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Kiss / Kissing

… and sadness in your life. The dream shows you’re in depressed mood while looking at other being happy;

Longing for tenderness if kiss the mother – the kiss that was received or given by the mother, shows the tenderness you are missing;

Joy if kissing brother or sister – in the dream in which you kiss your relatives such as brothers or sisters, shows happiness in your life;

Fear of losing the respect if boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife kissing the other person – …

Comment by Valentine16: … as I was leaving I hugged my sister then my gym teacher …

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Injury / hurt


Work on old pain or wounds.


Which wounds would I like to allow to heal? Which damage am I ready to close well?

General Meanings:

Painful experiences Injury appears because of disappointment, slights, injustice or separation from a love, if these experiences are unprocessed or displaced.

Hurt in real life In the dream to be injured, shows that in real life …

Comment by Shane Linn: … felt unsafe about being there and felt like I was being

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- Cold blood; Reptile; A positive omen, a messenger; Regenerative power.


- Where in my life am I ready to show more warmth?

General Meanings:

Worries   and Hardship – Lizard often goes for envious people, of whom you must be aware. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different or personal …

Comment by akanksha: … beside me.. I hugged her tightly and slept again..

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In general:

Confession means on the one hand, that one admits fault and blame, but on the other hand, forgiveness is hoped that allows a new, light-hearted start. Often you will be prompted by the symbol of confession in a dream, finally, admit mistakes and correct them.


One would like to talk about something depressing about the soul, it is silent about the everyday life. …

Comment by helen: … him. I kissed and hugged him and told him I will go with …

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- The release of emotions & grief.


- What kind of emotions am I willing to express?

General Meanings:

Mental Suffer   - Cry often stands for uncontrollable feelings or pain. Whether the dreamer himself or others are crying in his dream, there are always the discharge of accumulated feelings. Perhaps the dreamer is saddened by events in the past, or he is …

Comment by Linz: In my dream i ws being rushd into a marrige i wsnt sure …

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In general:

Puppy (young dog) symbolizes spontaneity, innocence, trust and affection. Dreaming of puppy or puppies usually means, that you will be asked not to reject friendly courtesy from other people.



- Dreaming of puppy: you will help to innocent and unlucky people and for that you will get a gratitude;

- Also puppies in dream can be symbol: for an …

Comment by Ashley: … say hello and he hugged me. As he was holding me he …

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Doomsday event


- Fear and hostility.

In general:

Doomsday is generally understood as a severe mental shock and often this is a separation from a loved one or insights that makes all previous beliefs, values ​​and objectives in question. Also dreaming of doomsday may suggest that a fresh start is very required for us. We need to find new values in our lifes.


This …

Comment by Kaitlyn: … we all kissed and hugged each other. We all held hands …

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Wild boar

… to accept them and try to control, because they will make you lots of damage;

Stubbornness if being a boar – In the dream you are a wild boar, this shows that you are a pigheaded person. You do not listen to the others, you think that you are one of the cleverest persons in the whole world. You do not come to compromises and such behavior brings you worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

Bad people if see wild boar – When you see a wild boar in the dream, this is a warning that you …

Comment by jennifer: … right to me and hugged me. What does this mean?

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… can indicate the need for more care and support.

Wolf also shows fear, especially – the fear of being squeezed into a corner.

Wolf in sexual aspect stands for inappropriate coquettish behavior.

Denise Lynn (detailed):

Detailed interpretation of wolf in dreams by Denise Lynn

Wolves have very strong sense of family (pack). They are together all the time – they hunt together, they raise their young puppies together and they have a very strong sense of hierarchy.

In North America …

Comment by Ink_wolf: … I dreamed I was being chased or persecuted by a group …

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- Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark.


- Through what do I experience?

In general:

Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a …

Comment by Sam: … to my home door. i hugged it and went inside home happy …

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- Weak point & place of torture.


- What or which injuries I can or must to heal now?

General Meanings:

Aggression and Inner Hurt Dreaming of any wounds or injuries stand for injured feelings. If the dreamer himself is the cause of the wound, or if he is injuring himself in the dream, then this is evidence of his aggression and his distrust in waking life.

Comment by Laurynn: … session started, I hugged him and we cried together. Then …

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General Meanings:

Dissociation from environment The prison personifies unconscious isolation from the society. The dreamer is closed in his own thoughts, and hears or sees only little or nothing of what is going on around him.

Blocked creation and feelings The dream about prison indicates that you are blocked in some area of your life. Your inner feelings announces that your creativity is …

Comment by penelope: … I went to her and hugged her she was calm when I hugged

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The type of a vehicle, in which, during the trip you can see the view of areas through which you travel.


What do I want to see while I change my life?

General Meanings:

Personality and mental growth  The train in generally symbolizes the striving of personal development and professional success. The dream shows that the dreamer monitors the environment which …

Comment by Perssey: … doing, I jump down hugged her and said looking for U. …

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