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…omplete definition Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. A water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at temperatures above 0 °C (273.15 K, 32 °F) at sea level, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state (water vapor or steam). Water also exists in a liquid crystal state near hydrophilic surfaces. Synonyms of water noun: aqua…. Continue reading

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…ng above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barely turn my head to see the 3 men walk out of my closet….Nothing ever took on a devilish tone…..actually I cannot get the Trinity out of my head today…..anyway there was a blonde, he passed by me motioning a wolf to follow him, the second a redhe… Continue reading

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…dream mean? Susan I was dreaming of black hard shell worms, I had found some. I took them and put them on my dressing table of my grandmothers. They were ferocious eaters and in seconds they had multiplied and had churned up 3 big holes in the dresser. I was stressed that I had done that and woke with a bad headache. I think it has something to do with my attachment to things but also I feel that I am poised for a creative burst. Could be sexua… Continue reading

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…SE IS 5 YEAR OLD HOUSE AND THE PLACE IS A NEWLY DEVELOP SUBDIVISION. HOPEFULLY YOU CAN HELP ME. THANK YOU! Christina I had an unusual dream, the sky was clear+ bright, suddenly a huge rolling white cloud formed. It broke into 3 pieces which each piece was carrying some sort of flying machine(closely resembling jet planes, but not really). In an instant small clouds shaped like ribbons(like upside down magnetic support ribbons that people put on c… Continue reading

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Freckles I had a strange dream

I was combing my hair

It was coming out in clumps but only when I combed it

I combed it 3 times, so there was a pile of it

The Hair was Golden and Long

I have brown hair and it had recently been cut, so it is not long and I am Male

I thought that was interesting

I wonder what that could mean… Continue reading

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Association: Nature; the ability to tame yourself; freedom. Question: Which part of me wishes to be set free? What kind of features of the animals I can relate to myself? General Meanings: In General all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have an ability to warn o… Continue reading

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…of tetrapod vertebrates. All present species belong to the subclass Neornithes, and inhabit ecosystems across the globe, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Extant birds range in size from the 5 cm (2 in) Bee Hummingbird to the 2.75 m (9 ft) Ostrich. The fossil record indicates that birds emerged within theropod dinosaurs during the Jurassic period, around 160 million years (Ma) ago. Paleontologists regard birds as the only clade of dinosaurs to ha… Continue reading

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Leave (abandon)

Quick and Clear: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about Abandonment in dreams When you dream of being abandoned, it means that you have to forget your past and focus on your future. You’ve got to let go your past. The meaning of this dream is showing, that you have a fear of being wasted, left alone of the ones you love. You shouldn’t be afraid  of people neglecting your feelings. T… Continue reading

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…ls ill. A man turns into a boy, he will suffer through reckless business losses.Aptly says the poet’s words: “You must always be young man so her heart will be full of fluttering recklessness.” (Homer: Iliad 3.108) The quality of the transformation behaves and it follows as: a man is transformed into a woman, so that bodes for a poor and a slave. One will be as a breadwinner – a woman, the others need less toiling in his s… Continue reading

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Psychologically: This image shows a strong conflict, perplexity and helplessness. The dreamer can not cope with his problems alone. He sees no way out and freed himself by running through the consciousness of responsibility. He should also take heed before it to act rashly and powerless. * Please, see meaning of powerlessness. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The state of lacking consciousness, of being unconscious. Complete def… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – To believe to be awake: one will be offset by strange happenings in gloom; – To go through green fields or landscapes, while noting that this is happening in the waking state: indicates that imminent one good and amusing, but that will happen between the unpleasant present and future. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any… Continue reading

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David I was dreaming that I was at the base of a mountain. at the same time on the mountain, patches of fire were scattered all over the ground rizalio matunhay yesterday aftern0on ar0und 3 oclock-5 oclock, i was sleeping in my bed..
I d0nt know if its a go0d or a bad dream. Hope you will interpret this one…

I was dreaming that i was on the top of the mountain, and i looked up and saw the sun was very bright just like EL NIÑO Phenomenon…. Continue reading

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Foreign country (abroad)

Quick and Clear: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about foreign country (or being, going abroad) in dreams If you are dreaming, that you are going abroad, it represents you as unstable and confused person. The dream tells you that there are changes in your life, that have to be done, without changing the environment you are at the moment. However, this means that there are some things in your l… Continue reading

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…tremely wild woodland creature, a symbol of purity and grace, which could only be captured by a virgin. In the encyclopedias its horn was said to have the power to render poisoned water potable and to heal sickness. Until the 19th century, belief in unicorns was widespread among historians, alchemists, writers, poets, naturalists, physicians, and theologians. Synonyms of unicorn – ; related terms: imaginary being, imaginary creature…. Continue reading

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…travel. Definition of Bus: Short definition A motor vehicle for transporting large numbers of people along roads. Complete definition A bus is a road vehicle designed to carry passengers. Buses can have a capacity as high as 300 passengers. The most common type of bus is the single-decker rigid bus, with larger loads carried by double-decker buses and articulated buses, and smaller loads carried by midibuses and minibuses; coaches are used for l… Continue reading

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In general: If you have trouble in a dream, one must beware of waking life in front of inconvenience. It annoys others, describes this in some cases, the malicious joy. But sometimes the anger also points to tiny little things, you stumble on in waking life. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – get angry in the dream means inconvenience; – to annoy others: unexpected joy. Arabian (Islamic) – to dream an anger means loss of property or t… Continue reading

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The absence of fear

Psychologically: Operates in the dream without any fear, making it an ideal state of free is called that must be aimed at. Freedom is always afraid to get out of a corner in the distance, for fear of making tight, freedom is far. Explanation & Definition: Complete definition Although fear is one of the crucial evolutionary mechanisms for individual survival, in certain situations psychologically normal humans can behave without feeling fea… Continue reading

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Guard (police officer)

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – To loss by theft. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A member of a police force.A person who keeps watch, esp. a soldier or other person formally assigned to protect a person or to control access to a place.A policeman or policewoman. Complet… Continue reading

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…an. Prof you have a spirit husband or wife that the meaning of the dream you have to pray well izel ek droom oor seewater wat my bang maak , kom al nader aan my, ek besluit toe om in te gaan en te sterf, maar ek verdrink nie, 3 drome gehad oor die see. Pia I have had 2 dreams regarding monkeys, sharks and the wild involving 2 kids that are not my sisters but I know them.

The first dream went that I was bitten by a monkey that fell from the tr… Continue reading

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Association: Unexpressed love, self-doubt. Question: What I’m willing to accept in myself and others? In general: You play in dream images very often a prominent role. The ancient Egyptians described the fear that you have that you probably do not quite satisfied with yourself. Modern psychology sees this as a mistake you would like to undo. The cry of fear in the dream suggests, therefore indicates a very serious mistake, which requires c… Continue reading

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Depression (mood)

Association: Suppressed emotions, lack of alternatives. Question: What for the feelings I’m afraid? Explanation & Definition: Short explanation In psychotherapy and psychiatry, a state of mind producing serious, long-term lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future. Complete definition Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person’s thoughts, behavior, feelings a… Continue reading

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