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Departure (Exit)

… or something that has departed.

A deviation from a plan or procedure.

Synonyms of Departure (Exit)

verb/noun: leaving, abandonment, bow out, desertion, egress, egression, embarkation, emigration, escape, evacuation, exit, exodus, expatriation, farewell, flight, getaway, going, going away, goodbye, migration, parting, passage, powder, quitting, recession, removal, retirement, retreat, sailing, separation, setting forth, setting out, stampede, start, takeoff, taking leave, taking off, …

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… which you should be aware of.

Doors of the plane

The doors of the airplane are made for the exit, therefore as the symbol in the dreams,the doors would symbolize the exit out of something. Maybe the dream is a suggestion and a clue for the dreamer, to see, that there is a way for a certain problem to solve or the exit for something to be figured out.

Windows of the airplane

The one who dreams about seeing the windows of the plane is about to discover more than one way to solve the …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… not find the way out – This means that you are overfull of hardship and you can not find the exit. You do not know how to manage with all this. You are too tired. You have to relax and try to stop for awhile, if you want to solve everything. Do not be afraid to fail, because only then you can see all the mistakes that you have done and this will help you to correct them and free yourself from hardship.

* Please, see meaning of grave, burial, funeral.

Definition of Cemetery: …

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Take leave (Say goodbye)

… position.

* Please, see meaning of Leave (abandon), Departure (leave), Departure (Exit), Departure.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The action when you say goodbye and go away.

Complete definition

To wish someone farewell upon their leaving. To separate from someone.

Synonyms of take leave (say goodbye).

past form: took left, taken left; related terms: leave, go, depart, quit, abandon, forsake, desert, exit.

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French Horn

… a hornist). In informal use, “horn” refers to nearly any wind instrument with a flared exit for the sound.

Synonyms of French horn.

Plural:French horns; related terms:Natural horn,Vienna horn,Mellophone, Marching horn,Wagner tuba.

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… of being blocked by use of a gate.

Complete definition

A gateway is a point of entry or exit.

Synonyms of gateway

noun: gate, entry, entrance, portal, door; plural: gates, entries, entrances, portals, doors; related terms: entranceway, entryway, entree.

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Marriage gate

… or a moderately sized opening in some sort of fence. Gates may prevent or control the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative. Other terms for gate include yett and port. The word derives from the old Norse “gata”, meaning road or path, and originally referred to the gap in the wall or fence, rather than the barrier which closed it.

Synonyms of marriage gate

noun: gateway, door, portal, entrance; plural: gateways, doors, portals, entrances; related terms: …

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Get off

… to not being on top of it.

Synonyms of get off

verb: send off, send, leave; related terms: exit, get out, go out, detrain, deplane.

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Go out

… to be the health and welfare.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Exit: move out of or depart from.

Complete definition

To depart from a room, house, country, etc.

Synonyms of go out

verb: exit, get out, leave; related terms: move, depart, go away, go, pop out, file out, hop out, get off, fall out, go forth, leave, go away, get off, step out, eject, undock, log off, log out.

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… (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest, or exit. The concept is close in meaning to ‘acquiescence’, derived from the Latin ‘acquiēscere’ (to find rest in).

Synonyms of acceptance

noun: reception, admission, approval, adoption; plural: receptions, admissions, approvals, adoptions; related terms: attitude, mental attitude, fatalism, recognition,embrace, bosom, approval, approving, blessing, contract law, assent, …

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Departure (leave)

… French leave, disappearance, disappearing, withdrawal, sailing, boarding, embarkation, embarkment, exit, dispatch, shipment, despatch, takeoff.

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Departure (take off)

… French leave, disappearance, disappearing, withdrawal, sailing, boarding, embarkation, embarkment, exit, dispatch, shipment, despatch, takeoff.

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… Hindu

-To see: you’re making a mockery of your speeches;

-To wear hat: you will find exit from bad situation, in which you’re now;

-To buy: you strive for appearances.

* cylinder, drum, chimney, lamp chimnies, lamp glass, top-hat, topper, silk hat…

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European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see: indicates futile struggle;;

- Injury or have obtained: Brock is a bad business and it comes with a black eye;

- Somebody teaches to wound: the damage you will get, the others feel the joy.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- You can speak of great happiness, but you will have troubles.

- To see someone wounded: you’ll make someone a painful …

Comment by Erin G.: … the door, then exit by jumping a fence from the back …

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Primeval fear.


What are the basic fears I have?

General Meanings:

Threatening feelings Alligator (crocodile) is often experienced as threatening creature because he embodies superseded needs, experiences, fears, feelings and the other unconscious contents. However, at the same time he also stands for wisdom and experience of the unconscious and may request to …

Comment by Towmeah: … made a noise an d exit through the heat vent while the …

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Holy Communion (Eucharist)

Psychological Meanings:

Conscience voice Participate in the church: you want to get rid of all your guilt. Here the dreamer’s unconscious also remind his conscience and ask if he had acted correctly in a specific case.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Exemption from distress and anxiety if enjoy – This dream announces that you will liberate from grief and …

Comment by neo: … when I came to the exit I took off the boots hop off the …

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- Decomposition & insignificance. Degradation & irrelevance. Disintegration & unimportance.


- Where in my life I am prepared to assert myself?

In general:

In its basic meaning, the worm can stand for the penis. Depending on the gender of the dreamer and his attitude toward sexuality, the worm may be perceived as threatening. Worm stands for sexual and …

Comment by carl rosenberg: … worm was trying to exit my throat. I managed to pull it …

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- To dream Cerberus (Hell Hound): profit.

* Cerberus, or Kerberos, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed hound (three-headed), which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping. Cerberus is said to be the sibling of the Lernaean Hydra, the Nemean Lion, the Sphinx, the Ladon, and the Chimera. …

Comment by Alesha: … walk towards the exit. At the exit there were guards and …

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The type of a vehicle, in which, during the trip you can see the view of areas through which you travel.


What do I want to see while I change my life?

General Meanings:

Personality and mental growth  The train in generally symbolizes the striving of personal development and professional success. The dream shows that the dreamer monitors the environment which …

Comment by Mel: … whan you miss the exit??? I was on the train and was …

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