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… Bath may occur along with the bathroom and then has often no additional significance. In ancient dream books partly, but still considered, there is material from which the pan;

- after that, a zinc tub restrictions in material terms,

- email the tub an imminent improvement in the lives and

- the View from marble to cure disease.

The value of this additional interpretation is questionable.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- you will be satisfied with what you have in front …

Comment by Marlene Ramlotchan: What does my dream mean? I dreamed that I was in …

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Extraterrestrial being

… The dreamer experiences himself or a part of himself off as, as outsiders or strangers. In the dream he has the knowledge that he lives his life differently than others.


Something strange may be due to evil – refer – or in other respects the occult.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- to meet extraterrestrial being in a dream: you seem to be curious to know people; After initial concerns, but they are a positive influence on your life of these people …

Comment by mary: … last time i had a dream of the same spaceship. It goes …

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… else have you worked? May be the answer to these questions will help to correctly interpret the dream.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- self working: means success by using your own energy;

- others see at work: its surrounded by hopeful circumstances;

- search: gain an unexpected encounter.

Arabian (Islamic)

- to see someone working: good business.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Having paid employment.

Complete definition …

Comment by Walter: … around my bottom half but i had my work shirt on n badge …

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… though you should specifically consider the following circumstances:

Luck – In the dream you see ants, this promises success and happiness, but only if you look exactly like the proverbial striving hard-working insects.

Good sign and Ready to implement plans – Ants on your body are also considered as favorable omen, perhaps the conscious wants to point us here and now to the fact, that we have to reflect on our own hard work. Maybe something makes us antsy for the big …

Comment by Mary: … was chilling in my dream when my ear started itching, I …

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In general:

If you turn nightmares in the dream imagine, this is a warning for you. A man who trust you, you try to deceive. You may also be made aware that health foods and be careful.


In nightmares we can bury us like suffocated or drowned feeling – and without any history that led to it. Perhaps we felt persecuted or hunted – often at the end of a normal dream. The nightmares are among the simplest kinds of …

Comment by Nature: Had a dream a friend of mine was whispering …

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… experience of the unconscious and may request to use it more.

Psychological Meanings:

Warning about enemies In the dream the alligator is understood as a warning against enemies – the one for life – here figuratively means almost always about business. In the dream the alligator or the crocodile can be also viewed as an expression of the fear of the unconscious. The alligator usually and mostly lies close to the shore and waits for victims to attack them without warning. …

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… for uncontrollable feelings or pain. Whether the dreamer himself or others are crying in his dream, there are always the discharge of accumulated feelings. Perhaps the dreamer is saddened by events in the past, or he is afraid to embrace the future.

Release of feelings - The kind of crying can be very revealing. Cry in dream often appears from inner tensions, especially if you can not cry in the waking state. Sometimes it is the need to express the remorse of a day, what may be …

Comment by Nontobeko: … constant recurring dream about them crying their heart …

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Second World War

* To interpret Second World War (World War 2; II; WW 2; WWII; WW II) in dream, please, see meaning of World war .

Comment by Rob: … 1 interesting dream i had, i was even strafing a …

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… “low” instincts, desires and feelings, especially rage, blind aggressiveness, hate or revenge about which the dreamer is warned. Sometimes it also symbolizes a familiar persons of whom you were (are or will be) deceived and harmed.

Psychological Meanings:

Worst character features - Wasp is a very aggressive insect, therefore dreaming of wasp often indicates aggressiveness of the dreamer and also egocentricity, arrogance, and his overly flaunted individualism. Dreaming of many …

Comment by sarah: … ive been dreaming about wasps its got so bad that im …

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… achieve?

In general:

According to the ancient Egyptians when the mountain is too steep in the dream, then dreamer’s life is on the obstacles, that can be mastered only with great physical effort. Mountain can stand often for a better overview of the future life or symbolize upcoming obstacles. He points to problems that looming ahead. The exact meaning arises from the different circumstances, for example:

- In general mountains symbolize self-confidence and personality, while the top …

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… see the fire on the stove if it expires then it threatens grinding poverty;

Success To dream that you carry a burning torch at night, it is positive especially for young people. It usually means pleasant love affairs and successful businesses, because you can see what is in front of your feet;

Wellness The ethereal fire brings good luck, particularly to sick persons, it is to them as a sign of the rescue and salvation.

