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Garden Heliotrope flower (Heliotropium arborescens)

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – In the dream you see this flower: this announces you good friendship and joy of love. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The plant with highly fragrant of the borage family, cultivated for its fragrant purple or blue flowers, which are used in… Continue reading

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…ith her friend who looks like green half human snake.after some time that enter into my home,my cousin slapped the door and the white snake lost its tail… What it means? murali i have see a dreams in a midnight 23.03.2014 00:45hrs a snake bite me and blood is coming through my body tomuch. Jasmine Your dream may be referring to a Chinese legend known as ‘The Legend of the White Snake’ or ‘Lady White Snake’… Lady White’s friend is a turquoi… Continue reading

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Baby / Babies

Association: Child-like self; Rebirth or revival; Trust and reliance. Question: What new is born inside me? Or was it just a rebirth? What is it that I trust? Am I confident enough? In general: – Safety and protection: In all cases (girl or boy) dreaming of baby is the symbol of the unconscious longing for security. There is nothing new – as we always are pursuing any kind of guarantees, so this part of our waking life comes in dreams with… Continue reading

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Association: Thieving behavior; nun. In general: Magpie is a symbol of wisdom and cunning, so it can warn that you will be exploited and deceived. Also finds out sometimes exaggerated pursuit of material possessions expressed. A dream about black and white bird is often a dream witch would commonly assume. Psychologically: When magpies fly through the dream landscape, it means confusion. One would have to go after her to find the emotional reaso… Continue reading

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Association: Potential; birth, hope, wholeness. Question: What would I like unfold? Generally: Rebirth and New phase – The egg is a symbol of not realized potential or opportunities, which the future will bring. A dream of an egg, then this is a clue to the dreamer that his natural abilities haven’t become fully aware. It is a symbol of rebirth. Spiritual oppressive will yield a new attitude to life. As the child in a dream , it anno… Continue reading

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Association: Beginning; understanding. Question: What starts? In general: Dawn describes an ambiguous situation in which we find ourselves. – The Dusk does not lead us out of this problem, – Hope the dawn on the other hand suggests that we will solve our problems eventually. Psychologically: The fusion of light and darkness is a symbol of romance and the (mental) “hovering between two worlds.” – Dawn on the morning shows in the dream… Continue reading

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…nerals are used in jewelry because of their luster or other physical properties that have aesthetic value. Rarity is another characteristic that lends value to a gemstone. Apart from jewelry, from earliest antiquity until the 19th century engraved gems and hardstone carvings such as cups were major luxury art forms; the carvings of Carl Fabergé were the last significant works in this tradition. Synonyms of gemstones noun: gem, jewel, precious st… Continue reading

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…or horns on their distinctively shaped heads, and the ability of some to change color. Colors include pink, blue, red, orange, turquoise, yellow, and green. Uniquely adapted for climbing and visual hunting, the approximately 160 species of chameleon range from Africa, Madagascar, Spain and Portugal, across south Asia, to Sri Lanka, have been introduced to Hawaii, California, and Florida, and are found in warm habitats that vary from rain forest… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – A conspiracy or a secret society: inheritance and wealth, but they are not in stock. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. Complete definition Leadership has been described as the “process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task”. Other… Continue reading

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Departure (take off)

Psychological Meanings: Risky thing because of joy Somebody who has no fear of the fly, without hesitation and spontaneously engages in an intense feeling or a risky intention and proposition. Who are thinking ” Everything or nothing ” -mastered challenges brilliantly and wants to withdraw joy. The starting position, a window seat on the plane, take off, everything becomes smaller and smaller – then through the clouds into the… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Desire to be a member A badge or sticker in a dream may be an indication of group membership or the desire to be the member of a group. Others can do it for a pride, but also this can stand for “stigmatized”. Psychological Meanings: The dreamer has been chosen because of certain knowledge – perhaps because it has the expected characteristics or required properties. A badge can be seen as a talisman. Spiritual… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Strive for wrong aims If you deal with the nobility, then you seek the wrong aims and objectives, because you prefer exhibition and the pleasure of the intellectual education or formation. Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Respect if see – This dream announces that you will come to honor and your reputation will rise; Warning if be knighted – The dream warns you, that you have to beware of pride, dec… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – Dreaming of venison: there is recorded a good financial status. Arabian – To eat venison in dream: points to well-being. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Venisons is meat from a deer. Complete definition Venison is the culinary name for meat from the family Cervidae (deer), Leporidae (hares), and Suidae (wild pigs), and certain species of the genus Capra (goats and ibex), such as elk, red deer, fallo… Continue reading

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Wild duck

Traditionally: European – Dreaming of wild duck (mallard): you will experience a disappointment. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Wild duck is an undomesticated duck (a mallard). Complete definition The Mallard, or wild duck (Anas platyrhynchos), is a dabbling duck which breeds throughout the temperate and subtropical Americas, Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and has been introduced to New Zealand and Australia. The male birds… Continue reading

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Association: Hard shell, soft core, erotic effect. Question: What do I starve for? General Meanings: Connection with sexuality It is claimed that oysters can have an effect as an aphrodisiac. Therefore, in dreams they possibly symbolize the sexual act or everything what relate with sexuality, or point to sexual needs and problems with which you should handle. Armor of security However, partly they also represent as a cover from outside, a grumpy… Continue reading

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* Please, see meaning of animals. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Vertebrate is an animal of a large group distinguished by the possession of a backbone or spinal column, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. Complete definition Vertebrates are members of the subphylum Vertebrata, chordates with backbones and spinal columns. About 58,000 species of vertebrates have been currently described. Vertebrata is t… Continue reading

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Traditional Meanings: European (Judeo-Christian) Luxury if see – This is a sign that you will visit and be in luxurious surroundings. This will encourage you to reach better life. * Please, see meaning of flowers. Definition of Aquilegia: Short definition A plant of the buttercup family, bearing showy flowers with backward-pointing spurs. Native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, it is widely grown in gardens. Complete def… Continue reading

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In general: Weather as part of the dream environment usually shows the mood and emotional state of the dreamer. Weather is the emotional “weather”, thus for the prevailing mood. Here the following weather conditions is often recognized as: – Sunshine stands for optimism, arising from energy and confidence. – Clouds symbolize pessimism, anxiety, depression and sometimes desperation (especially when dark clouds). – Tearing clouds annou… Continue reading

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…(syn. Diplopappus Cass.) is a genus of flowering plants in the family Asteraceae. The genus once contained nearly 600 species in Eurasia and North America, but after morphologic and molecular research on the genus during the 1990s, it was decided that the North American species are better treated in a series of other related genera. After this split there are roughly 180 species within the genus, all but one being confined to Eurasia. The name A… Continue reading

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In general: Blue skies and sunshine are one of the most auspicious of all dreams, for he prophesied prosperity in money matters, happiness in the home and the society of true friends. Clouds, rain and thunderstorms are all signs of trouble and misfortune, depending on the severity of the storm. Less serious is the Storm. * Please, see meaning of sky, sun, storm, clouds. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The envelope of gases surr… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – Fund, inheritance, gift. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A fortified Moorish palace, the last stronghold of the Muslim kings of Granada, built between 1248 and 1354 near Granada in Spain. Complete definition The Alhambra, the complete form of which was Calat Alhambra (Arabic: الْقَلْعَةُ ٱلْحَمْرَاءُ‎, trans. al-Qal‘at al-Ḥamrā’, “the red fortress”), is a palace and fort… Continue reading

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