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… control, leadership, recognition.


- What do I take care of?

In general:

Father partly stands for the relation to own father and / or makes clear these traits which he has affected by his bringing up; behind it you can often see neurotic disturbances which were founded in the childhood. However, it can also point a strong influence by a father-figure with an immature personality. Generally it symbolizes manliness, power and energy.


The father is a …

Comment by morgan: My father recently passes away Feb.22 …

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Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver)

… death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than dead, it doesn’t have the life any more. Probably you have been thinking about your death and your mortality, that is why the corpse can appear in your dreams.

Unique abilities Although the dream about a corpse or dead body may mean that you have hidden and buried abilities and talents, which you are afraid to show, because you want to be accepted in the society.

Psychological Meanings: …

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… rush if horse been walked by the halter – there is a particular situation or a matter that has to be sorted out as soon as it is possible;

Hard work if see the horse with carriage – the carriage symbolizes the effort you have to put in if you want to achieve honor prestige and acceptance;

The beginning of happy period in the life if the horse has been saddled – which shows that you can expect for joyful activities and liveliness.

Psychological Meanings:

The …

Comment by cosmo: … running towards me and runs into me becoming one.

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Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Success (Hebrew: “Father of the crowd”) – This dream shows your courage in reaching goals and improvement of your life and because of your courage you will be successful.

Definition of Abraham:

Short definition

(in the Bible) The Hebrew patriarch from whom all Jews trace their descent.

Complete definition

His birth name was Abram, is the eponym of the Abrahamic religions, among which …

Comment by Kevin Orie: … There were 3 dead persons (i counted when i …

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… - The release of emotions & grief.


- What kind of emotions am I willing to express?

General Meanings:

Mental Suffer   - Cry often stands for uncontrollable feelings or pain. Whether the dreamer himself or others are crying in his dream, there are always the discharge of accumulated feelings. Perhaps the dreamer is saddened by events in the past, or he is afraid to embrace the future.

Release of feelings - The kind of crying can be very revealing. Cry in …

Comment by Nontobeko: … of someone close to me in trouble, and a few days later …

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Widow & Widower


- Loneliness & Isolation.


- What part of me is isolated?

In general:

Dreaming of being a widow, can point to a loss and sadness. Sometimes a dream marked a change in the consciousness of a woman on the path of development for the wise old woman to use the associated freedom and the opportunity that’s inherent wisdom. Widow or widower often warns against retreat into memories and emotions, life needs to be more active. …

Comment by megha: … & asking with me officially.

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Includes the end


What am I ready to bury?

General Meanings:

The importance of death  The coffin appears in the dream, then the dreamer remembers his mortality. Such a dream symbol is used to recognize the importance of death and the rites related with this. Perhaps the dreamer successfully came up with “the death” of relationship, now he can pure or overcome a sense of loss.

Luck and Worries Coffin also urges to

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Nature; the ability to tame yourself; freedom.


Which part of me wishes to be set free? What kind of features of the animals I can relate to myself?

General Meanings:

In General all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have …

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… The end.


What is it that already over?

General Meanings:

The dream has a lot to do with the death,when it wants to frighten the dreamer. The main thing is that people know about the death, that it exists, but does not realize it and when they dream of the death, it overwhelms them. They experience how short life actually is, and it can be over any time, any second. Usually the death in dreams symbolizes the big changes and/or the end of something in dreamer’s life. …

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Contexts about dog

Dog urine or urinating dog

Dreaming about dog that is peeing or to see urine of dog in dream have few meanings. If dream is induced by internal stimuli, then it means that you need to use toilet, because of your bladder is full. It works as signal to avoid bed wetting. External stimuli also can make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound and that is reason why we have dreams about pee. Third meaning is …

Comment by Natalie: … would really like to know what my dream means. If you …

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- Protection; Attractiveness; Sensuality.


- What do I want to hide? What do I want to show?

