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Joker’s hat

General Meanings:

In General the hat of Jester/Joker warns you to be careful, otherwise you will make yourself look like a fool, especially in the relationship you are at the moment.

Traditional Meanings:

Hindu (Hinduism)

Will fall in love soon if see the Joker’s hat – to dream that you see the hat of the Joker/Jester signifies the deep feeling you will have to someone very soon;

Will stay the leader is see …

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… is broken in a dream, it means either grief or, in the dream of a woman – a miscarriage.

The red wine is regarded as a symbol of the blood.

The white wine is regarded as a symbol of clarity.

Spiritual Meanings:

At a spiritual level wine indicate wealth, fullness or admission of spiritual power.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Good sign if dreaming wine – Dreaming of wine in general, appears as a sign of good omen and a transformation or revival …

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… friends will be able to help and to protect you.

To protect yourself, draw on each nail a thin red stripe. And before you go out from your home, throw over your right shoulder one coffee bean for one week.

Russian dreambook:

Wolf interpretation from russian dream book

To dream wolf symbolizes very strong enemy. To dream pack of wolves symbolizes many strong enemies.

Nobleman dreambook:

Wolf interpretation from Noblemen’s dreambook by N. Grishin

Wolf can be interpreted …

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… coloring or dyeing in the dream warns of deception and false expectations;

Fame temper if red color – In the dream to see hair color in red, rose, pink or any of red shades, it symbolizes popularity and high temperament;

Wellness if black color – In the dream to see dark tones of hair color, like black or dark brown hair, means healthiness;

Grief if gray (grey) color – If you dreamed of gray, dark silver or ash hair, shows pain and sorrow;

Fortune and knowledge …

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… will start picking your work fruits, means that you will be prosperous person;

Good sign if red apples with green leaves on a tree – This dream of red apples is a good omen, that you did everything perfectly and now you have a harvest of your hard work;

Happy love if eat a nice red apple – When you are eating a red apple in a dream, announces a gratifying and happy love affair. For single ones, it means a new partner and marriage, new feelings of happiness in the love; …

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Traffic light

… that he/she can make a problem or a difficult work to a good end. The traffic light is red, then may be there is something in the head, which could indicate a pathological condition.

Psychological Meanings:

It is equally a symbol of the movement and order (law).

The green light – This symbol stands for encouragement.

The red light – Prompt to stop, to wait – just like in “real life”!

The yellow light – You have to wait and think.

All lights are …

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… dream that you see blood as a liquid you will be  wounded;

Happiness If Seeing beautiful red – This a dream about coming fortune and happiness;

Illness If Coagulated blood – In the dream you see coagulated blood, this dream announces that you will get a disease;

Warning If Running – You are dreaming that you see running blood especially on the ground,  this mean that evil is working on this and you have to be very careful about you health, family because the …

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… different forms and then it must be interpreted everytime different. Meaning depends on the form: hat, lamp, drum, car or engine.


If you dream, that you have nice hat on your head, without having suitable suit, you’re doing on the best ways to look ridiculous. If you see yourself or someone else is carrying other cylinders, this dream may suggest, that you or people in your dream will face a serious meeting or a meeting that could sadden.


Arabian …

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… Meanings:

Positive meanings:

Honor and prosperity in ancient Indian explanation if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others;

Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, the bigger sexual desires the dreamer has.

Negative meanings:

Nose as the symbol of curiosity – the one who is too curious about others businesses dream of …

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… dreamer sees as the black one, indicates the youth and health the one has;

False friendship if red beard – the one who see his beard being red, will face fake friendships or relationships;

Great circumstances if strong beard – the one who has strong beard is getting the power, control over the things he really likes doing;

Risks if tugging beard – if someone, tries to tug the beard, means that the dreamer is afraid to lose the power and is going to take risks;

Losses if …

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… dog or any of dark hair can indicate that the dreamer will face betrayal from his friends;

