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In general: Of Freud, he might have been interpreted sexually, because one must have put in something to make it something will come out. Probably but he warns against more spending unnecessary money and to exercise restraint in the day’s events. But it can also announce that we will achieve a very simple purpose. Psychologically: Slot machines are a symbol for “relaxation of tension in” – you also need stress in your spa… Continue reading

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Wild boar

…I managed to stop it by forcing the window shut. I was terrified that it had gotten its head in but relieved when I shut and locked the window. Chrissie I was standing on a platform with a woman (named Rebecca or Roberta) and 2 children. I saw the boars come out from underneath the platform, I looked at the woman and asked her if the boars could climb up the wall, or walk up the steps, just then one of the boars walked up the stairs, I felt thre… Continue reading

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In general: Strong, often crude nature embodied in the host, especially in the landlady, who is often such a great earthy mother of all. They are both the donor of the natural food, and we sit at the table inside of a simple and powerful life. The host and the hostess stand as a metaphor for healthy and nourishing powers, and yet it is also to serve as figures of the unconscious is often something sinister, demonic. The Tales tell of forest inn,… Continue reading

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Association: – A portion of the whole building of self. Question: – Which parts of myself I have ownership? Or which components of myself I was taken possession? In general: If dreamer receiving a beautiful new home (flat or apartament) can expect a positive change in his living conditions. But when apartment is a pitiful shack, so in waking life he may receive a illness or interpersonal relations may reach zero point. Psychologically: Symbol of… Continue reading

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In general: A dream of a cradle may offer a new life or a new beginning. In a clairvoyant’s dream the birthplace can stand for a possible pregnancy. In the dream of a man it can also symbolize a desire in the womb or in a protected state return. Cradle often contains a warning against too much confidence, it is lulled into security rocked, although caution and suspicion are attached. Psychologically: An empty cradle (depending on the other… Continue reading

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Association: – Monstrous instincts. Question: – What part of me is overcivilized? At what point in my life, my instincts can be suppressed? Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Werewolf is a person who changes into a wolf, typically when there is a full moon. Complete definition A werewolf, also known as a lycanthrope (from the Greek λυκάνθρωπος: λύκος, lukos, “wolf”, and άνθρωπος, anthrōpos, man), is a mythological or… Continue reading

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Precipice (Cliff)

Association: Large depth, draft, infinity, all-embracing width. Question: What lies deeply inside me? What limits do I need? General Meanings: Emptiness and Risky ventures To dream of an precipice, points to the fact that the dreamer recognizes in himself so-called ” barrel without bottom ” or the empty spaces. This is an aspect of the unknown part, which every person must face at some point in life. Behind the picture hides risky un… Continue reading

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Defend (Fight)

In general: Dreaming that you are defending yourself against anything tells that you are man of action. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – To defend by fighting in dream: you will make it, don’t give up your courage; Hindu – None in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – None in Islam. * Please, see also meaning of fight in dream. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Defend – resist an attack made on something or made… Continue reading

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X (letter)

…before success. * Please, see also meaning of cross, ten (10), religion, numbers. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The twenty-fourth letter of the alphabet. Complete definition X is the twenty-fourth – 24 – letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet. Apart from being a part of the Latin alphabet, “X” the letter is a Roman numeral representing 10. In mathematics it is commonly used as the name for an indepe… Continue reading

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Quoits (Ring toss)

Traditionally: European – To throw a ring in dream: predicts low obligations and the loss of a good job; – To lose ring: indicates distressing circumstances; – If woman is dreaming rings of this game: she has to undergo unpleasant tasks. – For a man quoits or rings of this game: it is a sign of conflict. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A ring toss is a game where rings are tossed around a peg. This type of games is very often… Continue reading

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Words of Encouragement

Artemidoros: A comforting encouragement harms people who live in happy relationships, while those relevant is, in a terminal, the first, he brings meaning that they require in their lack of courage in the face of oncoming about it plagues a comforting popular, the latter he is good one hopes, and this output is consistent and with good reason. For no one says to a seer: “You will see again, “but of course, to one who has cataracts,… Continue reading

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Yarn (thread)

General: To dream yarn, suggest that you must be more often more patient. Psychologically: Yarn (thread) is in a dream as a symbol of the “red thread” (The red string of fate, also referred to as the red thread of destiny, red thread of fate, and other variants) – the legendary connection between two people (man and woman) who “should last forever”, even if they still is so delicate. It will consist of each slide i… Continue reading

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d I were standing on the platform. My late husband lightfootedly jumped on the carriage, leaving me behind. We didn’t have luggage with us and I do not know where we were destined to go. I just wasn’t quick enough to get onto 2 passing carriages. I wasn’t really worried. I knew the next train will depart in 20 minutes and hoped he will wait for me at the destination. I remember feeling a little annoyed with him not even taking my hand or making s… Continue reading

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In General: To see reins in the dream, is a reference to the need to check on the dreamer supplies of power and energy, because they involve a kind of forced things. Psychologically: Is to be curbed, a disability that is either the dreamer or even subjected it to pay the other man. If reins break, this means that the dreamer himself freed from the constraints to which he was subjected in the period of adolescence. Let’s take an animal on… Continue reading

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Y (letter)

In general: Y as a spoken, written or formed letter usually points to something unknown, which is to be further explored. More rarely it shows sexual needs. The Y symbolizes the man who takes up with outstretched arms to spirituality or God. Psychologically: Ypsilon, the second last letter of the alphabet is the symbol of the union of male and female in our soul (the Yin and Yang in Chinese mythology), which makes a burden lighter. A ypsilon sha… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – To see chambermaid: bad luck and announced major changes in life; – To see a man sleeping with a maid or to dream yourself sleeping with chambermaid: you (he) will find yourself (himself) as a mockery object probably because of indiscreet behavior. * Chambermaids – maids employed to clean and care for bedrooms. Also this dream may refer to housemaid, maidservant, housemaids, maidservants…. Continue reading

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General Meanings: The dream that you abhor things or people is an omen that depends on the circumstances. Worries in near future In the dream you enjoy the feeling of dislike, this creates serious difficulties on your way in near future. Overcoming difficulties However, if you do not particularly like just one item or thing and you certainly get rid of this feeling, then you will overcome all your worries and concerns. Traditional Meanings: Eu… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Worries In the dream you are drinking spirits and cocktails, this is a warning of difficulties and upcoming troubles in your life. The more you drink, the more serious the disaster will be. * Please, see meaning of other drinks, coctail. Definition of Absinthe: Short definition The shrub wormwood. Complete definition Historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (45–74% ABV / 90-148 proof) beverage. It is an anise-fl… Continue reading

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Intimate relationship

In general: If you are in a dream in amorous disposition, that’s a sign that you tend to be the victim of a scandal. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A lover, especially one in an adulterous relationship. Complete definition An intimate relationship is a particularly close interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy. Physical intimacy is characterized by romantic or passionate love and attachme… Continue reading

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Psychologically: The Amazon represents the dream of the tense relationship between man and woman. Often this relationship is then characterized by craving for sexual aggression or by the fear of just this. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A member of a legendary race of female warriors believed by the ancient Greeks to exist in Scythia (near the Black Sea in modern Russia) or elsewhere on the edge of the known world. Complete de… Continue reading

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Minister (Christianity)

Psychologically: Also a message from a minister of the Church is an authority figure and significant in most cases. There are very few exceptions (a rationalist, who despised the clergy will hardly dream of church authorities), their messages are weighty and serious and must be respected. Whether it is the Pope himself is, or at least by a bishop or even just a simple priest, is of less importance than it may appear to the rank differences could… Continue reading

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