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… much of the courage I have?

General Meanings:

In general lion in a dream symbolizes cruelty and strength. Lion very often known as the animal with enormous amount of the energy, aggressiveness and influence in nature. There are many different dream interpretations that are related to lion, depending on the circumstances in a dream:

Will be successful if killed the lion – to hunt down the lion shows the risks you might take, however the results you will achieve if the lion will be …

Comment by matthew: … if the lion is friendly and genital. In my dream the …

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… Association:

Energy; Sexuality; The serpentine power of Kundalini, an unconscious, instinctive and libidinal force.


What is the energy, that I am willing to express? Or to understand?

General Meanings:

The snake is the ancient symbol of dreams and should always be thoroughly analyzed by individual associations. The result of deep analysis will give you an important insight into your personality. For the start there is a lot of examples what a meaning of a snake dream can …

Comment by morita: … down a road and I saw a large snake cut in half I …

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The dream about a dog is fully interpreted and completely explained. The interpretation of the dream is multiple, because of the research on various levels ( general, psychological, spiritual, medicine wheel {by Indians}  and traditional : for Christians, Muslims, Hindu ), and based on many conditions ( biting, chained, black, etc.). To see the meaning and the analysis of single context, use ctr+f command or live …

Comment by carmen: … fell a part of it and I was really carefully going up so …

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… Question:

Which part of me is almost a human?

General Meanings:

Primitive instincts and life style Monkey stands for the animal primitive, uncivilized, materialistic-oriented people without intellectual interests; it can contain the need to develop and to mature the shades of our ego. In the dream, the monkey often points to primitive desires which the unconscious would like to make more clearly to us, sometimes it also shows fear, that our fellows can estimate us worse than …

Comment by Sherlz: … for sometime now and it is a little bit frustrating. An …

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General Meanings:

Loneliness and sadness Wasteland is often stands for a lonely and boring life, but points out that the dreamer is ascribable with his own rudeness and impoliteness. To run in the wasteland, this signifies that the person is free from everything.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Bad period if be alone in the wasteland – This points to desolation and helplessness because of …

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… Dreams that are related to the zodiac signs have many meanings about people’s behaviour and nature. The dreams about Zodiac comes in many various ways depending on what it means to you, what part of it takes in your life. Each sign of Zodiac has very unique meaning with different attributes to it. In dreams the Zodiac signs could shows the features we wish to have or the qualities that we would like to get rid off.

The dream meanings of Zodiac signs:

Aries is a sign of …

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… all of the animals are leaded by instincts. The desire to get what they want brings descendants and helps to improve the quality of life in all means – sexual, playfulness and other. The animals just like human-beings have an ability to warn others about the danger that is lurking for them.

In dreams animals represents those aspects of the dreamer’s personality that are related to instincts. It is very important to notice what kind of the animal the dreamer was dreaming of. There are …

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General Meanings:

In General Jaguar symbolizes emotions, fierce, power, aggression and force.

In dreams Jaguar shows the feminine and aggressive side of your personality. Maybe now is the time of your life, when you feel overprotected, therefore you dream of the Jaguar.

It also could indicate your desire to be alone.

Psychological Meanings:

Psychologically Jaguar represents the beauty, especially for the women.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian) …

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Dog feces

… induced by internal stimuli. This works as an alert to the dreamer, that it is a time to wake up and to use toilet. Bowel movements is internal stimuli and because of it we have dreams about feces.

Second meaning can show your worry about your dog. If you have a dog, then maybe you are worried that your dog is pooping right now while you are asleep. Such dream works as reminder to take your dog out.

