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Association: Find what you want; choices. Question: What I am willing to take home? In general: The translation secret wishes: you want in interpersonal relationships have something that was a previously denied. Maybe you want to buy the love of a close person or acquire only the recognition of the partner, be sure that it is treated properly. But the vision is doubt: can you buy love and acceptance really? If you buy new clothes, which is an in… Continue reading

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Don Juan

…s been told many times by many authors. El burlador de Sevilla y convidado de piedra (The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest) by Tirso de Molina is a play set in the fourteenth century that was published in Spain around 1630. Evidence suggests it is the first written version of the Don Juan legend. Among the best known works about this character today are Molière’s play Dom Juan ou le Festin de pierre (1665), Byron’s epic poem D… Continue reading

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In general: Great dane (dog) can display awesome power that we must curb better, or stand for a particularly good, close friends. – If you are attacked by the animal or bitten, you probably experienced a disappointment by a good friend who drops you in the back, which we thought was very loyal and honest. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – see mastiff in a dream: you have good friends who love and protect you; beware of false accusatio… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – (taurus): be careful; signs of an enemy or rival in love or in business; – be pushed by him: happy love; – buy: dispute; – kill: thou shalt know suffering; – kill: you entgehst a great danger. * Please, see meaning of buffalo. Explanation & Defi… Continue reading

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Association: Compound; overcome problems. Question: What gulf am I ready to cross? General Meanings: Connection between two sides – A bridge leads over the abyss, and a bridge arches over the stream or river where other side we have to reach. Hardly any other symbol is so exhilarating and favorable omen for the coming days of life, such as just the dream of bridges. Achievement of the goals, Move ahead  - One is freed from the fear of havi… Continue reading

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In general: Behind the flower itself, the desire to hide upscale society. It can also symbolize erotic dreams that you dare not to live. Give the flower, you are probably dissatisfied with your relationships. Get paid to the flower, this indicates a favorable development of your love relationships. Psychologically: The typical grave decoration flower is considered symbol of mourning – or as requested by the subconscious mind of someone int… Continue reading

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Psychologically: This cozy place to relax in a dream often has an erotic meaning. The question is, who was sitting on the couch? With you? Alone? It could be yes to someone you are – until now, “top secret” – wish on your upholstered furniture. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – to see couch in a dream is not a good omen for love affairs or married life. – lean back on her indicates false hopes, wary of any chan… Continue reading

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Date tree (palm)

…s a palm in the genus Phoenix, cultivated for its edible sweet fruit. Although its place of origin is unknown because of long cultivation, it probably originated from lands around the Persian Gulf. It is a medium-sized plant, 15–25 m tall, growing singly or forming a clump with several stems from a single root system. The leaves are 4–6 m long, with spines on the petiole, and pinnate, with about 150 leaflets; the leaflets are 30 cm long and 2 cm… Continue reading

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Association: The Higher; protection; cover. Question: Where in my life I am ready to expand my boundaries? In general: If in a dream, attention is on the roof of a house, then you are dreaming to the protection it offers. Roof can embody the intellect and will contain often the indication that you “top-heavy” to live, to be guided too much by reason and logic, but suppressed feelings and similar “irrational” psychological… Continue reading

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…istorically, the word referred to a hermit’s total isolation from the world. Examples are Symeon of Trier, who lived within the great Roman gate Porta Nigra, having gained permission from the Archbishop of Trier, or the 19th-century Russian monk, glorified as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church, Theophan the Recluse. Synonyms of recluse adjective: solitary, lonely, secluded, lone, retired, retiring; noun: hermit, anchorite, solitary, er… Continue reading

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In general: Since ivory is a nature reserve, it is the dream symbolizes a precious, noble trait that must be preserved, even if it is somewhat out of fashion. Ivory symbolizes the soul, with black ivory represents the unconscious. What is expressed by this symbol you can only infer from the individual life situation and the circumstances in the dream. Psychologically: An ivory tower symbolizes the fact that a woman is not easily accessible, if n… Continue reading

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Association: The main aspects of archetypes that are related to consciousness. Question: How I am going to use the aspects of zodiac in relationships with others? General Meanings: Dreams that are related to the zodiac signs have many meanings about people’s behaviour and nature. The dreams about Zodiac comes in many various ways depending on what it means to you, what part of it takes in your life. Each sign of Zodiac has very unique meaning wi… Continue reading

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Association: – Hidden secrets and issues; sexuality of female; the past. Question: – What do I have in my personality that I would like to be discovered? General Meanings: Just like catacombs in dreams the caves also has a lot in common with subconsciousness. Although it may be scary at the beginning , but such dreams can have very good influence for the future and better understanding of yourself. Psychological Meanings: The cave in dreams has… Continue reading

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Silver ring

Association: – Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation. Question: – With what I want to unite myself spiritually? Generally: Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows s… Continue reading

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General Meanings: In General the sexuality of human beings develops at very early age. When the baby starts discovering his own body, he discovers senses and pleasures that never felt before. At this stage of his life, he learns which parts of the body has to be touched if he wishes to feel the pleasure. Sometimes, when parents notice babies touching themselves they are afraid of such actions, therefore the babies are punished in many various wa… Continue reading

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Association: The instincts and knowing. Question: What do I know only depending on the senses? How nosy I am? General Meanings: Positive meanings: Honor and prosperity in ancient Indian explanation if nose is red – the one who has nose that is red will get rich and respected by others; Symbol of sexual needs if dream of nose – sometimes the nose can be interpreted as the sexual symbol, because of it’s senses. The bigger the nose, th… Continue reading

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In general: Wind is normally attributed to the mind. A slight breeze therefore symbolizes love, while a stiff breeze can be a certain amount of aggressiveness. Psychologically: The breeze brings fresh air in a dream and therefore for most people a happy time. Spiritually: On a spiritual level, it means the breeze virginity, unconditional love and spirituality. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – be exposed by strong wind from behind: su… Continue reading

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Cemetery (graveyard)

Association: Death,Transformation Question: What is above me? What is over in myself? General Meanings: Buried past and painful feelings Each of us have a grave for loved one in the cemetery. However we all have cemetery inside ourselves, many graves of lost hopes, desires, farewell. This can indicate buried thing or thoughts in your life. The meaning of the dreams of the cemetery is clear: we talk about the place of the dead. Trying to solve th… Continue reading

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Diamond ring

…Diamond Store in my previous dream ,…many months ago ,somehow lost it and found it again in my dream of last night.The prices was on both rings of which I can see the price tag on the big single diamond ring of about
R385 000 .The other ring with the many small diamonds , this amount was not clear to me. Appreciate your feedback ..thanks… Continue reading

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Burn / Combustion

Artemidoros: To be burned alive means the same as to be thunderstruck. Particularly prophesies the alive-burned, because of the composition of the expression, ill rescue, to young people, however, foolish impulses and sensual passions. (Artemidorus syntheses here uses the term in two senses: 1. = compound (in grammat. Sense), 2. = mixture (as a medicine)) Question: In general: Burn often announces that you burn yourself by rash or mindless behav… Continue reading

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Medicine Wheel:: Key words: family, wild bird. Description: Quail are a large family in the genus field and chicken are ubiquitous in the world. In general, they are small, somewhat clumsy birds that spend more time on the ground than in the air. In the wild, you sometimes see a female, said his chick, follow one by one at their. General Meaning: The meaning of family for you, the aspect of yourself that can be harassed and easy prey to all th… Continue reading

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