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… dream: you will overcome your enemies.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of wolf in dreams by Denise Lynn

Wolf symbolizes society and public duty; Also, it shows concern about the family or suggests care for the family.

Wolf can indicate the need for more care and support.

Wolf also shows fear, especially – the fear of being squeezed into a corner.

Wolf in sexual aspect stands for inappropriate coquettish behavior.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation …

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… Water is the source of life and the key element of everything on the earth. Water is the same in dreams as it is on earth. Water in dreams has more meanings than any other symbol has. Water can be as good as it can be bad. And the same is in the symbolism of dreams.

Water as good omen can stand for extremely fortunate life blessed by God. Water in dreams represents riches. Water can symbolize money and prosperity, increase in income or expansion of business, decrease in prices or gains of …

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… like human-beings have an ability to warn others about the danger that is lurking for them.

In dreams animals represents those aspects of the dreamer’s personality that are related to instincts. It is very important to notice what kind of the animal the dreamer was dreaming of. There are many different meanings and explanations related to animals in general and the most common ones are these:

Baby animals – usually the dreams that are related to baby animals, shows the reflection of …

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Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn

The dream of the sea as the life of the sea represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning of the sea in the dream depends on the water conditions:

Quiet, calm sea demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance;

Turbulent, restless sea requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters …

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… how short life actually is, and it can be over any time, any second. Usually the death in dreams symbolizes the big changes and/or the end of something in dreamer’s life. However, the changes and the end might be a good thing, where you can start everything from the beginning.

The death of someone

It depends on who died in a dream, as for example if someone that is closed to you died in the dream, then such dream shows the fear of losing of that particular person. It also could …

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… many aspects of everyday life, relationships, views, thoughts lifestyle and many others. But such dreams also signifies loses, fears, behaviour in everyday situations and many others. The dream is the reflection of the state the dreamer is at the moment of his life, therefore it is very important to parallel the state of your mind towards changes in your life with the dreams you are having.

The airplane could also symbolize the desires the one has, as how to reach the targets he set himself …

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… us to avoid unpleasant events or situation. In real life we repress fear, so they appear in our dreams. Also the motivation of repressed fear may be that we do not want to feel pain.

Helps to find out and solve your fear We have to look deeper to our fear in our dreams, this may help us to find the answer or situation in our real life. Most frightening dreams occur only when the fear was shortly experienced consciously or unconsciously. The fear is your ally, from this you may find out …

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… The dream want to create with this information an awareness of your repeats. If repetition of dreams in short intervals occur, then dreams have always the same meaning and always refers to the same thing. But if between same dreams is larger interval of time, so it will almost always mean something else. Human does not live forever in the same conditions and so are the dreams also refer repeatedly to the new circumstances.

For example: if a perfume retailer dreamed that he had no more …

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Ring (jewellery)

… Women are more into joyful connection than men. This also proves the fact that women more often dreams rings, while men dreams rings very rare. Dreams usually say something about the joy of bonding (ring-infected, admiring a ring on their finger) to forget about fear of commitment or inability to bind (can not pull a ring off his finger) out.

Spiritual Meanings:

Dreaming of ring on the spiritual plane is just like the circle, eternity and divinity. The ring is a sign of the covenant, a …

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… in dream: good health and old age.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of rabbit in dreams by Denise Lynn

Rabbit symbolizes prosperity;

Could also mean anxiety or fear;

Sometimes the rabbit represents the fertility of particular person or could even symbolize babies and/or young children;

The rabbit is known as soft and gentle animal and in the dream could show sensitive and gentle side of the person.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of rabbit …

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Dreams’ contexts and their meanings – afraid of heights, falling, animals, events.

Quick and Clear Meanings:

Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about afraid in dreams

Being Afraid  means Temporary Misfortune   – When the dreamer is being afraid, filled with fear for something in his dream, it foretells about …

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… in many various ways. Because the child has been traumatized in his childhood, he has more dreams that are related to sexuality than any other ordinary man. These feelings are suppressed, but in dreams they occur more and often.

Psychological Meanings:

One of the instincts human beings have is the sexuality. On the psychological level, the sexuality is dreamed of usually when it is suppressed in reality. There are many different reasons, why the sexuality is suppressed, as for …

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… the condition of the hair: the healthier the hair is – the bigger vitality.

Hair meaning in dreams by color :

Deceit  if dyeing – Hair coloring or dyeing in the dream warns of deception and false expectations;

Fame temper if red color – In the dream to see hair color in red, rose, pink or any of red shades, it symbolizes popularity and high temperament;

Wellness if black color – In the dream to see dark tones of hair color, like black or dark brown hair, …

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… horse or the mare also represents femininity, gentleness and harmony. Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances:

Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the horse is running, the dream represents inner independence and easiness;

Prosperity if the horse in a barn – the dream promises rich life ahead of you;

Opportunities in career if the horse is wearing a saddle. The dream foretells …

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… is hoping for a better overview, more control and more clarity. Important for interpretation of dreams is what the dreamer finds on the mountain or what happens there. If the path up to the mountain is very laborious and difficult, then in general it can relate to the hard situation in life of the dreamer.


On spiritual level dreaming of mountains represents the center of human existence. Also mountain in dream symbolizes meeting place of heaven and earth and human …

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… of feelings and mixed emotions.

Denise Lynn (short):

Short interpretation of the ocean in dreams by Denise Lynn

The dream of the ocean represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning depends on the water conditions:

Quiet, calm ocean demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance;

Turbulent, restless ocean requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters through the emotional storm;

Denise Lynn …

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If your dreams are about transformation, then you must pay attention to three main sections. First on the quantity, secondly on the quality, and thirdly, on the outer appearance.

The quantity: It is favorable to dream that something grows from small to big one or grows beyond its natural form, but only if it does not exceed the normal size of a human. (According to ancient idea superhuman size and …

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… Question:

Am i ready to pass the exam?

General Meanings:

According to Freud the dreams which involves exams or tests in it, signifies the very important risks or challenges the one is going to take. Freud also mentions that the one who dreams of the examinations, should not be afraid of tomorrow and new things that are coming up. The dream itself shows the preparation for something very important as the result at the present and the future.

Consider, that the exams also …

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* See interpretation of dreams about natives

* The Zulu (Zulu: amaZulu) are the largest South African ethnic group, with an estimated 10–11 million people living mainly in the province of KwaZulu-Natal & a Bantu (Nguni) language of considerable literary importance in southeastern Africa.

* indigene, aboriginal, aborigine, native, indigenous, natural, innate, inborn, inbred, aboriginal…

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… circumstances when you will be aming for help.

Chinese dreambook:

Meanings of worms in dreams from The Chinese Dream Book by Zhou Gong

Earthworms represents  happiness that is related to life in a village.

East women’s dreambook:

Worms dream meanings by Oriental women’s dream book

This dream foretells that the dreamer should be aware of selfish friends. If the dreamer is a young woman and the worms crawling on her, it means that she is looking to attain a material …

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… explanation of the dream, the flying is connected to sexuality of the dreamer. Men have more dreams that are related to flight than women do.

Freedom and flying

The dream about flight represent the desire for freedom, which is more common if males than females.

Ideas and flying

Flight also might indicate the certain ideas you have in your life and the fact that they are raised above anything else in your life. You wish to fulfill them as soon as it is possible, because it is …

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