Third interpretation is about symbolic significance of dog’s excrement in dreams.  …

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Contexts about dog

… make you to dream urinating dog. Very often we are hearing sounds that are similar to peeing sound and that is reason why we have dreams about pee. Third meaning is applicable when you are owner of a dog. Then peeing dog represents your worry that your dog might need to go outside to urinate. Also it represents your worry that dog is peeing all over the place. Urinating dog can have sexual significance and denotes some kind of stress. Maybe you have fears related to sexual activity and

Comment by Natalie: … , its ridicilious and crazy because of the size …

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… (Judeo-Christian)

- To see the action of gilding or to see gilded things: sign of prosperity and honour; a present will be offered to you, you should consider well, before you accept it, because the motive behind is not just of friendly nature.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- In the dream to see gold-plated objects: you love the false appearance and gleam.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

* Please, see meaning of facade.

Explanation & Definition: …

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… will be rewarded.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Reconcile with friends: watch out for quarrel, conflict and strife;

- Reconcile with an unknown person: you will be able to facilitate conscience by a confession; also: a new friendship announces, that will possibly continues a whole life;

- Reconcile with an enemy or adversary: To toil without you, it is very difficult for others.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The restoration of friendly relations. The action of …

Comment by jose: … with your dad and he gets to meet hes grandson for …

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Folk Festival

… one: there are a profitable business in the House. You can rely on a comrade;

-This announces a friendly and balanced partner for a young woman.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

An organized series of concerts, plays, or movies, typically one held annually in the same place.

Complete definition

A Folk festival …

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… that they don’t reverse.

In general:

Deceased ancestors in a dream indicate unhappiness and concerns that are grounded in past actions. The characters encounter a friendly, one is evil may finally turn out well. But if they are rude, the concerns are even greater.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- To see: is regarded as a warning of disease.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- There isn’t any meaning …

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… Desire to step away Recluse (Hermit) may actually stands for desire to withdraw from life and people. Perhaps this is due to frustration and resentment, bitterness which you can not allow to overwhelm you, otherwise later you will regret about that.

Support and advise Some wants to withdraw in order to find themselves – this may be a good decision. The recluse appears as a teacher and a counselor, often with a long white beard (he reminds an old depiction of Father of God). In …

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… relationships with your wife, especially if she was smiling in a dream;

Profitable business if friendly wife – the dream in which the dreamer is communicating with the wife and she is exceptionally friendly, indicates the gain in a business affairs;

General turmoil if beaten wife – to dream that the wife has been beaten by a husband, indicates confusion in all aspects of the life.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Happiness if see your own wife – the dreamer who sees his wife will …

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In general:

- A flat surface usually refers to ease and lets hope for the everyday success, but warns against excessive probably convenience.

- Level promises to ancient dream books that you experience joy and happiness in the near future and is making good progress in life. Perhaps behind it but also a warning of obstacles and risks faced by closing one’s eyes so far.

- If one looks far from a higher location on a friendly planar addition, it …

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… close-knit community. It symbolizes the ability of the dreamer to develop empowering relationships and community spirit. For a city dweller, the desire return to a nature-friendly, easy lifestyle, but also the definition of the straits which are perhaps emotionally charged, but at the same time warns against illusions. Sun provides e.g. The village church represents his mental state and character education, the village square – his relationship to the environment or the village cemetery …

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… a dream symbol – rather “day residues” of an unspoken problem that sounds through the dream and again to “talk about” making.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- lead discussion in a friendly way: a good omen;

- domination lose: not a good omen.

Hindu (Hinduism)

- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Conversation or debate …

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You were in a diplomatic residence visits and basked in the sophisticated surroundings of the urbane, elegant, entertaining themselves multilingual society? Dreamed it all – and here lies the significance of the dream: you want to “more” and not just an onlooker. That you are called yourself to be active and ambitious dreams hardly enough to come “up” – whatever that is, be for you just wanted to make this visit to the …

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… wisdom or the greatest of ease?

In general:

Dolphins are simultaneously for seafarers savior and leader, because they have special knowledge and a special kind of awareness. As the dolphin, so also emerges from the depths of the unconscious – the dolphin therefore represents the hidden side of man that must fathom. The friendly and playful dolphin indicated from time immemorial to a happy and enjoyable time. Join the dolphin in the underwater world, this is a particularly happy dream …

Comment by nichole richardson: … out of this pool and catching diffrent fish i had bow …

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