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… - small fire which cause no damage can expect unimportant news;

Sorrow If fire going out – brings grief to you;

Devastate If fire itself extinguish  – your hopes are destroyed;

Journey   If dancing around – Dreaming of dance or watch others dance near fire, this announces a cheerful trip;

Damage If Getting into fire – this means that you will have big harm;

Problems If burning – To suffer burns from fire in a dream, this points to …

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… caused by hot liquids or gases.

Synonyms of scald.

verb: burn, scorch; past forms: scalded, burnt, scorched;noun: burn, skald; plural: burnt, scalds, skalds.

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… chromatic colour, spectral color, spectral colour, Vandyke brown, chestnut, deep brown, umber, burnt umber, chocolate, coffee, hazel, light brown, mocha, burnt sienna, reddish brown, sepia, Venetian red, mahogany, caramel brown, raw sienna, yellowish brown, caramel, buff, puce, olive brown, taupe.

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… and plans have died because they did not have enough courage and strength,

to realize them.

Burnt branches is meant as a futile effort.


The thin branch (see above) indicates wish-fulfillment, if he is green and flourishing. Are the skinny branches or leaves, it is hoped in vain for

a favorable change of conscious life.


Ehrenerweisung for a winner or ruler and desire for immortality for him.



– Green: happiness and …

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… caementicium to describe masonry resembling modern concrete that was made from crushed rock with burnt lime as binder. The volcanic ash and pulverized brick additives that were added to the burnt lime to obtain a hydraulic binder were later referred to as cementum, cimentum, cäment and cements.

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… be quietly taken literally – he’s afraid that something “too hot” and that he “fingers burnt”, if he yields to the temptation of a sense run wild to have – it is no longer “secure valve” with what to be in control. Often a pipe dream!

* Please, see meaning of steam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An apparatus that generates heat (usually by burning fuel) and uses it to heat circulating water (or sometimes another liquid) in a closed …

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Burn / Combustion

… burn yourself by rash or mindless behavior this cause ” burn the fingers “. If an object is burnt, this suggests that you should process an experience, because this loses its influence; however the symbolic content of the burned object must be considered and observed in the dream.


The thing that is burned in the dream (pay attention to the appropriate symbols) announces, that you want to erase it from your conscious life. Burning which expands into the blazing fire …

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… success.

Arabian (Islamic)

– see: good prospects;

– eat: beneficial transactions;

burnt and foul-smelling: bad coincidences.

* Please, see meaning of food.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

To cook food by heating in an oven or over fire without covering, resulting in a crisp, possibly even slightly charred appearance to the food.

Complete definition

Roasting is a cooking method that uses dry heat, whether an open flame, oven, or other …

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… completed. After an event has gone over, or a person from the life of the dreamer, he dreamed of a burnt-out fire, perhaps, the only remains of the ashes. Ash can announce that expectations and hopes will not be fulfilled. You can also refined rise from the ashes, so that the symbol represents in part the personal growth in a crisis, you will succeed. If you collect ashes, may still be a large, unexpected financial gain.


The ash is in a dream symbolizes feelings extinct, …

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… juice.

Complete definition

Brandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn, “burnt wine”) is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35–60% alcohol by volume (70–120 US proof) and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, some are colored with caramel coloring to imitate the effect of aging, and some brandies are produced using a combination of both aging and coloring.

Synonyms of Spirits …

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Burn down

… at your work;

News if (White) smoke – In the dream you see white smokes that comes from burnt down building or things, this announces good news;

Warning if roof truss – This is a bad meaning and points to a dangerous trend;

Warning if move to the burning  house – You are dreaming that you come into a house, whose roof is burning, means that you are in the unpleasant situation and you have to retreat your plans if you want to avoid troubles; (sometimes it is a signal of …

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… full maturity. If something is pushed into an oven, it should be refined, something is taken out is completed, a development process. Should the baking process and the fried appetizer, this refers to self-reflection and maturation, it is taken too early from the oven, the dreamer feels the requirements have not grown. If the pastry does not impede consumption, internal resistance, the development of personality. The dreamer is afraid of growing old.


European …

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– Excitation & sensorial over stimulation.


– Where in my life I am looking for suggestions? Where do I feel overwhelmed?

In general:

Wind is a dream symbol of intellect. The interpretation of dreams depends primarily on the strength of the wind. Dreaming of sunny day with a gentle breeze suggests ease and pleasure. New idea or a plan stimulating this kind …

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Goat meat

Please, see meaning of dream about meat .

* Goat meat is the meat of the domestic goat (Capra aegagrus hircus). It is often called chevon or mutton when the meat comes from adults, and is called cabrito or just kid when from young animals. While “goat” is usually the name for the meat found in common parlance, producers and marketers may prefer to use the French-derived word …

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