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Thorns, spines and prickles

Association: Sting of consciousness. Question: In what way am I willing to make the physical and spiritual aspects of my personality in line? In general: To be stabbed in the dream of a spine means that the dreamer has to deal with minor problems. Also, announce the thorn alone unpleasant life experiences or even a serious mental illness. At times, he warns against the obstinacy of others, against the hard to get there. Symbol of self-reflection… Continue reading

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Break off

Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Get rid of your old habits if break off the structure or house – This dream denotes that you’ll have to break old habits if you want to reach your goals; Fear If you yourself break off something – The dream shows elimination of plans, often a despair of a recovery of something lost; Fear that others contribute with words and acts to the destruction of plans or reputation. Defin… Continue reading

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Traditionally: Arabian – To shatter something in dream: an unfortunate coincidence will bring you harm. European – To break a vessel: it threatens you a mischief. * Shatter – break or damage or destroy (something abstract). * Forms: shatters – 3rd person singular present; shattered – past participle; shattering – present participle; shattered – past tense. * Synonyms: verb: smash, break, crush, destroy, crash, wr… Continue reading

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In general: Toothpicks can promise a financial profit; used it himself, but one must expect to lose. Traditionally: Arabian – To see toothpick in dream: troubles at home. European – Toothpicks in dream: indicates that dreamer can easily get rid of an inconvenience; – To see: promises financial relief; – To use toothpick in dream: you will have to financially bite into the bullet; Also: you will be involved at a injustice, what is done to a fri… Continue reading

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