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- Cold blood; Reptile; A positive omen, a messenger; Regenerative power.


- Where in my life am I ready to show more warmth?

General Meanings:

Worries   and Hardship – Lizard often goes for envious people, of whom you must be aware. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different or personal circumstances. This reptile is like a small …

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A positive omen, a messenger; regenerative power.

In general:

Lizard is often envious of people, of whom one must be on guard. Also misunderstandings, disappointments and disagreements can be expressed in it, according to the different circumstances and the individual circumstances. She is the dragon in a small format, translated: The dreamer wants to give itself in waking life larger than it …

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… Worm stands for sexual and other impulses, which can even reject them as low and suppressed. In a broader sense it may symbolize the past, the new comes, often related to manure.


The invertebrate reptile, which we see in the dream, may indicate our helplessness in a particular case in waking life, because we’re a helpless worm. Or, if the worm eats something, then this dream could point to the conscientious worm that gnaws at us. The worm in dream also can express …

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… but seeing him running away for no reason, indicates the doubts you have on your mind. There is a ambiguity within your personality, which you keep fighting. Keep calm and try to divide the animal and human aspects, only then you will be able to keep the peace within yourself.

Psychological Meanings:

Animals in dreams represent the instinctual power that lies in every human – being. The animal in us, shows the actual meaning of the dream.

Wildness in you

It is known that people …

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Dragon (the mythical creature)

… I willing to make the physical and spiritual aspects of my personality in line?

In general:

- A dragon is a complex, universal, archetypal symbol primitive, cold-blooded vitality.

- He is known as terrifying and yet handhabar.

- Under certain conditions, it shows the untamed nature of man represents his appearance required in a dream that the dreamer is working on his passions and chaotic ideas.

- Dragon (a mythical creature) is regarded in China as a symbol of good luck indeed, but …

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… is running, the dream represents inner independence and easiness;

Prosperity if the horse in a barn – the dream promises rich life ahead of you;

Opportunities in career if the horse is wearing a saddle. The dream foretells about more prestige progress in your professional life;

Disobedient horse signifies barriers -the dream foretells about overcoming obstacles you will face while reaching the success;

Danger if the horse has escaped – if it was running from you away …

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… Question:

What would I like unfold?


Rebirth and New phase – The egg is a symbol of not realized potential or opportunities, which the future will bring. A dream of an egg, then this is a clue to the dreamer that his natural abilities haven’t become fully aware. It is a symbol of rebirth. Spiritual oppressive will yield a new attitude to life. As the child in a dream, it announces a new development, the accomplishment of a new task or even the beginning of a new …

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Meta-data: Eier Huevo (biología) Œuf (biologie) Uovo (biologia)

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… needs of the life, also can embody friendship, experience of life and wishes, or can emerge as a religious symbol. Often it is understood as an indication to a positive development of further life in material, social and spiritual or intellectual aspects.

Desire of fulfillment of wishes Fresh bread in sufficient amounts stands for the wish of fulfillment of physical desires.

The dreamer is not sure Bread tastes badly and strangely in the dream, then the dreamer is not sure, what …

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… of confidence about your own future and the desire to create something useful. Beans are a warning against too materialistic thinking. ( they cause the full belly swells outwards)

Sexual desire How all germinating plants this also is interpreted as a symbol for the feminine genital organ. Beans can stand for sexual needs (testicle symbol), particularly if they germinate.

Traditionally, the bean is considered as feeding and clothing as well as a subject suitable for the …

Comment by Victor Abiro: Well i saw myself eating bean in my dream on top of …

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… To what extent love is dangerous for me?

General Meanings:

Strength and Power – Bear in a dream most often goes as impetuous and brute force, which you should use with caution in order not to overshoot the target. Positively such a force, energy and perseverance can help you to handle with hard situations. Leadership and healing ability, strength for defense.

Danger and Menace – The dream about bear also has a dangerous, threatening meaning in itself. In the fairy tales and …

Comment by Luis: … wood theres was a carnival and all off a sudden a herd …

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… banana symbolizes penis. However, due to its soft consistency banana is also interpreted as a symbol of handling male sexuality.

Sexual needs and Fear – Banana especially in dreams of women, mostly understood as a phallic symbol, which perhaps indicates suppressed sexual needs. These needs are more clearly expressed when the banana is eaten. For men, eating a banana can also show unconscious fears of sexuality, power loss or castration.


