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… and discharges, shape the body, and provide support for parts of it. In cold weather, long underwear is sometimes worn to provide additional warmth. Some undergarments are intended for erotic effect. Special types of undergarments have religious significance. Some items of clothing are designed as undergarments, while others, such as T-shirts and certain types of shorts, are appropriate both as undergarments and as outer clothing. If made of suitable material, some undergarments can …

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… are very unusual and unacceptable. Usually the one has such dreams is in fear of something and/or finding it hard to know himself as acceptable person to others. Everyone is afraid of stagnation or death, therefore we should not be afraid to change ourselves and become better people.

Cow – the symbol of femininity, especially in a parental way. It is also a symbol of nourishment, because the cow provides milk to people. The dream shows how devoted and patient you are as a person, as the …

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… – the dreamer will meet beautiful people who will have a good influence;

Stagnancy if hair is dirty – the dream represents confusion and instability, which means that you started to think more in negative way than in positive;

Consideration about future if the hair is growing out of hands or palms – the dreamer should know that everything is his hands, which means that everything is achievable;

Happiness for men if hair is growing on the chest – hair is a symbol of manhood; …

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Slip (clothing)

… object for the friends because of the pride in your possession;

- You are dreaming that you get dirty or tore slips: the good reputation is in danger;

- If a young woman dreams herself with silk or clean slips, she will have a loving and strong husband. She suddenly realizes that she has placed her slip, she must expect many failures and disappointments. She sees how her slip falls on the ground while she dresses or walks around, she will have great difficulty to keep her lover; follow …

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… - To see: points to a secret; unwelcome guests will cause trouble and grief;

- Dirty or torn : stand for dispute and allegations, pointing to abuse of confidence;

- In front of it: you are trying to hide something;

- One of widening: we want tell you a secret, one may look forward to a very special event;

- Set aside: you will discover a secret, you prompt warning of something.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- You’ll reveal a secret.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Curtains and …

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… because, it says a lot about the state of your own personality. Women more often than men dream of finding new room, especially when they have reached a turning point in their life.

Isolation The dreamer feels trapped in a narrow room, then this dream may indicate isolation of dreamer’s social life, especially when doors and windows are closed in the room.

Psychological Meanings:

Part of dreamer’s life or personality Room is a part of the house as part of personality or part of …

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… and jealous friend, especially for the women;

Jealousy out of friends if the horse is dirty – to dream of the horse that is unclean and soiled, denotes about friends who envy you of something and might abuse your kindness. Make sure you avoid those people at this time of your life;

Profit from more than one source if the horse is piebald or spotty – to dream of the horse that has more than one color, shows the benefits you will receive from few different origins; …

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… a dream to lose money often means a failure, but this one isn’t so serious;

Advantage  If Finding - To find money in the dream shows that you can prevent a loss or other damage;

Wealth If Counting  - In a dream to count money announces a profit, which you will get for good work;

Advantage  If Spending – In a dream to spend money promises success and financial gains.

Dishonor or Pride If Having Money – In a dream to have money can warn from careless …

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Ring (jewellery)

… signet or seal ring – means that the dreamer will receive an important political appointment;

Finding any ring or lost ring – means money from foreigners, profits from a foreign land, or having a newborn son, or it could mean a marriage to a good woman;

The sky is raining rings – means that he will conceive a child during that year. If he is unwed, it means that he will marry a rich and a virgin young woman during that same year. If raining with rings of gold – means that such a …

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… the unconscious level about the feeling, that everything what has to do with bodily functions is dirty and self-centered.

Welfare – In old dream books the excrement is understood as a symbol of prosperity and happiness.

New creation  - Excrement in the dream is available for certain aspects in the life of the dreamer, which he has “to use up” and “to sort out”. Also you can see the note in it, that you should take advantage of the previous experience, that you left …

Comment by Christine Austin: … and put the dirty antlers in the bath when my …

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… enormous experience or this dream also may announce a profitable enterprise for you;

- To have dirty toe or toes: you should consider again your behavior in a specific plan.


- Toes in dream always is reminder of strong character, which always stand strong on its own feet;

- Also to see toe or toes in dream: you now need healthy feet, because you will need to run a lot, or a long trip will be strenuous for the feet.


