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… In general:

The color of truth, of spiritual detachment, the intellectual superiority. Dreams in blue are evaluated so positively. Blue

symbolizes peace, ideals, religious and other feelings, dreams often sensitive, quiet, withdrawn man. The symbol can be

usually only understand the context in which it stands with the other dream symbols, for example:

blue sky without clouds indicates that you will see soon clearly again and overcome difficulties.

Blue dresses can be understood …

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Fish hook

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Honor if see an fish hook – This dream shows that you have all the necessary conditions to achieve honor and glory;

Love if fishing with fish hook – This dream indicates new and wonderful love affairs;

Deceitful friends if fish hook stuck – In the dream the fish hook stuck in your body, then this dream is a warning that you have to be attentive with people around you;

Good life if see someone …

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… time – If something bites on fishing hooks, a favorable change is in sight. If you pull fish from clear water, then this promises success and happiness for the coming period.

Warning about intrigues and vexations – Cloudy, dirty water where you fish,  warns of intrigue and similar dark machinations, which you yourself apply or you can be involved. Then caution is appropriate with planned intentions. Who fishes on the dry land, means you will waste precious time with useless …

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Blue Jay

… Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A species of North American jay with blue feathering from the top of its head to midway down its back, Cyanocitta cristata.

Complete definition

The Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) is a passerine bird in the family Corvidae, native to North America. It is resident through most of eastern and central United States and southern Canada, although western populations may be migratory. It breeds in both deciduous and coniferous …

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… – Dreaming that you search worms for fishing: promises profit and success;

– To use worm as fish bait: ability to use even hostile forces for your own good;

– To see tapeworm, or even have tapeworms in stomach (or any other part of body): there are poor prospects for your own health and vitality;

– If young woman is dreaming, that worms crawl over her, she will tend to pay for a marriage. If she shake off worms of the animals, she will free herself from the material lethargy and …

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– Instinct & Appetite; Threat & Loyalty.


– What instincts are a threat to me? Who or what is my instinctive loyalty?

In general:

Wolf symbolizes aggressive impulses, instincts and desires, which can be dangerous, if dreamer has not mastered it better. Commonly it is understood as a reference to an external threat or a hostile people.

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Eel, eels

… but they can be overcome, if you are unremitting.

Psychological Meanings:

More then snake or fish, the eel points to a slippery temptation, on the intrigues which threaten us. It is caught or is pulled ashore, difficulties can be overcome. It escapes or it slips out of our hands, then creates difficult problems at our work, or the money slips through our finger. The quality of the water is the ultimate mark for the meaning of the dream.

Clear, flowing water and the view is nice …

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Cod, cods (fish)

… often relates with wedding of one of your friends.

Arabian (Islamic)

– To eat or to see cod fish or many of them in dream: you’ll get cold.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any of various bottom-dwelling large marine fish of the family Gadidae that usually occur in cold waters with a small barbel on the chin.

Complete definition

Cod is the common name for the genus Gadus of demersal fishes, belonging to the family Gadidae. Cod is also used as part …

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Scale (fish)

Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

Wasting your time if scale s fish – In the dream you scale a fish this shows that you are wasting your time for not so important things. Your efforts will not be rewarded.

Definition of Scale (fish):

Short definition

Remove scale or scales from.

Synonyms of scale

verb: climb, weigh; noun: measure, gamut; plural: measures, gamuts; related terms: descale, remove, take away, withdraw, take.

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… pay attention to your health and try to live healthy life if you want to be fit;

Injures If Blue – The dream announces that you will have violent injuries, so you have to be very careful.

* Please, see meaning of dragon, animals.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An approximately spherical or ellipsoidal body produced by birds, snakes, insects and other animals housing the embryo during its development.

Complete definition

In zoology, an …

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… The perch is a messenger of the water system on earth.

* Please, see meaning of fish, sea, water.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any of the three species of spiny-finned freshwater fish in the genus Perca.

Complete definition

Perch is a common name for fish of the genus Perca, freshwater gamefish belonging to the family Percidae. The perch, of which there are three species in different geographical areas, lend their name to a large …

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Blue Stockings Society

… as attractive as I’m smart?

Explanation & Definition:

Complete definition

The Blue Stockings Society was an informal women’s social and educational movement in England in the mid-18th century. The society emphasized education and mutual co-operation rather than the individualism which marked the French version.

Synonyms of Blue Stockings Society


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… European (Judeo-Christian)

– to see an aquarium in a dream: inconvenience;

– see it as fish and reptiles: happiness;

– even swim in it: the threat of loss.


– to see an aquarium with fish or reptiles: especially announce financial results;

– blank: worry and distress;

– swim in it: it can lead to losses.

Arabian (Islamic)

– to see an aquarium in a dream: you’ll have trouble.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A transparent …

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… are some vivid metaphors that we use when we want to emphasize our emotional state (I feel like a fish in water). In the dream, when all this is happening just as a metaphor ‘’to plunge’’, can mean a very strong passion, which should be controlled, because the dreamer could ‘’be drowned’’.

Dreaming of water can be interpreted as:

To drink clean and clear water – endless happiness;

Muddy water – troubles, illness or some kind of disease, unpleasant conversation or …

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… Taurus – the sign that is affected by the throat. The colors of this sign are pink and blue, the special stone is emerald. Suggestion for Taurus – do not be too greedy and be more forgiving to others.

Twins – the sign that is affected by arms, hands and shoulders. The color of this sign is yellow and gemstones are beryl and agate. Suggestion for Twins – use your creativity to impress others and push yourself to the limits.

Cancer – the sign that mostly is affected by …

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… the mineral associated with the air of the butterfly clan, is a copper carbonate, normally blue, but it can also reach across to the mark. Of azurite is claimed that it strengthens the intuitive abilities.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A blue vitreous mineral; a basic copper carbonate, with the chemical formula Cu2+3(CO3)2(OH)2.

Complete definition

Azurite is a soft, deep blue copper mineral produced by weathering of copper ore deposits. It is …

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… that one can not adapt and experience is therefore always problems.

– A stream with many fish will be interpreted as a symbol of good luck, our funds may soon be bubbling.

– Bathes you in the creek, to the point to a speedy recovery from illness.

– Clear Water promises professional and financial success, cloudy water or the raging torrent professional problems and financial losses.

– A small, spring-fresh brook suggests the exuberant life of the dreamer and can be expected …

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… Love if seeing fiery eyes – This dream will bring you love and happy family;

Help if seeing blue eyes – In the dream you see blue eyes, signifies that confidence inspires confidence and you should protect a friend;

Love if see blue eyes of known person – This dream may show that you may not consciously perceived love for that person;

Falsehood  if seeing gray or stabbing eyes – in the dream you see gray or stabbing eyes, signifies that you should beware of falsehood of …

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… spiritual growth.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Any large marine fish of the genus Sphyraenus that have elongated bodies, a projecting lower jaw and displaying prominent fang-shaped teeth.

Complete definition

The barracuda is a ray-finned fish known for its large size and fearsome appearance. Its body is long, fairly compressed, and covered with small, smooth scales. Some species can reach up to 1.8m in length and 30 cm in width. The barracuda is a salt …

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… – A colorful band has something to do with the band, which unites man and woman.

– White and blue ribbons indicate yearning for true love, green for hope, joy, and red on black indicate impending bereavement.

– Red tape is a traditional symbol of loyalty. Maybe you have “flirted” with someone in a dream and now bears the binding requirements.

– Any cut or scruffy bands are seen as a symbol of an impending separation.

– There are many other relationships in which the bands …

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– Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark.


– Through what do I experience?

In general:

Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds …

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