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… meaning, only if  the horse is white but very lean. Such dream warns about unfaithful and jealous friend, especially for the women;

Jealousy out of friends if the horse is dirty – to dream of the horse that is unclean and soiled, denotes about friends who envy you of something and might abuse your kindness. Make sure you avoid those people at this time of your life;

Profit from more than one source if the horse is piebald or spotty – to dream of the horse that has more than …

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Thorns, spines and prickles

… to make the physical and spiritual aspects of my personality in line?

In general:

To be stabbed in the dream of a spine means that the dreamer has to deal with minor problems. Also, announce the thorn alone unpleasant life experiences or even a serious mental illness. At times, he warns against the obstinacy of others, against the hard to get there. Symbol of self-reflection to the old virtues, in the Christian sense of the suffering have to help others.

- Bring thorns blood to …

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Kiss / Kissing

… symbolizes the honest relationships between those who were having a kiss;

Jealousy if kiss friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend – the dream of kissing someone that does not belong to you, but is in relationship to another person and is forbidden to kiss, shows the longing for love or envy towards relationships between other people;

Memories if kissing your ex boyfriend/girlfriend – in the dream which you were kissing your ex girlfriend or boyfriend shows the memories you are …

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… will turn upside down unexpectedly, because the enemy you have is going to be by your side as a friend;

Do not trust anyone if tamed the lion – this is the suggestion from the conscious mind of yours to be careful with those around you;

Forthcoming danger if lion is roaring – prepare to defend yourself from danger.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically the lion in a dream have several meanings. One of them is known in fairy tales where the lion is a symbol of the king among …

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… inflict damage on themselves in attempt to damage on you;

- Snake kills dogs or puppies: your friend will help you, but without great chances of success;

- To see writhing (twisting and squirming) snake that attacks another snake: there are financial difficulties and remorse might come into the house;

- A snake winding around you and licks your face: you may face a disease; you could be in a position where your enemies makes you feel completely at the mercy;

- To be attacked and …

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… dog or dog that have dark colored hair (coat, fur) is often interpreted as painful deception by a friend. Black dog is as the dark shadow of a friend. But dreaming of such foretells that you have revealed the dark side of someone who is close to you and now you’re in good position, because of the ability to see true intentions. If you see a lot of black dogs, means that there might be more than one traitor;

Barking, arguing or quarreling dogs means family’s problems – In the dream …

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… way if meeting and seeing a vampire – In the dream you see a vampire announces that you are getting into risky things. There is the risk of being caught in the nets of an exploiter;

False friends if attacked by a vampire – In the dream you are bitten or attacked by a vampire, this signifies that you must beware of false friends;

Destroyed enemies if kill with a stake – In the dream you fight or kill with a stake, you will defeat somebody who has bad or harmful intention …

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… - rancid smell or see: a suspicion proves to be justified;

- eating rancid: armed with a friend is to be expected.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

A soft, fatty foodstuff made by churning the cream of milk (generally cow’s milk).

Complete definition

Butter is a dairy product made by churning fresh or fermented cream or milk. It is generally used as a spread and a condiment, as well as in cooking, such as baking, sauce making, and pan frying. …

Comment by shabera: My friend who was sick was smearing butter …

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… is an announcement of sorrows and afflictions; also unhappy love affair or dispute with a valued friend;

Worries If Others bleeding – This dream has different meanings: death by accident; fear of loved one; also malicious rumors will be spread about you;

Warning If Blood on your hands – The disaster is near you if you do not pay attention to your personal affairs, also you should not meddle in the affairs of others;

Sign   If blood-soaked clothes – This dream is …

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… also meet the members;

- colorful, withered: disappointment in love, defeats, losses, death of a friend.


- green: a desire you will be satisfied;

- fading: in later life you want to be without worry, so save now;

- falling: one should wish any harm other people;

- lying on the ground: your late age will be without worries.

Arabian (Islamic)

- green for trees: indicate health and happiness;

- green look: joy;

- are seen: dangerous disease;

- dry and withered: disease, …

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Baby / Babies

… to start a new one. Maybe you are in exactly this situation right now? Have you lost your friend/s or state of trust and support? Perhaps dream is a image of current changes of faith. Please, share your experience in comments.

