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In General: Drawbridge that spans a moat of a castle and is lowered, and if you then walks across it, points to open your ears out with a related project. A drawbridge that is not lowered, indicates impending trouble. Psychologically: The nightmare does not reach its destination because it is too late. The saving castle is not scaled, because the bridge is raised. If the bridge is entered, but the soul has apparently mastered the task. Traditio… Continue reading

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Association: Fortified, but magnanimous self. Question: What I’m tearing down walls ready? In general: The dreamer is associated with the feminine principle of the completed and defended privacy when he dreams of a castle. You may or may represent the fantastic, the difficulty in achieving its objectives. Castle is first an indication of safety and security, especially in interpersonal relationships, so it can emerge from a self-establishe… Continue reading

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Association: Compound; overcome problems. Question: What gulf am I ready to cross? General Meanings: Connection between two sides – A bridge leads over the abyss, and a bridge arches over the stream or river where other side we have to reach. Hardly any other symbol is so exhilarating and favorable omen for the coming days of life, such as just the dream of bridges. Achievement of the goals, Move ahead¬† -¬†One is freed from the fear of havi… Continue reading

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