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… is said that clouds are the carriers of the divine powers.


Emotions – The cloud is a vision for the current mood of the dreamer. Sunny or white clouds symbolize serenity and positive thinking. Dark clouds in the sky – they’re pictures of depressive or pessimistic thoughts. Possibly, the dreamer has a hidden depression with which he can deal only after it will accept a tangible form in the dream. Storm clouds symbolize that the dreamer will probably soon have a …

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… as a symbol of emotional and feminine aspects. Water is a mysterious substance, it can flow over and around things. Whatever stands in its way, water can destroy it.

The potential of the dreamer and his ability to create out of his own inner need a new life, can be symbolized by water. Water is an ancient symbol that embodies the general’s soul life with the conscious and subconscious contents.

The individual meaning of the dream arises from the accompanying circumstances. Most …

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… : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use ctr+f command or live search on page box.


- Dog in the dream is usually associated with a male aspect or unconditional love; Also with obedience, loyalty and reliability.


- Am I reliable? What or who do I love unconditionally? Who does same for me?

General Meanings:

Joy or …

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General Meanings:

Two sides and ways Zebra indicates black and white, good and evil, happiness and unhappiness these things are very close together. Therefore the dreamer should always look at things from two sides, and however, do not be arrogant in prosperity and in adversity and should not despair, because there are always the way out of worries.

Psychological Meanings:

To weight consequences The dreamer has difficulty to choose between …

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… Question:

What makes me feel happy, independent and free?

General Meanings:

In General black can stand for darkness and also unknown factors of human-beings. It is also the color or grief and pain, therefore the black symbolizes negativity in everyone’s mind. People are afraid of things they don’t know and do not want to experience novelty as it is something they never did before. The dreamer always waits for the worse that will come out of black.

Psychological Meanings:

If …

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… is very rigid in his views. The dream about Lion as the Zodiac shows your desire to take control over the things or it shows how great you are when managing the situations.

Virgo is very analytic, practical and chatty person. The dream about this Zodiac sign, denotes to enthusiast personality who thinks very well before making important decisions. Maybe you wish to have those characteristics within yourself, or maybe you are importing them into others.

The most romantic of Zodiacs is …

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… where you will not have any influence to avoid it;

The quiet sea with the moon and moonlight over the sea – a peaceful happiness within your fate.

New Family Dreambook:

According to the New Family dreambook, if the dreamer heard an easy sound of the sea, it means that he will suffer from depression and loneliness. In general, the dreams of the sea is quite sad, representing sadness, isolation and other negative conditions;

If the girl dreams that she is going into the water with …

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… to increase smart and intelligent aspects of your personality;

Negativity if the lion is black – for a dreamer to see a black lion, means that you or someone else is trying to do damage;

Magnificent power if lion is white – such dream shows your creativity and ability to cope with the most difficult situations. It could also indicate your fear of facing the the capability you are holding back;

Loss of wealth if been followed by the lion – if you saw yourself being …

Comment by matthew: … and genital. In my dream the lion licked me and let me …

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… Purity, magical consciousness; union of divine and animal nature.


Where in my life am I ready to bring my animal nature with my spiritual essence in harmony?

General Meanings:

Innocence and pure In the traditional folk belief, an Unicorn lost his ferocity when it puts his head on the lap of a Virgin. An Unicorn, that appears in the dream, is associated in conjunction with the innocence and purity of the dreamer. It is the feminine principle of the receiver and …

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… Opponent failure If someone kills a bear with his sword – The sign that you will rejoice over the downfall of your adversary.

Wealth If eating – To eat bear meat, you’ll gain from a hulking, but rich enemy as much wealth as they ate bear meat.

Riches If  have a bear-skin yourself – In the dream you have a bear-skin or someone else has it,  you will acquire the entire assets.

