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Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

Damage if clear covered table – In the dream you clear the covered table, means that the waste can cause your ruin.

Definition of Clear:

Short definition

To rid of objects or obstructions.

Complete definition

1. To make light, clear, or bright.

2. To rid of impurities, blemishes, muddiness, or foreign matter.

3. To free from confusion, doubt, or ambiguity; make plain or …

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… in domestic life if see a lioness – the lioness represents the femininity, where everything is clear, pure and innocent;

New family members if see a lioness with little lions – such dream denotes to increase of the family. It is a very good omen, especially for those who want to have descendants.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Should reject a man if lion is roaring – for the woman to see the lion that is roaring in her dream, warns about inappropriate man that is willing to take her …

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… not only on the strength of yourself, but on the influence of the others too;

To dream of clear, calm and quiet sea – joy, tranquility between world and life;

To see a stormy sea in your dream – unconscious mind of yours, forces you to go out of control;

To dream of surfing in the sea promises a quiet life. It is also perfect time for the spiritual growth of your soul;

If you dream of seeing a sea foam, which is created by the agitation of sea water, then this dream …

Comment by ina: … swim in the clear and beautifull water and in the …

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Diamond ring


Pure obligation, clear promise, oath for the ages.


What is precious to me to unite  myself with?


Diamond ring stands for a highest standards on the earth. It is an absolute perfection in all areas of mankind. It is a  power source of concentrated energy for the dreamer.

Ring with diamond represents connection, an ultimate excellence in a relationship. If it is wedding ring with …

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… If fall of – This is a signal about brain disorders, you have to relax;

Prosperity If clear water -In the dream you see that the water under the bridge is clear then you can expect or it promises prosperity;

Obstacles If turbid water under the bridge – The dream wants to warn you, that there will be some obstacles which will paralyze the progress of your work or personal life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Advantage If see – You will have benefits related with …

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Accusation, Accuse (accused, accusing)

Quick and Clear:

Most popular explanation, which consists of most common meanings and interpretations about accusation in dreams

When you dream of being accused of something, this could be a sign of your guilt. This dream could also be the meaning of you, not being sure what you want out of life. You have to know what choices you are making and what choices you have to do. If you see in your dream …

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Eel, eels

… our finger. The quality of the water is the ultimate mark for the meaning of the dream.

Clear, flowing water and the view is nice – the spirit of your life could change. Now more (mental) agility could change your life positively, clear ideas and their implementation is now very important.

Muddy, murky water means that you want to be “slick” and move easily through unexplained threatening situations. If fear or disgust of eel was the prevailing mood in the dream, you …

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… Maybe I need to balance my personal needs and interests of my family? In this case, wolf is a clear sign that shows your relationship with family and your feelings for family. This sign maybe tells you that you need more love and emotional support. And sometimes for some people the wolf in the dream can be a symbol of fear.

Maya civilization:

Mayan dream interpretations about Wolf

Good omen

If the wolf’s mouth or jaws is in blood, then very soon you will have a loyal and …

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… European

- Attention If the sky gets darken – You are dreaming that the sky from the clear sky is getting darker: means, that you should pay attention to a clear situation, because it may change soon;

- Pleasure If sees white clouds – In the dream you see white clouds, the next period will be very pleasant;

- Hard days If dark and black – This dream announces anxious days, misfortune and bad management;

- Illness If it rains – You are dreaming …

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… - To kill worm: you will be freed from an evil.


- General: meaning is not always clear. Sometimes can also be understood as erotic-sexual symbol.

- But the meaning, when worm eaten fruit in dream, is clear: intrigues, evil enemies to harm, risk of infectious diseases;

- To see worm or worms in dream: someone is hurt intentionally or unintentionally; Also: friend or acquaintance is becomimg more unpleasant, possibly that someone undermining your position; Also: strange …

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… Being, becoming or seeing a centaur in the dream – The centaur symbol stands for duality. The clear mind and emotions. The balance between these two attributes. This signifies that you are in a fight with yourself all the time. Also marks that you are sagacious, sensible person.

