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… comes, often related to manure.


The invertebrate reptile, which we see in the dream, may indicate our helplessness in a particular case in waking life, because we’re a helpless worm. Or, if the worm eats something, then this dream could point to the conscientious worm that gnaws at us. The worm in dream also can express feelings of ineffectiveness and unimportance (in relation to the dreamer or someone else). If the worm is larger than a man, then this can be close to …

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… and sexual relations, especially if you own buttert.

- Consume the butter, to the ancient dream books promise to good health.

- Perhaps the symbol that another factor to excessive self-interest or flattery of others, of whom one should beware.

- Will it be served in a dream, they usually promise good, because it gives power to bring new happiness to an end.

- Those who smeared his bread and butter is to be successful after an old folk wisdom through their own energy.

- Who is …

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Food, shared resources; association.


What nourishes me together?

General Meanings:

Bread stands as basic food for the material needs of the life, also can embody friendship, experience of life and wishes, or can emerge as a religious symbol. Often it is understood as an indication to a positive development of further life in material, social and spiritual or intellectual …

Comment by rose: I had a dream I was on come dine with me the …

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Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver)

General Meanings:

Thoughts about death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than dead, it doesn’t have the life any more. Probably you have been thinking about your death and your mortality, that is why the corpse can appear in your dreams.

Unique abilities Although the dream about a corpse or dead body may mean that you have hidden and buried abilities and talents, which …

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… of natural forces I suppress or express?

General Meanings:

Horse is one of the most ambiguous dream symbols. Mostly the horse symbol embodies instincts, impulses, passions, desires, sensuality, awareness of the body and sexuality. The horse or the mare also represents femininity, gentleness and harmony. Different conditions in the dreams have individual interpretations. These meanings can arise from the following circumstances:

Free-running horse means freedom – usually if the …

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Widow & Widower

… isolated?

In general:

Dreaming of being a widow, can point to a loss and sadness. Sometimes a dream marked a change in the consciousness of a woman on the path of development for the wise old woman to use the associated freedom and the opportunity that’s inherent wisdom. Widow or widower often warns against retreat into memories and emotions, life needs to be more active.


We see ourselves so in the dream that has nothing to do with the loss of our partner, but with …

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… experience of the unconscious and may request to use it more.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning about enemies In the dream the alligator is understood as a warning against enemies – the one for life – here figuratively means almost always about business. In the dream the alligator or the crocodile can be also viewed as an expression of the fear of the unconscious. The alligator usually and mostly lies close to the shore and waits for victims to attack them without warning. …

Comment by Brenda: … but never moving people kept coming in and I kept …

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Wild boar

… assertiveness and aggressiveness  The meaning of wild boar is similar to pig meaning in the dream, but it warns more against ruthlessness. Because boars are the most unpredictable and aggressive animals (like enemies). They can attack and make damage for you when they have a chance. In ancient times the boars were symbols of courage and warrior. So this indicates your own honor. The ability to face with problems.

Protection Also the wild boar has a positive meaning. This can …

Comment by rick: … a room with other people, we had been hired to do some …

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… – The egg is a symbol of not realized potential or opportunities, which the future will bring. A dream of an egg, then this is a clue to the dreamer that his natural abilities haven’t become fully aware. It is a symbol of rebirth. Spiritual oppressive will yield a new attitude to life. As the child in a dream, it announces a new development, the accomplishment of a new task or even the beginning of a new phase of life. Generally, it symbolizes the creation, the origin of life or the …

Comment by chioma jeanette: in my dream, someone gave me money, and i had …

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… Diligence and Well-being – Squirrel is a lively busy little creatures. After the ancient dream books, this announces that you do not need to worry about your future happiness, and material well-being, because you will find helper.  It can exhort to make provisions for the future so that you will not suffer from hardship. This is especially true if the squirrels in the dream busily collect fodder.

Psychological Meanings:

Deception – The cute little critters flatter with us …

Comment by c smith: in my dream my son is living with my mother. …

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Baby / Babies

… comes in dreams with face of birth.