Fear If run from bear – Indicates the fear of the authorities and a long …

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… actions and attitudes and because of this your soul will fall into ruin;

Wrong people if seeing black eyes – In the dream you see black eyes this warns you that you have to beware of wrong people;

Love if seeing blue eyes – This dream is a sign that someone loves you and you do not notice this;

Loyal friend if seeing brown – This dream shows and signifies that you do not have to forget that you have someone who is faithful to you and he will always help you;

News if blind …

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… be danger by accident;

Disease If Yellow – In the dream you see yellow eggs ( green or black are even worse) shows that your illness is protracted illness, you have to pay attention to your health and try to live healthy life if you want to be fit;

Injures If Blue – The dream announces that you will have violent injuries, so you have to be very careful.

* Please, see meaning of dragon, animals.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An …

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… definition

A large semiaquatic reptile similar to a crocodile but with a broader and shorter head, native to the Americas and China.

Complete definition

An alligator is a crocodilian in the genus Alligator of the family Alligatoridae. There are two living alligator species: the American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) and the Chinese alligator (Alligator sinensis). In addition, several extinct species of alligator are known from fossil remains. Alligators first appeared …

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- Spirit, energy, clean and purifying.


- In which areas of my life do I search for influence, inspiration or renewal?

Medicine Wheel Meanings:

- Huichol shamans: wisdom

Artemidoros Meanings:

Fire is functionally distinguished in two different kinds:

firstly the heaven and divine,

secondly the earth and the one which is used in everyday life.

In the interpretation of the heaven fire you have to proceed as follows:

to look at …

Comment by justin juniour: … i seprated with my wife 3years ago. Since then I have …

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… Combination of animal and human nature or instinct and consciousness.


Where in my life do I bring natural wisdom in accordance with the intellect?

Which aspects of my sexuality in me may become whole?

General Meanings:

Duality of human nature  In mythology, the centaur is half man and half  an animal. This creature is associated with the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. A centaur has a role in your dream, then this symbolizes the linkage of animal nature of the person …

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… of his movements to find what you are looking for.

Artemidoros Meanings:

Neither white nor black goat brings good luck, but all show without exception an evil, the white less, the black more.

General Meanings:

Persistence Goat is generally understood as a symbol of frugality and perseverance, sometimes as a help, especially for the successful management in difficult situations. It is sometimes and obstinacy, intransigence and aggression to the fore, which is less useful. …

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… Damage and Protection If you are dreaming, that you have hair on your tongue, white or black, is it not a good sign.

Black hair announces that you regret about what you have said, your speech made damage for somebody.

White hair announces that you said a lie, which like a white lie, to protect somebody from worries.

Also black hair accelerate while white slow down the fulfillment of the dreamer. It makes no difference here whether the hair from the tongue itself, from …

Comment by maria: … and the back of my tongue was very bruiesed more black. …

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Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver)

… sign, which promises you concerns in your life;

Death of a friend if a corpse is dressed in black – Very bad sign, which announces the violent death of a friend;

Concerns if see dead bodies or corpses strewn battlefields – This is a forerunner of troubles and disputes between family members or employer;

Illness worries if seeing a corpse of a family member – When you see a corpse of a family member, this announces a disease of this family member that you have …

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… being angry, bad it signifies your lost connection within your femininity. It is also known that black cat brings bad luck, which in dreams doesn’t have negative meaning if you felt comfortable about it.

Body parts of animals – to dream of animal body parts, have very similar meaning to dreaming of people’s body parts. Being without one or more particular parts of the body, shows that you’ve lost the connection within yourself. To find out more about your dream, please read more …

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… last a short time.

- Similarly, we must also take into account their color: they are colorful or black, the tribulation will be bad if they are white color, which means, as stated, finding joy, a very quick end.

- Depends only a curtain in the house, it just means affliction, there are many, correspondingly more.

- Looks someone through curtains in a strange house, the Lord meets the evil of that House.

- Dreaming one, he curtain with draperies or equal to his house, a terrace or a boat, …

Comment by Stephinah: … a dream whre all my in-laws whom we anre not in good …

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… you see an ice, means that you are too stagnant to make a progress;

Damage caused by friends if floating ice in a clear water – The dream announces that your luck will be destroyed by grumpy and envious friends;

Investigation if see an iceberg – The iceberg indicates that you should investigate your subconscious, the rest of the mountain which lies hidden under the surface of the water;

Sadness if ice-skating – The dream means disappointment in the love;

Useless start if …

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