- Unexpected irregular changes : To dream ugly (nasty, unsightly, unpleasant) babies points to minor irregularities in your own personality. If you see baby (babies) which is causing discomfort, unhappiness, then you should look deeper inside yourself and …

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… dream you see blue eyes, signifies that confidence inspires confidence and you should protect a friend;

Love if see blue eyes of known person – This dream may show that you may not consciously perceived love for that person;

Falsehood  if seeing gray or stabbing eyes – in the dream you see gray or stabbing eyes, signifies that you should beware of falsehood of any kind. Also you will meet a flatterer which will make damage for you;

Loyalty if seeing brown eyes – The brown …

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… if one is playing - It seems that in spite of your age you will do ill-considered things;

New friend if play with them – This dream announces that soon you your enemy will become your good friend;

Be vigilant if kill – This dream wants to show you that you have to keep your eyes open, if you want to win the disputes and quarrels;

Signal if scratched – The dream is a signal that your soul is suffering and you have to master your feelings.

Arabian (Islamic)

Leader …

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… warns of generosity because somebody can use your kindness and munificence;

Prosperity If Getting (receiving) – You are dreaming that you get or receive money from somebody, we can say that this announces you success, but only through hard work;

Deprivation If Finding a bunch of money – In your dream a young woman finds money and she pretends to be hers. This is a signal that you will suffer losses because of your wastage or your friend intervenes in your life. You will …

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… dispute will be settled soon;

- Also dreaming of smoothing tools: dispute will be resolved with a friend;

- To see cutting tools, saw or knife: by intemperance someone have caused riots and fights back.

* Please, see also meanings of dreams about manual workman, craftsman, repairman, artisan.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Tool is a device used to carry out a particular function.

Complete definition

A tool is a device that can be used to produce an …

Comment by manuel bou: … i ended up with a friend i have not seen in along time in …

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… – Announces that you will hear something unpleasant and you will feel suffer, because a former friend will become an enemy;

Frustration   If Bitten by them   - When you dream that you have been bitten by wasps, this mean that you will experience a disappointment;

Harm Also If Bitten by them - The betrayal of a friend will have serious consequences because he will use certain knowledge to harm you; Envy and hatred;

Separation If Chase - This dream notices that you …

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Ring (jewellery)

… from a loved one; Also dreaming that you lose a ring: it is a warning of difficulties ahead by a friend or relative or partner’s disloyalty;

- To find a ring in dream: singles will fall in love; Also dreaming that you find a ring: love affairs will tend to develop beneficial;

- To put ring on your finger: warns against an intended infidelity;

- Dreaming that you wear a ring: you may hope that new ventures will be successful;

- Pull, drag off of the finger: an infidelity will have …

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… very uncomfortable opponent;

- To be followed by a wolf: means danger;

- To be attacked by one: friend will cause many difficulties to you;

- To track, follow, trace or pursue a wolf: you will overcome all threats;

- Try to kill wolf or to see killed wolf: you turn off treacherous opponents, who want to embarrass you.


- The wolf means a greedy rulers.

- Dream of fighting with a wolf: you will have a dispute;

- If the dreamer kills wolf: he is a powerful person & he will …

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… immediate future of a loved one;

If Seeing – You will overcome a crisis with the help of a friend;

Recovery If Healed wound – This points to recovery of your personal and family life, better earnings better life.

* Please, see meaning of blood, ulcer, tumor, sores, scar, oil, soldier, injury, weapons and arms.

Definition of Wound:

Short definition

Wound is an injury to living tissue caused by some impact.

Complete definition

In medicine, a …

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… out of a serious delusion;

- Also to see miracle: dreamer will be very surprised by behavior of friend;


- Dreaming of miracle: suddenly will turn everything back to the good.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Miracle is an amazing action, product or achievement of something.

Complete definition

A miracle is an event attributed to divine intervention. Sometimes an event is also attributed (in part) to a miracle worker, saint, or religious leader. …

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… - To see worm or worms in dream: someone is hurt intentionally or unintentionally; Also: friend or acquaintance is becomimg more unpleasant, possibly that someone undermining your position; Also: strange premonition of a plague, but it still in dark burrows;

- Dreaming that you search worms for fishing: promises profit and success;

- To use worm as fish bait: ability to use even hostile forces for your own good;

- To see tapeworm, or even have tapeworms in stomach (or any other …

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