Red dog means betrayal – Dreaming of dog with red (rose, pink, wine, violet and any other shade of red) hair color can indicate bad luck with friends: unfortunately the dreamer can’t rely on his friends;

Beautiful dog means wealth – In the dream to have nice, lovely or friendly dog denotes great riches of the dreamer;

Play with dog means fortune – To play with dog in the dream …

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… of the sexual desires and wishes to find the happiness especially in love. If the dreamer saw the red lips in his dream, then such dream indicates his erotic needs and sexual desires. Such dream shows that there are some hidden needs, which you can not fulfill for some reason. Pay attention to the state of the lips, because if they look unhealthy, pinched or have herpes, then such dream shows the pain in love you will suffer. The lips that are thin shows jealousy and envy towards someone. …

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… thoughts of the dreamer and also questions chain he solves now. Thread can appear as a leitmotiv (red thread) of own life which is determined by ideals, hopes, attitudes, plans and aims – only then the interpretation can be explained individually.

Extreme tiredness  In the dream the thread also may come with nervous weakness and fatigue, which lead the irritability, restlessness, impatience (patience) and lack of concentration ( loose thread ). This dream wants to show you that you …

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… and woman.

– White and blue ribbons indicate yearning for true love, green for hope, joy, and red on black indicate impending bereavement.

Red tape is a traditional symbol of loyalty. Maybe you have “flirted” with someone in a dream and now bears the binding requirements.

– Any cut or scruffy bands are seen as a symbol of an impending separation.

– There are many other relationships in which the bands can appear in dreams, they can only be perceived individually. …

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… In general:

Cheek can promise health, happiness and success, if it looks full and red. The pale, wrinkled cheek contrast announces sorrow, worry

and illness. Rouged cheeks are indicated in terms of facade and cosmetics.


Dream researcher in ancient Greece believed that Display red, round cheeks, full checkout, pale and hollow, however financial difficulties. Anyone who makes up cheeks in a dream, in his real life he has something to hide.

Traditionally: …

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Yarn (thread)

… Connection between two persons In a dream yarn (thread) may stand as a symbol of  “red thread” (red string of fate, red thread of destiny, red thread of fate) – the connection between two people (man and woman) who “should last forever”.

Desire to find adviser The expression “sailor’s yarn ” shows that yarn is connected with the narrative. The dreamer needs heroes and heroines, with which he can identify and find a wise advisor. To spin yarn in a dream, means …

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… plan thoroughly.

– If you collect the berries, you will have to struggle to reach a goal.

Red berries can refer to opponents in the vicinity,

– Black indeed show of grief and sorrow, but also promise that you will already done so.

– If the berries are ripe, or dried, is imminent trouble.


If you do so, this indicates the hardships of daily detail work. You eat berries in the dream, suggests you look at perhaps the waking life of every little thing, but the …

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… – The yellow snake in the dream of a woman is the fear of encountering male sexuality and the red is often interpreted as direct symbol of the phallus, because the combination of the color and the form closely related to the penis. The white snake implies the depth of the soul. Dark snakes can alert the dreamer to change his life. Green snakes represent the body energy, which could still be used.

Kissing, touching or any other friendly contact with snakes in the dream, represents the …

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Derby (horse race)

… the Kentucky Derby.

Synonyms of derby

noun: bowler; plural: bowlers; related terms: bowler hat, derby hat, plug hat, chapeau, hat, lid.

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… White paint can show delusions of persecution, sometimes even morbid.

Flash (especially red) paint announces announces a full of happiness and joy occasion or refers to energy, physical strength and good health.

Gray paint may denote a monotone and uneventful life behind which the dreamer hides rich souls and spirit life. Also gray paint may mean that the dreamer doesn’t want to be noticed.

Black paint sometimes announces a disease or other risk.

Psychological …

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– Lustful force relentless energy & omnivores.


– What am I determined to do?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:


omnivores; hair; collide; horns lust; horned gods; earth-religion.


Goats are four-legged, horned mammals that are occurred worldwide. The goats in some parts of the world are also useful for its milk and meat. They can be …

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