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Fish hook

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to see an fish hook: have all the necessary conditions to achieve honor and glory, when you commit yourself just right. * Please, see meaning of fishing, fishermen. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A curved or sharply bent device, usually of metal, used to catch, drag, suspend, or fasten something else. Complete definition A fish hook is a device for catching fish either by impaling… Continue reading

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In general: You can indicate that you are homeless and in real life feels vulnerable and are looking for a place of security and safety. Psychologically: The ark in the Bible is the ship that rescued by Noah’s family and many animals from certain death. According to CG Jung’s Ark symbolizes the maternal womb, she stands as an image of security. It ensures what has been achieved and also warns against the run of the soul into isolatio… Continue reading

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In general: The boomerang depicts a dream of regret and remorse. He frequently appears in dreams to the fore when the dreamer had an aggressive outburst and regretted that now. The whole dream act gives further guidance. Psychologically: The boomerang indicates remorse for negligence and conflicts of conscience. Most regrets the dreamer acts ill, the others have harmed. Sometimes it can also be a sign that this is the place to move and is unable… Continue reading

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In general: Bend (in the sense of bowing) has often pointed out that one tends to degrade themselves to make their own light under a bushel, the symbol of calls in this case to continue upright and self-conscious to go through life. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – yourself: humiliation; – someone to bend down to talk to him, means an exciting time, followed by a peaceful future. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in… Continue reading

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In general: Orbit may indicate that it is highly influenced by other people and for this restrictive influence should get rid soon. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A circular or elliptical path of one object around another object. Complete definition In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space, for example the orbit of a planet around the center of a star system, such as the Sol… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – Children: friends ingratitude is certain; – Yourself: you will make a great happiness. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Become or cause to become bent or twisted out of shape, typically as a result of the effects of heat or dampness…. Continue reading

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In general: A bow like that of Cupid may, on the one hand the desire to be loved, indicate or symbolize the union of masculine and feminine. Bow (to shoot) is interpreted in ancient dream books as a favorable sign, one should be able to feel safe. If you shoot it yourself, you probably will soon experience an exciting adventure. Psychologically: The arch in a dream may be a pun, referring actually to bend, bow. This suggests a feeling of inferio… Continue reading

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In general: Cello appeared in a dream as a symbol of inner harmony, to the harmony with themselves, especially if you play it. Also harmonious relationships with other people can express themselves in it. – If it passes, or play sees the happy union of the waves in the erotic, spiritual, sometimes receiving nothing but the bow can also span wide. Psychologically: In psychoanalysis, the beautifully curved instrument is a symbol of the female body… Continue reading

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Association: Protection of eyesight, seductive charms. Question: How clearly do I see? What I can observe from a safe vantage point? How do I show myself to the world? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to dream eyelashes means indications of a soft mind. Hindu – you’ll have a happy reunion with a long-desired person. Arabian (Islamic) – to dream long eyelashes: does happiness; – short: you will have chagrin. Explanation &… Continue reading

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Traditionally: Arabian – To see line or lines (row or rows; slug or slugs): you’ll find out a secret very soon. Explanation & Definition: A straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth. Synonyms: verb: rule; noun: row, string, cord. Line as verb: lined – past participle; lined – past tense; lining – present participle; lines – 3rd person singular present…. Continue reading

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Traditionally: European – To have strong eyelash (eyelashes): great source of enjoyment; – Dreaming of precipitated, loosed or burned eyelashes: shows a loss. * Please, also read dream meaning of eye. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Eyelash is the short curved hairs growing on the edges of the eyelids. Complete definition An eyelash or simply lash is one of the hairs that grow at the edge of the eyelid. Eyelashes protect the… Continue reading

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Spiral staircase

In general: Spiral staircase is an increasingly complicated building and forcing you to go down, but you will find out the way back from this narrow circle very soon. Traditionally: European – Dreaming of spiral staircase: promises the rise of status and honor after many difficulties. Hindu – Dreaming of spiral or helical stairs: you will come up in the height on difficult and winding path. * Please, also see meaning of house, steps, stairs. E… Continue reading

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Association: Security, stability. Question: What in my life I would like to hold? In general: The anchors aweigh in a dream, then the external constraints are too great for the dreamer. If it pops, it is figuratively the lifeline to which we cling to and hope that a problem with the help of others can be resolved quickly and you will receive more peaceful times. The dreamer can survive if he survives the storm. If he raised, accordingly, a hope… Continue reading

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In general: Sexuality – Many dreams about fruit have to do with sexuality and sensuality. From ancient times, because of its shape, banana symbolizes penis.¬†However, due to its soft consistency banana is also interpreted as a symbol of handling male sexuality. Sexual needs and Fear – Banana especially in dreams of women, mostly understood as a phallic symbol, which perhaps indicates suppressed sexual needs. These needs are more clear… Continue reading

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