- Work and success : To carry a baby (male or female) in dream symbolizes work (or many of them) and not easy one, but hard. Don’t worry now, just keep reading. Dreaming that you are carrying a baby (or someone else, it’s doesn’t change anything) indicates current tough times and shows a little of future, where you will need to carry your burden for a while and only after many troubles with much efforts (hard work) you will be able to reach your …

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… as a positive, perhaps you’ll be

asked to make life more positive.


In the dream, sugar is not sweet. Rather, he points to a physical defect. Perhaps you would like to make life more beautiful, but everyday life does not cooperate.



- Attaches to sugar, he will gain joy and welcome wealth.

- He consumes sugar cookies, he will spend so many happy days as he has been eating cookies;

It is only one, he will be lucky one day, a month or a year …

Comment by [email protected]: … INTERPRET THIS DREAM?

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Kiss / Kissing

… is presented as the action of tenderness, sign of love and affection. Those who have dreams about kisses usually are longing for sensitivity and closeness. There are different explanations of the kiss, depending on the circumstances of it:

Kissing a certain person

The dream in which you kiss a particular person shows your relationships and feelings to that person. Sometimes when we longing for some person or feel deeply and emotionally attached to him we dream of kissing that …

Comment by pamela j: i had a dream of my late dad and my ex …

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… insight into your personality. For the start there is a lot of examples what a meaning of a snake dream can be.

Hidden worries or unmasked dangers – Dreaming of a snake indicates secret fears and hidden worries. These are threats for you. In this case, a snake in the dream might be an alert to wake up and see what is going around you, that is not already discovered. Alternative interpretation of the snake dream is the contradiction. Its meaning foretells the discovery of a threat. So, …

Comment by morita: My dream I was walking down a road and I …

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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels ( general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians}  and traditional : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single …

Comment by carmen: … warped to another dream, I was criying cause people was …

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Oak (tree)

General Meanings:

Strength, Wisdom, Family – Not only the dream symbol is important, but also the feelings, which we associate with it. So it is with certain tree species. In Western countries, for example the oak is a symbol of great strength and durability. Oak is often regarded as sacred trees, it were associated with natural wisdom, philosophy, prophecy and optimism. The oak is also associated with “home”, it prompts to remember your family …

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General Meanings:

Fear To dream of beans stocks, this reflects fear to fail, shows lack of confidence and perseverance.

Clear aims of the future To plant beans – this dream symbol is an indication of confidence about your own future and the desire to create something useful. Beans are a warning against too materialistic thinking. ( they cause the full belly swells outwards)

Sexual desire How all germinating …

Comment by Victor Abiro: Well i saw myself eating bean in my dream on top of …

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Eel, eels

… dangers my freedom of movement will bring?

General Meanings:

Male organ and sexuality In the dream the symbol of the eel stands for the male penis and sexual instincts. It may also indicate a kind of spiritualistic action of the emotions, feelings and soul life. It is able to interpret the dream more accurately, but you have to examine closer the state of the water in which the eel resides and also the attitude which you yourself have with this animal.

Sexual needs and elasticity …

Comment by Julie: … what could this dream mean.. J..

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… his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because they can be victim to almost any other creature. Because of that rabbit is compared to the fear in dream. In this case, dream show rabbits and means, that dreamer can overcome his fear by growth.

General meaning

Means period of rapid growth, the innocent part of your natural subject for review; allow exploration of any willingness to …

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… (that is what you say) to keep shut.

Psychological Meanings:

In generally with the tongue people has ability to speak. In the dream it has therefore a fruitful and creative aspect, which relates mainly to the spiritual level.

Warning about problems French kisses or genital kisses do not necessarily have a sexual character in the dream. This means that the dreamer should take care of the problem with the person with whom he kisses in the dream.

“The closed mouth catches no …

Comment by maria: … At the end of my dream I mentioned to my mom that I …

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… The end of a cycle; The end.


What is it that already over?

General Meanings:

The dream has a lot to do with the death,when it wants to frighten the dreamer. The main thing is that people know about the death, that it exists, but does not realize it and when they dream of the death, it overwhelms them. They experience how short life actually is, and it can be over any time, any second. Usually the death in dreams symbolizes the big changes and/or the end of something in …

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