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Sheet metal

In general:

Sheet metal is interpreted as a symbol of self-steady and strengthened, but it is not rigid or inflexible personality which you can not develop.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see iron plate in a dream: strict character,  unfortunately you will not hear exhortations from the others;

- You go on it: unpleasant contacts.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation …

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Sheet metal

In general:

Sheet may indicate that fooling around with worthless, hopeless or unimportant things, an order sheet warns of possibly before a ceremony, which will prove to be a disadvantage. In addition, sheet exhort in individual cases to make empty promises that can not keep still. Those who worked in a dream sheet wasted, possibly his precious time in the wrong object, also translated: you talk a lot – …

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In general:

- sheet (paper) represents the living space we fill with our personality.

- If it is blank it is for the new opportunities that will open soon

- The written page indicates that it has been written the way forward for the moment.

- If you take a written sheet of paper against someone, it may indicate a role model but which one should not blindly follow.

- The leaf of a book is understood as a …

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Sheet lightning

In general:

Dreaming of sheet lightning means that changes are waiting in your life.



- In general sheet lightning in dreams: warns against fraud;

- To see: harbinger of great and important events.


- To see sheet lightning: you want to lie, but friend will deceive you.


- Dreaming of sheet lightning (to see it in dream): this indicates an effortless and eventful …

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Bed linen

… explore in this respect themselves.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to wash bed linen: one should quickly put his affairs in order;

- sleeping in dazzling white, or richly decorated: improving the material situation;

- sleep in dirty: you suffer from feelings of inferiority.


- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

* Please, see meaning of bed, bedding.

Explanation & …

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Deed (all kinds of documents)

… quote, RFP, Proposal, Contract, Packing slip, Manifest, Report detailed & summary, Spread sheet, MSDS, Waybill, Bill of Lading (BOL), Financial statement, Nondisclosure agreement, thesis, paper, journal, conveyances, commissions, patents.

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Magnifying glass

… related terms: burning-glass, reading stone, glasses, macro lens, screen magnifier, fresnel lens, sheet magnifier.

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… .

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A board made of ridged wood or a sheet of corrugated zinc, used when washing clothes as a surface against which to scrub them.

Complete definition

A washboard is a tool designed for hand washing clothing. With mechanized cleaning of clothing becoming more common by the end of the 20th century, the washboard has become better known for its originally subsidiary use as a musical instrument.

Synonyms of washboard. …

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… of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- made of wood and empty: financial loss;

- sheet metal or empty: financial damage, but disappears quickly;

- liquid-filled: hardship and poverty, but of short duration;

- filled with dirty water: indicates a possible disease;

- filled with clear water: satisfaction.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A container made of rigid material, often with a handle, used to carry liquids or small items.

Complete …

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… dough is layered with butter, rolled and folded several times in succession, then rolled into a sheet, in a technique called laminating. The process results in a layered, flaky texture, similar to a puff pastry.

Synonyms of croissant

noun: crescent roll; plural: crescent rolls; related terms: bun, roll.

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… paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page. A book produced in electronic format is known as an electronic book (e-book).

Synonyms of book

adjective: bookish; verb: reserve, record, engage; noun: volume, libretto; plural: volumes, librettos; related terms: signature, running head, running headline, authority, curiosa, formulary, pharmacopeia, trade book, …

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… cross, or a kite. These shapes allow for the creation of the envelope structure by folding the sheet sides around a central rectangular area. In this manner, a rectangle-faced enclosure is formed with an arrangement of four flaps on the reverse side.

Synonyms of envelope

noun: cover, wrapper, jacket, casing; plural: covers, wrappers, jackets, casings; related terms: container, window envelope.

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… to the feminine principle and the feminine beauty.


On a spiritual level, the sheet of superiority, union of male and female, or standing for the ritual celebration.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- Triumph Arch would promises you climb too high and constant efforts by wealth;

- go through: many who previously ignored your position, you are now asking for advice;

- if a young woman collapsed arch: she will be unhappy in your new situation;

- arrows: …

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… fact that you want to make clear to others or waiting, that they communicate. Together with the sheet of paper (see this word), which is still blank, it follows that the message can be used to develop new ways of life. Pencil can also be pointed that observations are available. In connection with a cartoon mocking it stands for, which one is exposed. It is also the warning to remember something.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to see or write pencil in a dream: announces …

Comment by maria: … we are in bed and my other daughter said …

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… Foliage is a mass noun that refers to leaves as a feature of plants.

Synonyms of leaf

noun: sheet, blade, page; plural: sheets, blades, pages; related terms: foliage, leafage, venation, cataphyll, floral leaf, dandelion green, pitcher, plant organ, sporophyl, sporophyll, parenchyma, blade, leaf blade, amplexicaul leaf, greenery, verdure, leaflet, frond.

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… and later the Americas, Australia and North Africa. Many ballads were written and sold as single sheet broadsides. The form was often used by poets and composers from the 18th century onwards to produce lyrical ballads. In the later 19th century it took on the meaning of a slow form of popular love song and the term is now often used as synonymous with any love song, particularly the pop or rock power ballad.

Synonyms of ballad

noun: ballade; plural: ballades; related terms: lay, …

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Pall (funeral)

… shrouds; related terms: apprehension, apprehensiveness, dread, cerement, winding-clothes, winding-sheet, burial garment.

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… that falls through the firebars. This may be made of brickwork for a stationary boiler, or steel sheet for a locomotive. Ashpans are often the location of the damper. They may also be shaped into hoppers, for easy cleaning during disposal.

Synonyms of ashpan

noun: glossary of boiler term; plural: glossary of boiler terms; related terms: blastpipe, blow-down cock, blower, boiler, boilermaker, boiler suit, boiler ticket.

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… An anchor is a device, normally made of metal, that is used to connect a vessel to the bed of a body of water to prevent the vessel from drifting due to wind or current. The word derives from Latin ancora, which itself comes from the Greek ἄγκυρα (ankura ).

Anchors can either be temporary or permanent. A permanent anchor is used in the creation of a mooring, and is rarely moved; a specialist service is normally needed to move or maintain it. Vessels carry one or more …

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Docks sheet be used to relieve skin irritation caused by stinging nettles, so could be a dream, in which they happen to say something about how to deal with a pain in waking life.

* Please, see meaning of foodstuff.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any of certain coarse weedy plants with long taproots, sometimes used as table greens or in folk medicine.

Complete …

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File (record)

… holds loose papers together for organization and protection. File folders usually consist of a sheet of heavy paper stock or other thin, but stiff, material which is folded in half, and are used to keep paper documents. They are often used in conjunction with a filing cabinet for storage. File folders can easily be purchased at office supply stores.

File folders are usually labeled based on what is inside them. Folders can be labeled directly on the tab with a pen or pencil. Others write …

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