Definition of Centaur:

Short explanation

Acreature with the head, arms, and torso of a man and the body and legs of a horse.

Complete definition

Centaurs are creatures with the head, …

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… indicates the desire to be seen and understood the way the one is.

Being naked associates with clear image, openness, clearness and goodness because it is hard to be able to feel comfortable in wearing no clothes at all.

Sometimes being naked indicates the sexual needs and desires the dreamer has. The lack of attention from the partner causes frustration on sexual level and psychological one too. Feelings that has not been expressed causes negative emotions and feelings.

Consider that …

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… can symbolize that a person has an important turning point in his life, he would like to make clear transition in any way.

The coffin closes something in the dream, paraphrases to say goodbye “that is all in the past now “. This also may be that the dreamer closes his mind before feelings and kills a part of himself.

If coffin is closed, the farewell of a person, or a professional position is approaching and this is imminent.

If coffin swims like a boat on the water, …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… can indicate buried thing or thoughts in your life. The meaning of the dreams of the cemetery is clear: we talk about the place of the dead.

Trying to solve the problems with the help of the death people Who goes to a grave through the cemetery, he seeks to visit a world which for him still contains secret life. When the dreamer goes through the cemetery, this shows that in the waking life the dreamer has conflicts, worries and can not find the answers why this happens. He tries to find …

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… like dirty and unattractive creature, then the dream suggest you to look deeper into yourself and clear your negative thoughts. Seeing pig being cooked alive, signifies that you got rid of negative aspects in your life.

Seal – the dream about seal, signifies that the dreamer has one vivid element of his personality, which overwhelms the others.

Tiger – is the symbol of dignity, power and kingdom. In dreams it represents the qualities of you such as the ones lion or lynx have. It …

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… instead of being the one that is hunted by someone. The two differences make the dream more clear to be explained.

* Please, see meaning of animals.

Definition of Hunting:

Short definition

Hunting is the process, where animals are tried to be caught or shoot.

Complete definition

Hunting is the practice of pursuing any living organism, usually wildlife or any other animals. They are hunted by people for food, trade or fun. Sometimes animals go hunting for …

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… own testicles and/or penis, than it shows that the dreamer doesn’t admit the facts that are very clear. The castration is the reflection of denial. Seeing oneself castrated also shows how devoted and committed the dreamer is for those he supports;

A warning from the Lord if meets castrated person that never saw before – for a dreamer to see the person who is unknown to him, but is castrated, shows the message this person brought to him.

Definition of Castration:

Short …

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… on the other hand, he is an attacker of his master’s enemies and because of that gets a clear symbolism of aggression in the interpretation of the dream.

Understanding and releasing emotions – When the dream is about a pack of wild dogs, then this represents feelings, that are confronting with fears. It is very possible that the dreamer has worries about his emotions or impulses or maybe he even hide something deep inside under the pressure, but that need to be in the release. …

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… they are naturally more emotional;

The highest bliss if swimming with a horse through a clear, beautiful river – such dream promises the salvation. Business people can expect a huge profit;

Serious misfortune if overthrow of a horse – the dreams gives a signal to be careful of possible serious injuries or losses;

Friend needs help if the horse is injured – if the horse has been injured, then such a dream could have a very important message, that your friend needs …

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… dreamer saw lots of hair, then it foretells about a very powerful and strong personality. To be clear – the more hair the dreamer dreamed of, the more power it represents;

White hair usually signifies wisdom, intelligence and prudence;

To dream of blond hair shows instability;

If you dreamed of black hair color, then such a dream shows hidden part of the dreamer’s personality and also signifies a passion;

Love or risk if red hair – To dream of red hair color can be …

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… contexts and their meanings – afraid of heights, falling, animals, events.

Quick and Clear Meanings:

Most popular explanation, which consists of most common symbolism, meanings and interpretations about afraid in dreams

Being Afraid  means Temporary Misfortune   – When the dreamer is being afraid, filled with fear for something in his dream, it foretells about worries and dilemmas he is suffering from. There is a possibility of misfortune in professional and/or …

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