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…ing organisms. Complete definition Water is a chemical substance with the chemical formula H2O. A water molecule contains one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms connected by covalent bonds. Water is a liquid at temperatures above 0 °C (273.15 K, 32 °F) at sea level, but it often co-exists on Earth with its solid state, ice, and gaseous state (water vapor or steam). Water also exists in a liquid crystal state near hydrophilic surfaces. Synonyms of wat… Continue reading

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Traditional Meanings: Arabian (Islamic) Damage if clear covered table – In the dream you clear the covered table, means that the waste can cause your ruin. Definition of Clear: Short definition To rid of objects or obstructions. Complete definition 1. To make light, clear, or bright. 2. To rid of impurities, blemishes, muddiness, or foreign matter. 3. To free from confusion, doubt, or ambiguity; make plain or intelligible. 4. To rid of… Continue reading

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Islamic Water

Water — (Life; Rain; River; Vapor) Water in a dream represents a happy life, money, prosperity, expansion of one’s business, increase in one’s income, or it could mean marriage. If one sees the water pure and abundant in his dream, it means lowering of prices, peace and social justice. ggg If one sees himself chewing on water in a dream, it means toiling and hardships related to earning his livelihood. Drinking a glass of water in a… Continue reading

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Diamond ring

…Diamond Store in my previous dream ,…many months ago ,somehow lost it and found it again in my dream of last night.The prices was on both rings of which I can see the price tag on the big single diamond ring of about
R385 000 .The other ring with the many small diamonds , this amount was not clear to me. Appreciate your feedback ..thanks… Continue reading

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Water well

Association: Source, shared resources. Question: What feelings am I willing to share? In general: A fountain symbolizes the access to the most hidden feelings and emotions of the dreamer. Only through this gate, it is possible to find him eventually to wholeness. Wells may represent the accumulated experience of life, the rest partially in the depths of the unconscious. The symbol then requests often take advantage of this wisdom more for deeper… Continue reading

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Association: The flow of emotions. Question: What emotions must flow freely within me? In general: Stream understood dream analyst today primarily as the race of life. – If you drive it down, shows that in the future. – Driving up towards the source indicated, however in the past. – Go against the current symbol of resistance and the associated greater effort to adapt to the insights into repressed past experiences often. Other interpretations,… Continue reading

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Eel, eels

Association: Working on obligations, Slipperiness Question: What dangers my freedom of movement will bring? General Meanings: Male organ and sexuality In the dream the symbol of the eel stands for the male penis and sexual instincts. It may also indicate a kind of spiritualistic action of the emotions, feelings and soul life. It is able to interpret the dream more accurately, but you have to examine closer the state of the water in which the eel… Continue reading

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Association: Journey above the depths of emotions. Question: What emotional depths can I navigate safely? General Meanings: Ship of life Generally boat brings to light, how you draw the “ship of life” due to the personality structure, the course you hold and how you deal with shoals, and storms. The individual meaning arises, first of all, from that what you experienced with the boat in the dream. The following accompanying circumsta… Continue reading

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Association: Vessel. Question: What are your feelings which I can handle easily? In general: Bucket containing the diversity of life opportunities and personal qualities, for individual interpretation must take care of what is in the bucket. The vessel with which one draws water, into one fills something, but also if there are some dirt, translated: you can draw useful insights from the unconscious, as our mind can be freed from annoying pressur… Continue reading

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Association: Cleaning, letting go. Question: What I want to wash off of me? In general: To dream of a stay in the bathroom can mean that the dreamer feels the need to clean the old feelings of soul and spirit to relax, refresh and relax, suggesting more favorable conditions in the future. During the bath he has to ponder the opportunity to reflect on past events and new behaviors. Often the following circumstances must be considered: – shows inc… Continue reading

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Quick and Clear Meanings: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about advertising or / and advertisement in dreams Hidden message – When you see yourself looking at advertisements in your dream it means that there, deep inside your psyche, is a subliminal message and your unconscious mind wants to show you this content through sleep. What you have to do is think over of what part of… Continue reading

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Association: – Decomposition & insignificance. Degradation & irrelevance. Disintegration & unimportance. Question: – Where in my life I am prepared to assert myself? In general: In its basic meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his attitude toward sexuality, the worm may be perceived as threatening. Worm stands for sexual and other impulses, which can even reject them as low and suppre… Continue reading

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Association: – Instinct & Appetite; Threat & Loyalty. Question: – What instincts are a threat to me? Who or what is my instinctive loyalty? In general: Wolf symbolizes aggressive impulses, instincts and desires, which can be dangerous, if dreamer has not mastered it better. Commonly it is understood as a reference to an external threat or a hostile people. Psychologically: The wolf is a very dangerous animal. In the dream, he appears as… Continue reading

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Association: – Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark. Question: – Through what do I experience? In general: Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a dream are a warning of possible troubles or dangers. Firstl… Continue reading

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Association: Beer bliss; refreshment. Question: What do I have to loose? General Meanings: Beer signals about an unshakable inner peace and serenity (colloquially we say peace beer), which comes from confidence and harmony with itself. You should consider whether it might not become too phlegmatic. Drinking beer in a dream – announce good health and financial success, also you will find presumably sincere friends. Moldy beer in the glass… Continue reading

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In general: View (a view point tower) usually offers a better overview of the development of the next time from a higher point, the exact meaning depends on what one perceives it, such as: – Clear view promises a favorable development for the near future. – Wide view of a beautiful landscape can have more happiness and great successes promised imminent. – The view is obscured by fog or smoke, one must often anticipate problems and failures in th… Continue reading

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Association: Search of food; underground or inside. Question: What do I hope to catch? General Meanings: Recovery and Patience -Fishing shows that you are in the mental balance or it will soon recover. This is an indication that you should never lose patience. Prosperous and wonderful time – If something bites on fishing hooks, a favorable change is in sight. If you pull fish from clear water, then this promises success and happiness for t… Continue reading

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Denise Lynn (short): Short interpretation of the sea in dreams by Denise Lynn The dream of the sea as the life of the sea represents the unlimited power of intuition. The meaning of the sea in the dream depends on the water conditions: Quiet, calm sea demonstrates the tremendous inner strength, as well as the emotional and spiritual balance; Turbulent, restless sea requires you to have a great courage on a journey to the calm waters through th… Continue reading

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…omehow using a toaster.when i went home there was just a little smoke damage in a bedroom and i remember 3 towels on the floor scorched. Burning my jersy number 34 could you please interpret for me the meaning of this dream. 0 Miriam I dreamt dat i was in a field. Surrendly fire started of noway, i started runing, as i was runing away from the fire, right in front of me their is another fire. Surrendly I was in the mist of these fire, the fire… Continue reading

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Quick and Clear: Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about admiration in dreams If you dream of admiring someone, this is a sign that you have to take magnificent characteristics the admired person has and incorporate it into yourself. If you see that you are admiring yourself, this is a sign that you need an acceptance from people around you. Keep in mind that this could be a sign of you trusting… Continue reading

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Association: Harmony, spirituality, inner peace, devotion. Question: What is the source of my inner peace? In general: The color of truth, of spiritual detachment, the intellectual superiority. Dreams in blue are evaluated so positively. Blue symbolizes peace, ideals, religious and other feelings, dreams often sensitive, quiet, withdrawn man. The symbol can be usually only understand the context in which it stands with the other dream symbols, f… Continue reading

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