- To see toes in dream: you’ll go your own way. …

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Corpse (Dead body,Cadaver)

… unexpected news which will make you glad and happy about your life.

Contexts’ Meanings:

Finding and Seeing a corpse, dead body, cadaver in the dream – The dream symbol shows that you have buried something inside you. This may be bad habits or painful feelings. You want to make changes in your life. From the other side the corpse in the dream, shows that you have talents and they were hidden deeply in you. Now it is time to show and to spread all the talents and this is an …

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Cemetery (graveyard)

… then you must visit cemetery and bring flowers on the unknown grave in your waking life;

Finding peace if old person seeing cemetery – The old person is dreaming cemetery or graveyard, this shows that soon you will leave this life and at last you will find the peace;

Hindu (Hinduism)

Fail if visiting – In the dream you are visiting cemetery or graveyard, announces that your plans will fail, because you didn’t put all your efforts to finish this;

Long …

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… be cursed if falling into muddy water – to dream that you were falling into water that is dirty and muddy denotes to someone’s desire to harm you, therefore that person will give you a curse;

Will receive a bad reputation if fallen into a ditch – to dream that you were falling into the ditch, shows that opinion about you will be decreased;

Will witness someone’s failing if see others falling – to dream that you see others falling, means that you will witness their …

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… the land, shows your longing for freedom and independence;

Affairs towards you if flying over dirty water – to dream that you are flying over dirty and muddy water, shows the enemies you have. Beware of them, otherwise they will harm you and those you love;

Bad luck if flying over destroyed area – to dream of flying over the area that is wiped out, shows the misfortune. However, if you saw some life such as trees and water in the destroyed area, then such dream that you will …

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Violent behaviour when finding solution; release of energy; conflict side of personality; confrontation.


How do I deal with conflicts? What kind of conflicts do I have? Which parts of my personality is at conflict?

General Meanings:

In general the dream about fight can indicate doubts the dreamer has. It means that individual is confused, fighting with himself and trying to find the solution to the …

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… man if found a crow – for a dreamer to see himself seeking for something and then finally finding it as the crow, shows that on the journey of your life will be one person that you will meet – greedy, poor, strange and old one;

Dreaming of crow more than once luck or misfortune – if the dreamer was dreaming about crows more than once a night, than such dreams shows misleading fortune or misfortune, therefore should be aware both of them;

Sad news if hear the crow which …

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… animal within yourself.


Dreaming of tired or poor dog can be initiated by a dirty word with which a person is losing his honor.

Transcendent Meaning

Dog in the world of the dream symbolizes an important ally or a leader.

Contexts’ Meanings:

* Please, see meanings of dreams about puppy or specific dog breads, pets or animals, and barking.

Definition of Dog:

Short definition

Dog is domesticated carnivorous mammal.

Complete …

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Islamic Water

… sea water: An epidemic will strike.

• Washing with or bathing in troubled sea water or any dirty water, then getting out of it: (1) If facing hardships, will see an end to it. (2) If sick, will recover. (3) If a prisoner, will regain one’s freedom, provided water has become clean again.

• Drinking plenty of sea water: Will receive money from the king.

• Drinking plenty of water from a river: Will receive money from a man whose condition tallies with the importance of that …

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… it easily, it means that you have endless opportunities ahead of you. But if the sea is muddy and dirty and you find it hard to swim – you will struggle with your tasks and wishes while trying to achieve them.

Shereminskaya Dreambook:

Sea meanings by L. G. Shereminskaya

To dream of the sea storm, means that we have to learn how not to be superficial, which means that we must take a risk and try to look deeper into our-self, as this would help us to improve spiritually;

If you …

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Warm water

… Russian dreambook:

A warm water – an unexpected delight;

Gypsy dreambook:

Warm or dirty water symbolizes illness;

Old Persian dreambook:

To drink the water, which is warm – troubles.

Tsvetkov dreambook:

If drinking warm water – disappointment and sickness.

Hasse dreambook:

To drink warm water – a disease;

Wanderer dreambook:

Warm water – sickness, failure;

Tolkovatel dreambook (1829):

If the water is warm – disease;

To drink …

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