word chevon (from chèvre), since market research in the United …

Comment by mike: … i was served wit a burnt kid and a horse head. what does …

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Goat milk cheese



- To see or to drink goats milk, or to eat goat’s cheese in dream: though someone permanently with a somewhat shall stay, it gets along well with the people and will also have benefits through him; Also: Do you have reason to be frugal?

* Goat’s milk cheese, goats’ cheese, goat cheese or chèvre (French for goat) is cheese made from goat’s milk. France produces a great number of goat’s milk cheeses, especially in the Loire …

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… in community with other animals.  They eat almost everything and it is difficult to keep them in a fenced area.

General meaning:

Your freedom-seeking part; feels constricted by the pressure of the conventions; one aspect of you is willing to fight for everything you want.


A lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman.

Transcendent importance:

An ally who can help you with the …

Comment by Elizabeth Quintero: … was that I had a male goat as a pet and he was in my …

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… positively. Make sure you keep that connection within yourself and try to improve it even more;

Killing of animals – if the dreamer killed the animal it could have both – good and bad meanings. As the bad omen, it is said that when you kill the animal, you kill the instincts that lies within you, otherwise it shows your ability to be powerful and strong;

To tame the animal – if the dreamer has tamed the animal, such dream shows the ability to control your own instincts and/ or to …

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… Psychological Meanings:

Warning about health – Ants, like other insects more usually are a danger signal, if they appear in masses, then the mind sends an alert. Often the dreams of swarming ants is a signal of a forthcoming psychosis. Now relaxation and tranquility are very important.

In common dreams of ants are an indication of disturbances in the autonomic nervous system, especially when one perceives a tingle in dreams, which gives a reason for medical research.

More trust …

Comment by Mary: … damp. There’s a mirror and when I look in the mirror …

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… Worm stands for sexual and other impulses, which can even reject them as low and suppressed. In a broader sense it may symbolize the past, the new comes, often related to manure.


The invertebrate reptile, which we see in the dream, may indicate our helplessness in a particular case in waking life, because we’re a helpless worm. Or, if the worm eats something, then this dream could point to the conscientious worm that gnaws at us. The worm in dream also can express …

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… the qualities that we would like to get rid off.

The dream meanings of Zodiac signs:

Aries is a sign of controlling behavior and domination. If you dream of the Zodiac sign Aries, such dream denotes to person who is born as direct, decisive, selfish and a bit reckless.

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the Zodiac. It distinguish as the sign of sensibility, laziness, patience and reliability. To dream of Taurus as the Zodiac sign, denotes to the characteristics of personality …

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… do I feel in relation to the combination of these two features?

General Meanings:

The cat is a very independent and lonely animal. However, cats and human beings can have a great friendship. The cat is a symbol of loneliness and individuality. The most vivid feature of the cat is the sensitivity which shows the sensitive side of the dreamer. Consider, that the cat in the dreams also represents sexual aspects of the dreamer, where hidden desires and wishes are expressed. The dream might …

Comment by indigo: … THA MEN!!!!! What a bigoted shovanistic load of shit! …

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Contexts about dog

… and that is reason why we have dreams about pee. Third meaning is applicable when you are owner of a dog. Then peeing dog represents your worry that your dog might need to go outside to urinate. Also it represents your worry that dog is peeing all over the place. Urinating dog can have sexual significance and denotes some kind of stress. Maybe you have fears related to sexual activity and urinating dog symbolizes that. Urinating dog acts also as symbol of relief. Maybe you have suppressed …

Comment by Natalie: I had a dream that my small tiny white …

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… of deep analysis will give you an important insight into your personality. For the start there is a lot of examples what a meaning of a snake dream can be.

Hidden worries or unmasked dangers – Dreaming of a snake indicates secret fears and hidden worries. These are threats for you. In this case, a snake in the dream might be an alert to wake up and see what is going around you, that is not already discovered. Alternative interpretation of the snake dream is the contradiction. Its …

Comment by morita: … I was walking down a road and I saw a large snake cut in …

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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels ( general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians}  and traditional : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use …

Comment by carmen: … up the stairs with a falling toe nail it fell a part of it …

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… of lamb.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The woolly covering of a sheep or goat.

Complete definition

A fleece, the woollen coat of a domestic sheep or long-haired goat, especially after having been sheared (but before being processed into yarn or thread).

Synonyms of fleece.

noun: wool.

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… peace and security in your family, especially in relationships with your husband;

the desire for a family if married in a dream – the dreamer, that is unmarried in reality, but has a husband in her dream, hopes to find the significant other, as it would make her feel better and fulfill the life completely;

Healthy husband if husband dies – such dream indicates the good health of the husband and his ability to perform in a family life, as the death indicates the rebirth either;

Worries …

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- Cold blood; Reptile; A positive omen, a messenger; Regenerative power.


- Where in my life am I ready to show more warmth?

General Meanings:

Worries   and Hardship – Lizard often goes for envious people, of whom you must be aware. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different or personal circumstances. This reptile is like a small …

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… not under too much pressure, because otherwise you may lose control over it.

- Starts or shoot a wild boar, warn of the envious.


The animal is a symbol of the male animal-power. In conjunction with celebrations and feast days, the boar represent lust and gluttony.


At the spiritual level, the boar is the dream of abundance and vitality. In connection with the mythology and fairy tales, the boar also represent evil.


European …

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Wire obstacle

… (Hinduism)

- there is no point to gloomy thoughts, to give when the need is in the house as a guest.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Wire obstacle in a dream means that your company will confront obstacles.

* Please, see meaning of wire.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A barrier or obstruction of barbed wire used in warfare.

Complete definition

In the military science of fortification, wire obstacles are defensive obstacles made from barbed wire, …

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… - buffalo cross the road: points to powerful but stupid enemies who put themselves in a way, through intelligent action can prevent the worst;

- many buffalos kill a woman: they can be a risky one for companies; with a lot of willpower will win the approval of men, and possibly long-cherished wishes will come true.


- buffalo in a dream you must think and act very seriously.

Arabian (Islamic)

- big win.

* Please, see meaning of bison, goat, bull, White …

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Malice (law)

In general:

If you experience a dream evil, this usually means that the dreamer is aware of the impulses, which he rejects. Bad behavior towards others, the dreamer feels as horrible and disgusting.


The property of “evil” can not be “explained away”. Each violent act can be interpreted as evil. Many people see between the darkness and evil a close connection.


The evil goes hand in …

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… the male sexual dreams primal force that wants to have your victim.


The buck is a personification of the male generative powers.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to see buck in a dream: indicates an inheritance; profit;

- see with horns: one should not be intimidated, but to enforce vigorously in a particular matter;

- is under threat of one: one should not be intimidated;

- kill: you will suffer a material loss due to a clumsiness;

- see yourself as a

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Blood sausage

… of good health.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to eat or see blood sausage in a dream: health;

- have seen someone eating blood sausage: one is fatigued, bitter and needed a distraction.


- blood sausage in a dream means simply you can live well.

Arabian (Islamic)

- blood sausage in a dream means that you have to do with rough people.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A cooked sausage made out of meat (most often pork), blood and …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- hear bleating lambs in a dream: announces new tasks and duties that do not have to be unpleasant.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The characteristic cry of a sheep or a goat.

Complete definition

An onomatopoeia or onomatopœia, from the Greek ὀνοματοποιία; ὄνομα for “name” and ποιέω for “I make”, adjectival form: “onomatopoeic” or …

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