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Association: Timelessness; variability; be in flux. Question: Where in my life I am engaged in a continual process of change? Psychologically: Either you are “ready for the island” and in urgent need of recovery, or the dreamed beach idyll you want to remind us of the transience: It “sanded” feeling, or a relationship is changing, as the coastal wind reshapes the dunes. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A… Continue reading

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…ing out of my head and then off of my shoulders to the ground. (I was sitting at the time.) Then I turned around, once they were all out of behind my head, and saw them staring at me. I turned around once more (completing the 360) and saw about a dozen white pegasi running towards us. I looked back at these centaurs, and noticed that they were the same size. I knew it meant war, so I stood back hoping that no one would get hurt. Until a black peg… Continue reading

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or a bad dream. Hope you will interpret this one…

I was dreaming that i was on the top of the mountain, and i looked up and saw the sun was very bright just like EL NIÑO Phenomenon. And it was near to set. Its l0ok like 4:30pm. When i saw in the bottom part of the m0untain, i saw girls pasturing their c0ws. I saw that the c0ws were eating dry grass so fast… Tishia My dream included my sister and my 4 children. We were passing by a beauti… Continue reading

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Psychologically: The symbol for a hardened character – “the character armor,” according to the teachings of Wilhelm Reich. In general, concrete stands for hardness, coldness and emotional boundaries. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A building material created by mixing Portland cement, water, and aggregate including gravel and sand. Complete definition Concrete is a composite construction material composed pr… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – If a woman dreams of a hanger imprint on her household linen, then it indicates that the disease in the family. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None dream explanation in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The impression of the foot in a soft substance such as sand or snow. Complete definition Footprints (or footmarks) are the… Continue reading

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…oody plant. It most often has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground on a single main stem or trunk with clear apical dominance. A minimum height specification at maturity is cited by some authors, varying from 3 m to 6 m; some authors set a minimum of 10 cm trunk diameter (30 cm girth). Woody plants that do not meet these definitions by having multiple stems and/or small size are usually called shrubs, although many trees such as… Continue reading

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…aw on my hand, and then she licked my hand, trying to warm me. From then on, she took care of me. somehow, me and this wolf got seperated… I was brought to this camp of some sort where they did many tests on me. I had like, 4 needles a day of some sort of vaccination. I was so scared… Then some lady asked me why i had the wolf paw tattoo on my left ankle. I told her: “Oh, my dad shayne did it for me…I love wolves, and the blue sybolizes how… Continue reading

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move and when i turn around the man is gone and right we i think am safe he pop up and is right in my face then i wake up Bharathy I am bharathi i seen childrens buring in fire & hide in fire many childrens Letichia I am 48 year woman. Divorced. I dreamed I have 2 sets of dresses on. The outside dress caught fire from nowhere and burn off, no smoke and then the last dress under the first also burn out. And I am totally naked with a burning m… Continue reading

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…Please help me with this. Dog and Music Lady I just had a dream that my dog was laying outside in an unfamiliar place eating a platter of food (steak and bread which I would never normally give her). She was no more than 3 feet away when all of a sudden we noticed an alligator swimming just below the surface of some water that was between me and her. We knew the second dog had been outside somewhere and started screaming for both dogs to co… Continue reading

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In general: The mine and all of its working people or machines symbolize the inner workings of the dreaming and the resources thus brought to light the unconscious. The dreamer is in a position to exploit the potential available to him. If the mine intact, it is just such a spiritual life or the desire for it, it is perceived as threatening and dark, you should not strive too much to ponder about the things in life and retire from the environmen… Continue reading

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In general: The dreamed attempt to dig up something unknown takes, the effort of the dreamer to express, reveal a side of himself that he still does not understand (better self-understanding), especially repressed mental contents learns to understand, perhaps leading to mental disorders. However, the dreamer knows what he’s looking, so he is seeking to uncover aspects of his personality that he has repressed. Important in such dreams, the… Continue reading

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In general: Painting can signal that one has something to hide or gloss over. However, it depends on the color, after which it differs, for example, the following meanings: – white paint can display delusions of persecution, sometimes morbid. – flash (especially red) announces a paint joyous occasion or otherwise refer to energy and drive. – grey paint are for a monotonous, uneventful life, perhaps, behind which lies a rich intellectual life of… Continue reading

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…remember the chair was sort of tie dye.

I read through all of the interpretations and just wondering if anybody has a more precise interpretation. Id be very curious to hear it. Thank you. Gloria . jesse I’ve had a dream 2 months ago about feces coming out of my mouth. I was on a trip/training or something. I was going to take a shower and crap(solid) was coming out of my mouth. I used my finger to get it out it was so thick and full. Sp… Continue reading

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…lic fluid to raise a cylindrical piston like a jack. Synonyms verb: raise, elevate, heave; noun: elevator, elevation, hoist; plural: elevators, lifts, hoists; lift as verb: lifting – present participle; lifts – 3rd person singular present; lifted – past participle; lifted – past tense…. Continue reading

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Psychologically: – In general: elevator or lift symbolizes that the dreamer is dealing with information. – If an elevator is descending at points such as point out that the dreamer climbing down into the unconscious. – If an elevator traveling upward: the dreamer going up to spirituality; Also: Some people believe that you are leaving your body during sleep; – If you stuck in the lift: dreamer is not in his spiritual development progress. Tradit… Continue reading

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…oman bad. moshood I dreamt last week dat am hearing a voice of new born black goat thru my window side & I look outside & I saw the little goat but maybe with the mother, I can’t remember but this morning again around 4am I dreamt of feeding a black female goat. But before I slept last nite I did a special prayer to asked GOD about the new girl I just met that am trying to ask her for marriage,that GOD shloud show me a sign if I should ma… Continue reading

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…g and they where all white or clear. As I continued to cut through my skin I eventually started ripping pieces of skin of my body and literally pull the worms out and toss em I freaked out so much I woke up out of my sleep at 4:30 am. And never went back to sleep. This dream bothered me all day! Ximena Dreamed that I was in bed then I had to long worm like or parasites in my hand they felt like pencils in my hand. I put them in a bag in the batht… Continue reading

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WC (lavatory)

…put less emphasis on the gossips of others; Success if plunge – Awesome, you are going to be incredibly lucky. * Please, see meaning of human excrement, toilet. Definition of WC (lavatory): Short definition Before the 20th century, toilet universally referred to personal grooming, bathing and washing combing or arranging one’s hair, shaving, etc., a sense preserved today in toiletry ‘personal grooming item’. Nowadays, it… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Somebody makes you compliments about your skills and may soon lead to a promotion. This will improve your life conditions. Definition of Trigger: Short definition A small device that releases a spring or catch and so sets off a mechanism, esp. in order to fire a gun. Complete definition A trigger is a mechanism that actuates the firing sequence of a firearm. Triggers almost universally consist of levers or buttons actuated by… Continue reading

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…ed from my hand and rolled far down the road, I shouted at a man to catch it for me and he threw it back to me, but i was un unable to catch it and it fell to the ground. I had to throw it away.

i went to put the remaining 4 in my own car and when i opened the car my seem was filled with garbage…very strange as my am very particular about keeping my car clean,

what do you think this dream means… Continue reading

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Psychologically: With the work we put most of our day, and the work to us – often from the feeling – important. If we feel comfortable there, he is sometimes a symbol of acknowledgment, stability and reward, and if he does not annoy us is pleasant or colleagues to us, he can also become a symbol of degradation and dismay. If you work in an office or a factory, work appears likely at some point in the dreams. Then the dream is indeed… Continue reading

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