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… be cut ;

- It is like a life (the idea of ​​the Loom comes here instead of the familiar from spinning the thread of life, it already occurs from Homer times).Therefore the loom predicts that the life has begun if the fabric was started to weave, a long life.If it is near finishing, short life. If it is ready to be cut off, announcing the death.

- The difference in color, you can see the interpretations about the clothing and equipment for men and women.

- A loom is like a sailor, he …

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… mainly used as surfactants for washing, bathing, and cleaning, but they are also used in textile spinning and are important components of lubricants. Soaps for cleansing are obtained by treating vegetable or animal oils and fats with a strongly alkaline solution. Fats and oils are composed of triglycerides; three molecules of fatty acids are attached to a single molecule of glycerol.

Synonyms of soap

verb: lather; related terms: bar soap, castile soap, cleaner, cleanser, cleansing …

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Crown glass

… globe. This was then transferred from the blowpipe to a punty and then flattened by reheating and spinning out the bowl-shaped piece of glass (bullion) into a flat disk by centrifugal force, up to 5 or 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 metres) in diameter. The glass was then cut to the size required.

Synonyms of crown glass

noun: optical crown, optical crown glass; plural: optical crowns, optical crown glasses; related terms: glass, optical glass.

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In general:

Stretcher is trivial as imminent death in the family interpreted, perhaps one can expect an inheritance of it. In general, the stretcher to announce that a change will occur in life, which has a favorable effect. Plotting the grave itself, you will be asked to help friends, from which it will benefit themselves.


Stressed out ’til you drop “are people who …

Comment by Sandra: … about stretchers spinning around me and I couldn’t …

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Extraterrestrial being


Distances, unfamiliar or unknown, not human.


Which part of me is strange or unconventional?

In general:

The dreamer has to face the unknown and fear arouses.


The dreamer experiences himself or a part of himself off as, as outsiders or strangers. In the dream he has the knowledge that he lives his life differently than others.


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Primeval fear.


What are the basic fears I have?

General Meanings:

Threatening feelings Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening creature because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to …

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Ring (jewellery)


- Obligation, promise, oath.


- With what I want to unite myself?

General Meanings:

A ring in a dream usually stands for a relationship. It is not necessarily a love relationship, which the dreamer has to another human being, and sometimes they are too narrow and impede the self-development. A wedding ring symbolizes a permanent bond and a promise. A ring seal or …

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