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Heel (shoes)

Psychological Meanings:

Desire for higher position You go with high heeled-shoes and it is comfortable. Sometimes you stumble but at any price you do not want to change shoes. This is an ambitious dream : You want “to look down” on others, even if it is still so hard to stand. You want to stand out from your surroundings and enjoy this because you appear bigger then you really are – and it is for the cost of security, respectability and reliability. To lose the …

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Bridal shoes

In general:

Bridal shoes indicate the desire for an escape from something the dreamer is tightened to. Alternatively, the dream could be an indication of the upcoming wedding or the fact that the one is ready to take the relationships seriously.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The bridal shoes are the footwear to protect the foot form being barefoot and it is the part of the whole …

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… and jealous friend, especially for the women;

Jealousy out of friends if the horse is dirty – to dream of the horse that is unclean and soiled, denotes about friends who envy you of something and might abuse your kindness. Make sure you avoid those people at this time of your life;

Profit from more than one source if the horse is piebald or spotty – to dream of the horse that has more than one color, shows the benefits you will receive from few different origins; …

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… health, especially if one goes in the clear water.

- Go barefoot, because you can not find his shoes, symbolizing that one is afraid of losing his livelihood.

- Walking barefoot on sharp stones (boulders), however, announces upcoming problems in business matters.


His shoes can not be found, shows a lack of decorum, the dreamer is aware of his inappropriate behavior deliberately. Bare feet can be interpreted, with the humility with which they endure life in its ups and …

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… the unconscious level about the feeling, that everything what has to do with bodily functions is dirty and self-centered.

Welfare – In old dream books the excrement is understood as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

New creation  - Excrement in the dream is available for certain aspects in the life of the dreamer, which he has “to use up” and “to sort out”. Also you can see the note in it, that you should take advantage of the previous experience, that you left …

Comment by Christine Austin: … and put the dirty antlers in the bath when my …

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… enormous experience or this dream also may announce a profitable enterprise for you;

- To have dirty toe or toes: you should consider again your behavior in a specific plan.


- Toes in dream always is reminder of strong character, which always stand strong on its own feet;

- Also to see toe or toes in dream: you now need healthy feet, because you will need to run a lot, or a long trip will be strenuous for the feet.


- To see toes in dream: you’ll go your own way. …

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… be cursed if falling into muddy water – to dream that you were falling into water that is dirty and muddy denotes to someone’s desire to harm you, therefore that person will give you a curse;

Will receive a bad reputation if fallen into a ditch – to dream that you were falling into the ditch, shows that opinion about you will be decreased;

Will witness someone’s failing if see others falling – to dream that you see others falling, means that you will witness their …

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… the land, shows your longing for freedom and independence;

Affairs towards you if flying over dirty water – to dream that you are flying over dirty and muddy water, shows the enemies you have. Beware of them, otherwise they will harm you and those you love;

Bad luck if flying over destroyed area – to dream of flying over the area that is wiped out, shows the misfortune. However, if you saw some life such as trees and water in the destroyed area, then such dream that you will …

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… of the dream depends on such factors as: if in reality pig for you is not disgusting or dirty, then it means that the dream has a positive meaning, which promises life fulfilled with happiness and joy. If the pig for you seems like dirty and unattractive creature, then the dream suggest you to look deeper into yourself and clear your negative thoughts. Seeing pig being cooked alive, signifies that you got rid of negative aspects in your life.

Seal – the dream about seal, …

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… animal within yourself.


Dreaming of tired or poor dog can be initiated by a dirty word with which a person is losing his honor.

Transcendent Meaning

Dog in the world of the dream symbolizes an important ally or a leader.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meanings of dreams about puppy or specific dog breads, pets or animals, and barking.

Definition of Dog:

Short definition

Dog is domesticated carnivorous mammal.

Complete …

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… – the dreamer will meet beautiful people who will have a good influence;

Stagnancy if hair is dirty – the dream represents confusion and instability, which means that you started to think more in negative way than in positive;

Consideration about future if the hair is growing out of hands or palms – the dreamer should know that everything is his hands, which means that everything is achievable;

Happiness for men if hair is growing on the chest – hair is a symbol of manhood; …

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Islamic Water

… sea water: An epidemic will strike.

