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… Snakes are very sensitive to contacts and vibrations. These reptiles are able to change color for camouflage, and they can give hissing noises. Worldwide there are almost 2500 different species of snakes.

Since the Cretaceous period, when dinosaurs already became extinct, snakes have spread themselves on the planet. Since humans and snakes inhabit the earth together, the snake has been misunderstood and often feared.

General Meaning

According to indigenous North American culture the …

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Bandage (dressing)

… (or some) find the areas of their body so ugly for them, and think that they would like to “camouflage” them really with a bandage.


At the spiritual level symbolize groups, like the bandages of a mummy, preserving.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- In the dream you are banded:The bandaged body part needs special attention, be very attentive and try to notice which parts …

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… an identity.

Synonyms of disguise.

verb: mask, hide, conceal, cloak, dissemble, veil, camouflage; past forms: disguised, masked, hid/hidden, concealed, cloaked, dissembled, veiled, camouflaged; noun: guise, mask, masquerade, camouflage; plural: disguises, guises, masks, masquerades, camouflages.

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… as to protect or conceal.

Synonyms of cover

verb: blanket, board up, bury, bush up, cache, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, cloak, clothe, coat, conceal, cover up, crown, curtain, daub, disguise, do on the sly, dress, eclipse, encase, enclose, enfold, ensconce, enshroud, envelop, hood, house, invest, layer, mantle, mask, obscure, overcast, overlay, overspread, protect, put on, screen, secrete, set on, shade, shield, shroud, stash, superimpose, superpose, surface, veil; related terms: …

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In general:

If the dreamer in his dream perceives grape this points out that he has a need for celebration and ceremony. A dream of grapes suggests that in the life of the dreamer had been too little fun and laugh. Best way to change this is to bring creativity into life.


When grapes appear in dreams, then this maybe indicate a sacrifice. The dreamer has to give up …

Comment by Wanda: … of its body like a camouflage. I’ve similar drams about …

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