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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels ( general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians}  and traditional : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use …

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Contexts about dog

Dog urine or urinating dog

Dreaming about dog that is peeing or to see urine of dog in dream have few meanings. If dream is induced by internal stimuli, then it means that you need to use toilet, because of your bladder is full. It works as signal to avoid bed wetting. External stimuli also can make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound …

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… Short explanation

Wolf is a wild carnivorous mammal. It is the biggest member of the dog family. Wolves are living and hunting in packs.

Complete definition

The gray wolf or grey wolf (Canis lupus), often known simply as the wolf, is the largest extant wild member of the Canidae family. Though once abundant over much of Eurasia, North Africa and North America, the gray wolf inhabits a reduced portion of its former range due to widespread destruction of its territory, human …

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Dog urine

Dog urine or urinating dog

Dreaming about dog that is peeing or to see urine of dog in dream have few meanings. If dream is induced by internal stimuli, then it means that you need to use toilet, because of your bladder is full. It works as signal to avoid bed wetting.

External stimuli also can make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound …

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Mad Dog

… Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Mad – mentally ill or insane + Dog – wild animal of the dog family.


verb: pursue, chase, tail; noun: pooch, canine, hound; plural: dogs, canines, hounds, pooches.

Synonyms for Mad

adjective: crazy, insane, lunatic, demented, wild, rabid, furious, frantic.

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Washing machine

… watched on television.It may signal the desire for lifestyle improvement – perhaps, buying a new washing machine.


The washing machine is a known and common cleaning symbol. Compulsive washing, taboos as yearning or defense against the real cleanup of a matter.


European (Judeo-Christian)

– Wash clothes : a little salutary relationship is replaced by a soothing.

Hindu (Hinduism)

– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian …

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Dog feces

Dog’s excrement, poop, feces

The dream about pooping dog can be interpreted in few different ways.

First, most often feces in dream is induced by internal stimuli. This works as an alert to the dreamer, that it is a time to wake up and to use toilet. Bowel movements is internal stimuli and because of it we have dreams about feces.

Second meaning can show your worry about your dog. If you …

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Wash up

General Meanings:

Who is busy in the dream with the washing-up the dishes, does not need to be anxious about the solution of small problems – soon your future is going to change in quite positive way.

Psychological Meanings:

Free yourself of bad feelings You want to get rid of any blemish and fault. Washing dishes in the sink points to the fact that you do not handle with the current situation so surely (wet dishes is know as slick and …

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… European (Judeo-Christian)

Too slow if take a walk – In the dream you take a walk with a dog, means that you are too slow in making decisions.

Hindu (Hinduism)

You are not so clever as you think if see – You think you are smart because you consider longer before you decide, however, it is just the contrary, and others come previously to you.

Arabian (Islamic)

Opportunity if see someone else with a dog – In the dream you see somebody walks this dog, means …

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* See interpretation of dreams about natives

* The Zulu (Zulu: amaZulu) are the largest South African ethnic group, with an estimated 10–11 million people living mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal & a Bantu (Nguni) language of considerable literary importance in southeastern Africa.

* indigene, aboriginal, aborigine, native, indigenous, natural, innate, inborn, …

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… you see a bulldog this means that you will be safe and protected.

* Please, see meaning of dog.

Definition of Bulldog:

Short definition

A breed of dog developed in England by the crossing of the bullbaiting dog and the Pug to produce a ladies companion dog. Having a very smooth coat, a flattened face, wrinkly cheeks, powerful front legs and smaller hind legs.

Complete definition

Bulldog is the name for a breed of dog commonly referred to as the English …

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Primeval fear.


What are the basic fears I have?

General Meanings:

Threatening feelings Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening creature because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to …

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In general:

Great dane (dog) can display awesome power that we must curb better, or stand for a particularly good, close friends.

– If you are attacked by the animal or bitten, you probably experienced a disappointment by a good friend who drops you in the back, which we thought was very loyal and honest.


European (Judeo-Christian)

– see mastiff in a dream: you have good friends who love and …

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… as the heat of the water, because happiness is like cold water, when hot water is misfortune.

- Washing with warm water – If someone washes with warm water, his distress will be lower.

- Drinking wine mixed with hot water – If in the dream someone is prophesied to drink wine mixed with hot water means heavy burden.

- Wading in warm water – If someone is walking in or through warm water, he will have plague with his servants.

- Washing with warm water – If someone is …

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In general:

Puppy (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.



– Dreaming of puppy: you will help to innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;

– Also puppies in dream can be symbol: for an invitation to a fun party;

– …

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… wants out of life, makes the prioritizes, is very opinionated and sometimes even too arrogant.

Dog – is known as the best friend of people. Such dream shows the trust, loyalty, protection and many more positive features. Consider, that it is not always good to be good, because sometimes to achieve things we’ve got to be a bit more stricter. The dream about dog might also indicate someone in your life, that has these features, which means that you should be happy having someone so …

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… – To see running greyhound: you will make your fortune.

* Please, see also meaning of dog.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Greyhound is a dog of a tall & slender breed having keen sight and capable of high speed.

Complete definition

The Greyhound is a breed of sighthound that has been primarily bred for coursing game and racing, but with recent resurgence of popularity as a pedigree show dog and family pet. It is a gentle and intelligent …

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… change soon enough, you will find the balance between work and rest;

If the dreamer sees someone washing up or bathing in the sea, then this dream promises a good omen. The particular person that was seen bathing or washing himself/herself up, will need your help. You should support this person, when your help will be needed, as it will bring you much joy and happiness;

To dream seeing yourself washing up or bathing in the sea, signifies your great mental and physical condition. However, …

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– Fertility, happiness, uncertainty.


– Where in my life I am prepared to be productive?

Medicine Wheel:


Fertile, cunning, small, innocent, conservative, fun, growth.


The rabbit, which is associated with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a …

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… cat – such dream signifies that the person that’s been stealing will be caught;

Illness if dog is fighting the cat – to dream of seeing a dog who is fighting with a cat, symbolizes sickness the dreamer will suffer;

Will be sick for a long time if cat bitted you – such dream warns that you should be aware of the diseases, otherwise you will be stuck in bed;

Fraud if hear the cat in a dream – if the dreamer thinks that he hears a cat meowing, such a dream warns about the fraud …

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… victorious.

Afraid of Animals

Friends or Relatives If Dogs – To be afraid of dog, shows the dreamer’s fear of the wrongdoing from or for his friend. But if the dog in the dream is afraid of you, then such dream indicates that you need to help to your friend.

Enemies or Problems  If Cats –  To be afraid of cat, shows dangerous enemies. If cat is afraid because of you, then it a sign that you will overcome your enemies or problems in waking life.

Worries about …

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