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Adam (the first man)

… Abrahamic religions, he is the first human. In the Genesis creation narratives, he was created by Yahweh-Elohim (“Yahweh-God”, the god of Israel), though the term “adam” can refer to both the first individual person, as well as to the general creation of humankind. Christian churches differ on how they view Adam’s subsequent behavior (often called the Fall of man), and to the consequences that those actions had on the rest of humanity. Christian and Jewish teachings sometimes hold …

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… not express ourselves properly. Certain words have an esoteric meaning, such as the Hebrew YHWH (Yahweh). Such words are more normal in dreams than in normal everyday life. The sleeping human is more open for such information.



– In general: words in dream warns us, depending on the words to be remembered, we must evaluate these words in general terms;

– To read or to see: meaning of a warning, it is this very much on the meaning of words, in order to …

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