General Meanings:

Usually in the dream hair plays a very big role and symbolizes our physical and mental states. It also shows the vitality of the person, according to the condition of the hair: the healthier the hair is – the bigger vitality.

Hair meaning in dreams by color :

Deceit  if dyeing – Hair coloring or dyeing in the dream warns of …

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Burial (bury, burying)

General Meanings:

Edge out bad things and move forward Burial often stands for the attempt to edge out painful experiences or negative traits. You haven’t done this successfully for a long time so you have to process them consciously, because  they will damage your life. Sometimes, this includes – going out and looking for company.

Psychological Meanings:

Shame because of behavior and immorality What is buried in the dream, are the shadow on the soul. It can be translated as …

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… argue with the parents warns about the fact that you will run into trouble by your own blame.

- To see parents can promise happiness and success in the near future.

- To see dying parents announce your own long life, perhaps it is also stated that you should get rid of their strong influence.

- Dead parents are understood as a luck symbol, sometimes for the purposes of prosperity.


Mother and father, which cared for a happy youth often appear in the dream, when a …

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… income or expansion of business, decrease in prices or gains of war.

Water helps for everything to come to life. Water in dreams represents a semen, a birth, a life. Water can symbolize a marriage, a fertility and a delivery of one or more children.

Water can be lifegiver and sustainer or it can be a deadly foe and lifetaker. Water is the same in dreams as it is on the earth. On one side, water is symbol of purity, peace and justice, but on the other – symbol of worries, pain, sorrow or …

Comment by h2o: … So it refers to meaning of water. Yes?

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Return to Earth.


What am I ready to put aside?

General Meanings:

Burying unpleasant things To dream of your own funeral, this is an indication of fear to be overwhelmed under too much responsibility. This also can symbolize the end of an situation and action, which were not so pleasant for you. Your unconscious shows that you may want to bury your bad habits, feeling, desires which …

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Work on the cure.


Which part of me is prepared to be healed and unhurt?

General Meanings:

Healing The doctor’s presences is linked together with the diagnosis of our soul. There is something in us that must be cured. The soul with its healing properties wants to influence the consciousness and help to remove pathogenic causes of conflict.

A healer of body and soul  The doctor in the dream indicates that the dreamer …

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Inherited traits.


Which qualities do I want to keep? Which I would like to free from myself?

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Trust love if see or speak – This dream shows that you distrust of love. You were cheated by loved one, but you have to trust the one you have now, because this may be the love of your life.

Definition of Ancestor:

Short definition

A person, typically one more remote …

Comment by Kelamanee: … everybody, I wish to know the meaning of my dream I had …

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Adam (the first man)

… together, then this is a lucky dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Relationship with dreamer’s father The first man Adam, as the progenitor of mankind, often occurs as a symbol of physicality and sensuality, which is not channeled enough of consciousness, then it must be understood as a call to rein in the more sensual and the spiritual realm. Also Adam partly stands for the dreamer’s father, in this case it is an indication of good or negative influence on personal development and …

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Kiss / Kissing

… Welcoming, intimacy, privacy, affection, love, relationships.


With who I want to get closer?

General Meanings:

In General the kissing is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person

The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your …

Comment by pamela j: … and came towards me to kiss me, i responded..his words …

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… and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:

Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be killed are going to be very favourable;

The enemies will become friends if caught the lion – for a dreamer to catch the lion denotes to the things which will turn upside down …

Comment by matthew: … the lion licked me and let me hug it and then it saved …

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… do I integrate the flexible and independent parts of my personality? What do I feel in relation to the combination of these two features?

General Meanings:

The cat is a very independent and lonely animal. However, cats and human beings can have a great friendship. The cat is a symbol of loneliness and individuality. The most vivid feature of the cat is the sensitivity which shows the sensitive side of the dreamer. Consider, that the cat in the dreams also represents sexual aspects of …

Comment by indigo: … one is related to their sexual desires and the need to

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