• Washing with or bathing in troubled sea water or any dirty water, then getting out of it: (1) If facing hardships, will see an end to it. (2) If sick, will recover. (3) If a prisoner, will regain one’s freedom, provided water has become clean again.

• Drinking plenty of sea water: Will receive money from the king.

• Drinking plenty of water from a river: Will receive money from a man whose condition tallies with the importance of that …

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… it easily, it means that you have endless opportunities ahead of you. But if the sea is muddy and dirty and you find it hard to swim – you will struggle with your tasks and wishes while trying to achieve them.

Shereminskaya Dreambook:

Sea meanings by L. G. Shereminskaya

To dream of the sea storm, means that we have to learn how not to be superficial, which means that we must take a risk and try to look deeper into our-self, as this would help us to improve spiritually;

If you …

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Warm water

… Russian dreambook:

A warm water – an unexpected delight;

Gypsy dreambook:

Warm or dirty water symbolizes illness;

Old Persian dreambook:

To drink the water, which is warm – troubles.

Tsvetkov dreambook:

If drinking warm water – disappointment and sickness.

Hasse dreambook:

To drink warm water – a disease;

Wanderer dreambook:

Warm water – sickness, failure;

Tolkovatel dreambook (1829):

If the water is warm – disease;

To drink …

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Slip (clothing)

… object for the friends because of the pride in your possession;

- You are dreaming that you get dirty or tore slips: the good reputation is in danger;

- If a young woman dreams herself with silk or clean slips, she will have a loving and strong husband. She suddenly realizes that she has placed her slip, she must expect many failures and disappointments. She sees how her slip falls on the ground while she dresses or walks around, she will have great difficulty to keep her lover; follow …

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Usurper (usurper of the throne)

… between one another, but one wins;

- For a young woman this dream promises the participation in a dirty contest which she wins.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

When illegally or by force somebody take a position of power or significance.

Complete definition

A usurper is an illegitimate or controversial claimant …

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Lose / loss

… really interesting things; also: difficulties in your way;

- In the dream you can not find shoes and other important items of clothing: very unfavorable, the difficulties caused by your own actions, you had held yourself too smart;

- If a woman loses her wedding ring, this is a sign for domestic annoyance and troubles.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- In the dream you lost something: luck and profit.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Your dream is about losing something: you’ll have vain efforts;

- …

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… - To see: points to a secret; unwelcome guests will cause trouble and grief;

- Dirty or torn : stand for dispute and allegations, pointing to abuse of confidence;

- In front of it: you are trying to hide something;

- One of widening: we want tell you a secret, one may look forward to a very special event;

- Set aside: you will discover a secret, you prompt warning of something.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- You’ll reveal a secret.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Curtains and …

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… is an opportunity for a good marriage;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Lost opportunity if elbows are dirty -The dream of young person, then this shows that she/he will lose a good chance to get married with wonderful partner.

Arabian (Islamic)

Fear if see someone’s elbows – In the dream you see somebody’s elbow this signifies that you have a fear that somebody wants to enter your space;

More courage if see wounded or hurt elbow – This dream marks your inability to act in …

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Coat of arms

… title;

- A magnificent view: too much ambition can be harmful and does not make one popular;

- A dirty look: you should honestly be ashamed for what you have done..

Hindu (Hinduism)

- To see: are you in danger.

Arabian (Islamic)

- To make or see: indicates high honors, you will get to view, you will always be able to count on the help of family and should never neglect them;

- Destroy: cut the honor of yourself.

* Please, see meaning of.

Explanation & Definition: …

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- Cleaning, purification, release.


What I want to clear up? What is dirty after frequent use?

In general:

Laundry signaled that you are not with other “at peace”. Large amounts of dirty laundry point to injustices that cause other one. Clean laundry and hung up to dry laundry promised happiness and a positive attitude, which can often lead to contact problems for good.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see: means domesticity;

- Dirty: …

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