Sexual behavior and …

Comment by lorla: … was given to me as a gift from a a very happy …

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… from the paradise in the Bible).

Symbol of temptation  Generally, it is interpreted as a corruptibility of the dreamer by worldly material things and then can warn how easily he allows to lead into temptation. In the old testament the apple stands as a ” forbidden fruit ” which can reveal what is good and what is bad. In the original text of the Bible it is spoken only about “fruit”.

Fertility For the Mediterranean people the pomegranate, the fig and the quince are the …

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… Psychological Meanings:

Warning about enemies In the dream the alligator is understood as a warning against enemies – the one for life – here figuratively means almost always about business. In the dream the alligator or the crocodile can be also viewed as an expression of the fear of the unconscious. The alligator usually and mostly lies close to the shore and waits for victims to attack them without warning.

Conscience and Hidden Inner feelings or fear Many people have fear …

Comment by Brenda: … kitchen table was a large alligator it just layed still …

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Wild boar

… and aggressive animals (like enemies). They can attack and make damage for you when they have a chance. In ancient times the boars were symbols of courage and warrior. So this indicates your own honor. The ability to face with problems.

Protection Also the wild boar has a positive meaning. This can indicate protection and little success in difficult times in your life.

Psychological Meanings:

Wild elements You were attacked by a wild boar in the dream, warns that should be …

Comment by rick: I dreamt I was in a house, a room with other people, we …

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… fire you have to proceed as follows:

to look at radiant, pure and small fire in the sky means a threat from power,

however, a large but immeasurable predicts the approach of enemies, infertility and famine (to parallel the Babylonian astrology ).

Enemies and Danger Where the fire appears or from which direction it comes, whether from north or south, from west or east, from there the enemies will come near or rule infertility in these areas. Worst of all is, when you see falling …

Comment by justin juniour: … I am a father of Two ( Natalie & Cole) …

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… with the Medicine of the external position of the southern soul path and with the growth, is a rodent with long ears, soft fur and a short stubby tail, the underground, digging burrows. It is known for his keen sense of hearing, his speed and fertility. There are over seventy different rabbit species around the world. Some people claim that rabbits reproduce so quickly because they can be victim to almost any other creature. Because of that rabbit is compared to the fear in dream. In …

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… in community with other animals.  They eat almost everything and it is difficult to keep them in a fenced area.

General meaning:

Your freedom-seeking part; feels constricted by the pressure of the conventions; one aspect of you is willing to fight for everything you want.


A lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman.

Transcendent importance:

An ally who can help you with the …

Comment by Elizabeth Quintero: … was that I had a male goat as a pet and he was in my …

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General Meanings:

All the negative aspects  Eating lemon often indicates annoyance, disappointments and bitterness, which one must not be overestimated, because this will be overcome. Sometimes, it also can stand as a failure or a deception by others behind that.

Psychological Meanings:

Development of personality The lemon is a fruit and it is a dream symbol of success, happiness, confidence and the development of the personality of …

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… General:

Sugar embodies the pleasures of life and all that is felt on  your own personality as a positive, perhaps you’ll be

asked to make life more positive.


In the dream, sugar is not sweet. Rather, he points to a physical defect. Perhaps you would like to make life more beautiful, but everyday life does not cooperate.



- Attaches to sugar, he will gain joy and welcome wealth.

- He consumes sugar cookies, he will spend so many happy …

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… general also feelings that impose us more and more, but should be better controlled.The tongue is a symbol of the male sex organ.

Communication and Warning In broader sense, it embodies self-expression and contact with others. Sometimes, it is an admonition, is better your tongue (that is what you say) to keep shut.

Psychological Meanings:

In generally with the tongue people has ability to speak. In the dream it has therefore a fruitful and creative aspect, which relates mainly to the …

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… General:

Candy according to the information in old dream-books is promissing love and happiness; a box of chocolates (bonbonniere) – professional reputation and success.



- To dream, that you’re eating candy: you will fall in love.


- Candies: happy hours with a loved one, but beware also against flatterers.


-To dream candy: it will bless you in love.

* See also dream about Bonbonniere and other dreams about candies, dessert, sweet, …

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