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Customs Inspection & Visitation (check & search)

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – To dream that you are in custom and have been inspected (checking and searching of custom’s authorities) it indicates that you will come in embarrassment. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The place at a port, airport, or frontie… Continue reading

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…r the money into pieces in front of me. Please help me to understand what this really means Shanaaz I had a dream that me and my uncle and my mother (both dead) we’re sitting and my uncle told my mother that he would give her 2000 pounds and then she smiled and looked at me and then i had another dream that i received 100000 pound as a check p.s they were both wearing white madison Did you feel sad when they tore up the money you gave them? i thi… Continue reading

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…d the screen door and began to go down the steps. I remember feeling like I belonged with them. I noticed how fierce they looked and thinking how magnificent and scary they were. Candi I had a strange dream….it started with 2 wolf like shapes forming above me….they just looked like black shadows….but somehow they were feeding off me like they had stuck straws into me and were sucking my life away……I felt too weak to move and could barel… Continue reading

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Psychologically: We gave ourselves in a dream a reception and welcomed guests, then this confirms that we are open-minded in waking life particularly. However, there were problems with some guests, they are for real problems in our environment. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – attend someone in a dream: expect pleasant appointments; – a mess at a reception: troubles come to you. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation o… Continue reading

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Islamic Water

…thing of water …” (“Al-Anbiyae” [The Prophets], verse 30), and “If they [the idolaters] tread the right path, we shall give them to drink of water in abundance, that We may test them thereby …” (“Al-Jinn” [The Jinn], verses 16–17.) (3) Marriage, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “And He it is Who hath created man from water, and hath appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for thy Lord is very Powerful.” (“Al-… Continue reading

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Kiss / Kissing

Association: Welcoming, intimacy, privacy, affection, love, relationships. Question: With who I want to get closer? General Meanings: In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it: Kissing a certain person The dream in which you kis… Continue reading

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Association: – Forced stagnation; To be caught. Question: – Why do I have a fear to be caught? What would I like to bring to a halt? In general: If a dream trades of the fact that the dreamer is arrested, this points to holding back his natural selfexpression by moral opinions or the question according to right and injustice by other people. If the dreamer arrests another perfect figure in his dream, then this shows his instinctive disapproval p… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – come to a corb: rapid rise in business circles and reputation; – when lovers come together for one: early marriage and fidelity within marriage; – slide from the curb: everything positive is reversed into its opposite; – rise from the curb: dispute with friends and relatives. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanat… Continue reading

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Psychologically: Arrest is means a required examination of conscience and for insulation. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – get into arrest: grief, misery, joy, however, later; – be: sudden and unexpected success is given to you, however choose your friends carefully. * Please, see meaning of prison. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody. Complete definition An arre… Continue reading

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…rom the ground and go higher than building. oscar i had a dream that my sisters hair was on fire? what was that dream about? zakia I dreamed that my family house was on fire. My dead grandmother was in it. she been dead since 2010. what does that mean? bev All I can remember clearly is that I was on a call when the fire brigadephoned me tell me my home was on fire.this i my dream was not a shock as I haf been expecting them to ring.I had started… Continue reading

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…cut through my skin stabbing the worm and it wld either pop or turn into a black bug and jump out of my skin. But the more I cut and killed the more appeared nd bigger they got. They ranged in diff sizes from like a maggot to 2 inches long and they where all white or clear. As I continued to cut through my skin I eventually started ripping pieces of skin of my body and literally pull the worms out and toss em I freaked out so much I woke up out o… Continue reading

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…ews. Arabian (Islamic) – To dream celebration of Christmas: you’ll participate in a joyful celebration. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Christmas is a Christian feast, the birth of Christ, on December 25 (Eastern Orthodox Christians on January 7). Complete definition Christmas or Christmas Day is a holiday observed on December 25 (with alternative days of January 6, 7 and 19[2]) to commemorate the birth of Jesus, the cen… Continue reading

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Common Blackbird

In general: Blackbird see or hear you sing traditionally understood as a sign of a happy event or receiving a good message. If several sit together, life in the foreseeable future is expected to change prices. Sometimes the Blackbird is also known as messenger of death, but the one must not attach too much importance. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – blackbird: you want something specific in life and is unhappy to have it or not to b… Continue reading

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In general: Antennas represent uncertainty or curiosity in relationship matters. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – in a dream see or have antenna: news of friends who are in the distance; – connect to the wireless: commercial enrichment; – pull out (portable) radio: to get answers to questions that relate to a specific person that you are facing suspicious; – earth: strong powers to enable completion of a great work; – cut: bad news…. Continue reading

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Quick and Clear Meanings: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about advertising or / and advertisement in dreams Hidden message – When you see yourself looking at advertisements in your dream it means that there, deep inside your psyche, is a subliminal message and your unconscious mind wants to show you this content through sleep. What you have to do is think over of what part of… Continue reading

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Association: Vision, awareness, clarity. Question: Whose am I aware? As I see the world? In general: Body of light, of consciousness, which is made ​​by one of the Egyptian creation myths of the world emerged. The mirror of the soul, as the receiving body female, as a “lightning schleuderndes” sharp-seeing phallic male. Interpreted by Freud because of its shape as the female sexual organ. He took on the self-blinding of Oedipus as a… Continue reading

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Association: – A portion of the whole building of self. Question: – Which parts of myself I have ownership? Or which components of myself I was taken possession? In general: If dreamer receiving a beautiful new home (flat or apartament) can expect a positive change in his living conditions. But when apartment is a pitiful shack, so in waking life he may receive a illness or interpersonal relations may reach zero point. Psychologically: Symbol of… Continue reading

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In general: Cello appeared in a dream as a symbol of inner harmony, to the harmony with themselves, especially if you play it. Also harmonious relationships with other people can express themselves in it. – If it passes, or play sees the happy union of the waves in the erotic, spiritual, sometimes receiving nothing but the bow can also span wide. Psychologically: In psychoanalysis, the beautifully curved instrument is a symbol of the female body… Continue reading

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Psychological Meanings: On the psychological level the anesthesia in dreams is a symbol of liberation. The one who dreams of receiving the anesthesia wants things to pass away while he is asleep and wake up only when all is over. Consider to find out what irritates you, and find the solution for that problem. Contexts’ Meanings: * Please, see meaning of anesthetized . Definition of Anesthesia: Short definition The process to make the pat… Continue reading

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Blood transfusion

In general: If you received a blood transfusion in a dream, this could indicate an invigorating effect – for example a new friendship or relationship – be. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The taking of blood from one individual and inserting it or blood-based products into the circulatory system of another. Complete definition Blood transfusion is the process of receiving blood products into one’s circulation… Continue reading

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Diamond ring

…Diamond Store in my previous dream ,…many months ago ,somehow lost it and found it again in my dream of last night.The prices was on both rings of which I can see the price tag on the big single diamond ring of about
R385 000 .The other ring with the many small diamonds , this amount was not clear to me. Appreciate your feedback ..thanks… Continue reading

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