General Meanings:

Warmth, Comfort, Power It is …

Comment by justin juniour: … you for your good dream interpretation. I am a father …

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… threat or a hostile people.


The wolf is a very dangerous animal. In the dream, he appears as a sign of recklessness, aggressiveness and impulsiveness. The wolf in the dream points to the irrepressible point in us, the second self, with which we are in constant struggle, on the stress state of the soul. Dreaming of wolves should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become …

Comment by Beverley: My dream was so weird everyone was running …

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… - Through what do I experience?

In general:

Expression of feelings – Clouds in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances. They perhaps point to edification or religious feelings or show that the dreamer feels overshadowed of a person or an object. Maybe clouds in a dream are a warning of possible troubles or dangers. Firstly, all storm clouds can expect setbacks that can destroy the livelihoods. Secondly, fleecy clouds promise joy, delight and …

Comment by Erika: My dream last night was crazy… I was in …

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… feelings. If the dreamer himself is the cause of the wound, or if he is injuring himself in the dream, then this is evidence of his aggression and his distrust in waking life.

Psychological Meanings:

Suffer Wounds or injuries are dreams which stands for the painful experiences of the dreamer.

Wish to forget suffer – If the wound is protected in a dream or already healed, it reflects the wish of the dreamer to forget suffering disappointments and overcome it.

Need for …

Comment by JULIE_MURIEL: I had a dream a big wound in the left leg but …

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… comes, often related to manure.


The invertebrate reptile, which we see in the dream, may indicate our helplessness in a particular case in waking life, because we’re a helpless worm. Or, if the worm eats something, then this dream could point to the conscientious worm that gnaws at us. The worm in dream also can express feelings of ineffectiveness and unimportance (in relation to the dreamer or someone else). If the worm is larger than a man, then this can be close to …

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Mad Dog



- To dream mad, angry or furious dob: falsehood being unmasked and disproved unfair allegations; Also: happy time for sure.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Mad – mentally ill or insane + Dog – wild animal of the dog family.


verb: pursue, chase, tail; noun: pooch, canine, hound; plural: dogs, canines, hounds, pooches.

Synonyms for Mad …

Comment by amelia khalema: i dreamed about a mad dog coming in my house.when …

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… Traditional Meanings:

Arabian (Islamic)

Warning false friends if see a zebra – Such dream indicates a traitor among friends, and the dreamer must think carefully about whom to give his confidence in important matters and not to be deceived by appearances;

More attention if have a zebra – In the dream you have a zebra, this indicates two sides of you. The separate identities that compete to each other in making very important decisions. You have to be very attentive. …

Comment by jeanne: … to know what mean dream about zebra got white with red …

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… - Beginning & movement.


- Where I’m willing to break?

In general:

Toe in dream suggest for you to be not affected by other on your own way.


Was you in a dream on tiptoe? Then dream represents a cautious and diplomatic approach, but it will be paid with the lack of fortitude.



- To look at your own toes in dream: announces a journey, where you can collect enormous experience or this dream also may announce a profitable …

Comment by malinalli: MY dream was about my second toe being the …

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Index finger

… or threatening, it may also indicate his inferiority or guilt.



- To dream forefinger: someone have to make the accusations.

* Please, see also dreams about hand, phallus.

Explanation & Definition:

The index finger (also referred to as forefinger, pointer finger, trigger finger, digitus secundus, digitus II), is the first finger and the second digit of a human hand. It is located between the first and third digits, between the thumb and the …

Comment by James: I had a strange dream last night of three red serpents …

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… or is abused themselves like that.

Psychological Meanings:

In the interpretation of a dream, which is about goats, the attention must be paid to the gender of the beast, for female and male (billy-goat) there are different meanings.

Male goat in a dream is a symbol for male stubbornness and aggression.

Female goat, however, embodies skill, modesty and adaptability. When she is bleating in our dreams, we have to do something in the real life with someone, which can …

Comment by Elizabeth Quintero: Hello there. My dream was that I had a male goat as a …

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… to weave dreaming, which means, that the influences of life going into a coherent whole. Who in a dream weaves a braid, in waking life defends itself against progress.


Very subtle influences come into play when the dreamer begins to evolve spiritually. A braid of the crown on his head refers to spiritual power.



- To see or wear: you’ll be exposed to general ridicule;

- To see a weave a braid: there are complicated business negotiations or …

Comment by Ivy: … appeared in my dream, I got scared that someone had …

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