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…Ascending at home – Dreaming of moving, going, or growing water towards home: one is resisting to difficulty; – Going back at home – Dreaming of water that is moving back: you will not give dangerous influences; – 1. To empty a boat of water by bailing; 2. Water is entering in ship – 1. Dreaming that you’re bailing the water out and getting feet wet; 2. Dreaming that dirty water is rising and entering in ship: anger, dise… Continue reading

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In general: Bathtub symbolizes that you need to wash away mistakes and guilt. Generally you will be asked by evade the influence of the past, to start a new life. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – To see: announces “Cleaning” on, at home or symbolically in their own lives; promises freedom from all annoyances of life; – To see filled with water: domestic promises satisfaction, better days; – Empty: prophesied misfortune an… Continue reading

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In general: Bath may occur along with the bathroom and then has often no additional significance. In ancient dream books partly, but still considered, there is material from which the pan; – after that, a zinc tub restrictions in material terms, – email the tub an imminent improvement in the lives and – the View from marble to cure disease. The value of this additional interpretation is questionable. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) -… Continue reading

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In general: The dreamer washes either himself or as a garment. He freed himself so symbolic of negative feelings.Maybe he needs to change his attitude towards the inside or outside.Washes the other , however, then it reflects that he needs to take care of his fellow man. Wash can be interpreted similarly to tub. Often it also warns against “dirty” laundry, before gossip and slander. Psychologically: As water is a symbol of emotions… Continue reading

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nalini bai 5 beds and 1 bed for a devil not seen and we rearrange the bed positions and placed it in a corner EJ Edwards HI, i have a teenaged son who recently had a dream that he asked me about. I did not know what to make of the dream so i am asking your advice about it. Please, please send a reply that i may provide feedback to him. He sees a guy laying in his bed wearing a long green robe as he stands next to the bed. The guy in the bed… Continue reading

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In general: – dirt is traditionally seen as a symbol of luck and prosperity. – Most positively evaluated. One can pull the cart out of the mud. – Who is pelted with filth or dirty makes can be expected that in financial matters he has a sure hand, because the money is moved through many hands, so dirty. Psychologically: The soul feels soiled or dirty. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – see, fall into filth or be pelted with it: upcomin… Continue reading

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Association: – Cleaning, purification, release. Question: What I want to clear up? What is dirty after frequent use? In general: Laundry signaled that you are not with other “at peace”. Large amounts of dirty laundry point to injustices that cause other one. Clean laundry and hung up to dry laundry promised happiness and a positive attitude, which can often lead to contact problems for good. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian)… Continue reading

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Association: Place of cleansing and letting go. Question: What I am willing to let go? In general: A (dreamed) bathing scene symbolizes a peaceful process of relaxation and purification. It may well recommend a spiritual cleansing: the solicitation, long overdue, clarifying discussion to do with a partner, get rid of a tension, “dive” into a new common well-being – whatever they may mean well. Psychologically: The place of puri… Continue reading

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Water well

…feel into the well. I searched desperately for a street name so i could call the police for help to get her out but was unsuccessful. When i.finally reached her, she’d turned into a mermaid Donna My son was little again(about 12)his face was beat up and had a little blood on it, he was playing outside in the snow with other childen and looking for his slead,the other children were not standing real close to him.There was a small hill with houses… Continue reading

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Association: Elimination & refuse from the past. Question: What I’m willing to forget? General Meanings: Excrement (excreta, feces, urine) often points to an immature personality, perhaps also on appropriate sexual perversions which arise from the immaturity. The dream of feces shows that the dreamer returns to childish forms of expression and amusement. Possibly, it has not come out on the unconscious level about the feeling, that eve… Continue reading

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In General: A braid symbolized earlier, which was woven from three strands of the unity of body, mind and soul. He also stood for the influences that started an adolescent girl and the specific self-image as a woman. In dreams a braid also represents femininity and sensitivity. Braid also can be exhort to concentrate power and energy to a target. He often warns against habits, attitudes, expectations and beliefs that are outdated and should be… Continue reading

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…l and she was agreeing. Then I looked up at the sky and saw a cloud which was shaped like a baby Ayhu Apa arti mimpi melihat awan berbentu tangan dan seperti sayap?? Prince I have had two dreams about clouds. The first was in 1997 and the other was in 2008.

In 1997, I dreamed and saw at first, a very clear blue sky and later, words appeared in uppercase letters. I tried to read the words but failed because a stormy light (or transparent) whit… Continue reading

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…member of my family, which is causing great anxiety and sadness?

I would appreciate someone’s input, thanks

Amanda Emi I was standing among bare trees. The ground was covered in pure white snow.
A wolf appeared at the 10 o’clock position walking slowly. He was a healthy animal, as as it passed just looked at me showing no interest.

The mood of the dream was “silence” and ‘loneliness”.
I can’t remember my feelings as I saw the wolf and… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Embarrassment The bedbug symbol usually stands for negative and unpleasant situation or phase in persons’ life. Also this announces irritation or confusion in minds. Illness Also this symbol announces about disease or even death. Your body is too polluted by bad habits or even painful thoughts. Your mind is too tired to fight with all these feelings. Psychological Meanings: Inner dirt From this side the bedbugs are associ… Continue reading

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Association: freedom, happiness, independence. Question: What makes me feel happy, independent and free? General Meanings: Sexuality and flying According to traditional explanation of the dream, the flying is connected to sexuality of the dreamer. Men have more dreams that are related to flight than women do. Freedom and flying The dream about flight represent the desire for freedom, which is more common if males than females. Ideas and flying… Continue reading

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In general: This symbolize that dreamer is infested, ill or feels dirty. He holds or certain parts of its needs for degenerate and “unclean” in urgent need of cleaning / disinfection. It can also mean that he has a terrified soul to become infected with his fellow man, which means he’s afraid to get infected by the feelings and passions of others. Often, emotions are felt in the area of sexuality as dirty. Viewed positively pre… Continue reading

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…omplete definition A Bucket (or pail) is typically a watertight, vertical cylinder or truncated cone, with an open top and a flat bottom, usually attached to a semicircular carrying handle called the bail. A common volume is 10 dm³ at a cost of 5 USD in 2012. Synonyms of bucket noun: pail; plural: pails; related terms: cannikin, dinner bucket, dinner pail, dredging bucket, kibble, slop jar, slop pail, vessel, water wheel, waterwheel, wine bucke… Continue reading

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Bed linen

In general: Linen can often ask you to clarify an issue, so we find again more peace and contentment, which is especially true when the linen is soiled or washed in a dream. In order to know what specific circumstances are meant, often have more symbols are interpreted in a dream, if the inspection does not result from the reality. Old dream books to understand the dirty linen also as an indication of inferiority feelings, which must not be true… Continue reading

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Industrial laundry

In general: Industrial laundry is for those psychic contents, you must change in order to avoid libel and other problems. Psychologically: Dirty laundry is translated in the modern dream research with the inner ‘uncleanness’, manifested in feelings of guilt. After Artemidorus says this dream that one wants to shake off any unpopular, because yes you wash only “dirty laundry”. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – T… Continue reading

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Association: Nature; the ability to tame yourself; freedom. Question: Which part of me wishes to be set free? What kind of features of the animals I can relate to myself? General Meanings: In General all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have an ability to warn o… Continue reading

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General Meanings: New areas of personality In your dream the discovery of a new room in your own home is an exciting and good symbol because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life. Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especiall… Continue reading

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