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Refuse (trash, rubbish, garbage)

General Meanings: Cleaning your minds and surrounding In the dream symbolism stands for waste items or information that is no longer needed and now can be thrown away. Often the color of the waste is important (see “colors”). Sometimes the upcoming spring-cleaning solves a dream about waste cleanup and clean out. It may also be the explanation: Your life is littered with unnecessary problems and people who you should definitely get r… Continue reading

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…member of my family, which is causing great anxiety and sadness?

I would appreciate someone’s input, thanks

Amanda Emi I was standing among bare trees. The ground was covered in pure white snow.
A wolf appeared at the 10 o’clock position walking slowly. He was a healthy animal, as as it passed just looked at me showing no interest.

The mood of the dream was “silence” and ‘loneliness”.
I can’t remember my feelings as I saw the wolf and… Continue reading

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…dreams from arabic & islamic cultures. * Please, see meaning of animal or dog. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation Puppy is a young dog. Complete definition A puppy is a juvenile dog. Some puppies may weigh 1–3 lb (0.45–1.4 kg), while larger ones can weigh up to 15–23 lb (6.8–10 kg). All healthy puppies grow quickly after birth. A puppy’s coat color may change as the puppy grows older, as is commonly seen in breeds such a… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – farm in a dream means wealth and prosperity. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A place where agricultural and similar activities take place, especially the growing of crops or the raising of livestock. Complete definition A farm is an area of land, or, for aquaculture, lake, river or sea, including various structures, devoted primarily to the practice of producing and managing food (p… Continue reading

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In general: Today probably most of people dream of a car or other means of transport, if a dream of continuing movement.We dare to dream of a dispute, it may be an indication that old and already deposited methods of testing the given situation are the solution.Wagon can be understood in terms of a car.Pulls it an animal, you interpret this.A rickshaw, which draws a man, exhorts the dreamer not to harness for its purposes others. Psychologically… Continue reading

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ATTENTION: If you notice numbers in a dream, so you should try to play in a lottery. These numbers should bring a good luck. Those who want to save time and see symbolism immediately, should use shortcuts and jump directly to numbers: Zero 0, One 1, Two 2, Three 3, Four 4, 5, Six 6, Seven 7, Eight 8, Nine 9, Ten 10, Eleven 11, Twelve 12, Thirteen 13. For better understanding of dream about exact number, one also should look in dedicated page for… Continue reading

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Association: Excretion, to part with anything, especially from the garbage of the past. Question: What I am willing to separate? * Please, see meaning of abortion, bowel. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation To remove (impurities, as in a chemical solution); clarify. Complete definition Defecation, or defaecation (British English/archaic) (from late Latin defecatio) is the act of by which organisms eliminate solid, semisolid or liq… Continue reading

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Litter (animal)

Traditionally: European – To see a litter of piglets: good family; – Dreaming of litter of other animals: concerns at home, that will soon pass away. * Please, see also meaning of dream by individual animal name. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The group of newborns animals born to an animal at once. Complete definition A litter is the offspring at one birth of animals from the same mother and usually from one set of parents…. Continue reading

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Association: Travel; way to freedom; movement. Question: Where in my life I have freedom of movement? Psychologically: On the highway we proceed quickly and easily, unless there is a traffic jam that references been blocked vital energy. At the same time, the broad highway of the collective path that usually leads quickly to the target, without being particularly interesting and environmentally. Also a symbol of constant traveling, frequent driv… Continue reading

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Psychologically: Even in a dream, a symbol of locomotion. For more information you can obtain from the mood while driving. Did you just come on quickly, or was it a relaxing trip with important impressions? Experienced an accident? Think carefully – this way you can decipher the symbolism of dreams and see how you behave in your life and where your challenges and opportunities lie. * Please, see meaning of car. Explanation & Definition… Continue reading

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Association: Entrance, privacy. Question: How well the different parts of myself consistent with each other? Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – This symbol doesn’t have any explanation in Christian culture. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – break floors in a dream: death. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation The bottom or lower part of any room; the suppo… Continue reading

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Trailer (vehicle)

Association: Stragglers; disability. Question: What additional load makes me busy? * Please, see meaning of amulet, vehicles, necklace. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A thing that trails, esp. a trailing plant. Complete definition A trailer is generally an unpowered vehicle pulled by a powered vehicle. Commonly, the term trailer refers to such vehicles used for transport of goods and materials. Sometimes recreational vehicles… Continue reading

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Traditional Meanings: Hindu (Hinduism) Satisfaction if see a farmer – In the dream you see a farmer this announces fulfillment of your wishes, expectations, or needs for you. Arabian (Islamic) Troubles if see – This dream will bring you struggle with great difficulties, but you are stubborn and determined person; Success if talk with – The dream announces that you will succeed in everything. Definition of Farmer: Short def… Continue reading

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…y white worms..and i do shaking,,, so that it well take off but it wont work.. Laura FIRST OF ALL I AM VERY FREAKED OUT BY WORMS AND BUGS & I REALLY NEED SOME HELP FIGURING OUT THESE 2 DREAMS I’VE HAD IN A ROW……..The 1st one was about me coughing up a black thousand leg worm like thing…..and the 2nd was about me having this long white hard worm with black rings/stripes on it in the crease on my ear and I flicked it off and poured somet… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Joy and worries When in a a dream plums appear, this announces wealth, welfare and happiness, but only then, when it is the season of them. Otherwise, when plums appear out of season, this symbol signifies anxiety, sorrow, pain or worries. Psychological Meanings: In Japan, China and in the Far East the plum-tree is considered as a tree of the knowledge or realization and as a tree of life. The plum symbol in the dream symbolize… Continue reading

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Automobile repair shop

In general: You had a dream out how to deal with your personal skills. The workshop is the place of creativity, out of it shows the dreamer in the world, with which he deals. There, he uses his instinct and checked and all of its reserves and motivation skills. Psychologically: A repair shop for cars can point to the need for personal attention and perhaps to physical affection – as illustrated by a car in the dream as the dreamer deal wit… Continue reading

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General Meanings: Wholeness In the dream and in meditation the onion can occur as a symbol of wholeness, this holistic approach consists of many layers. Onion promises new courage, hope and good health. Personality features The dreamer peels an onion in his dream, then this dream suggest to unveil valuable personality features of himself or other people. This is an indication with all the effort to understand various features of their own person… Continue reading

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…here I live. He doesn’t live with me, we do not have a firepit, much less one that is cast iron. This dream has haunted me. HELP! Olawale Ojerinde Please help.

I had a dream where 3 house are burning 2 is in my care and 1 is will to be as my own and my own house is burning but just at the roof top and its not much. So I called fire Brigade to put out the fire and they arrive.they have started from the first room(ceiling fire) when I woke up… Continue reading

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…s near so all the animals are gathering from all over the world in their specific herds, then I woke up. So what does my dream mean? Ashtyn When I was about 5 years old I had a recurring dream 3 or 4 times. I am now going on 17 next month. Every time the dream started off with me and my brother on top of the cliff fishing on a beautiful sunny day. The first time i had this dream i walked to the edge of he cliff and then tripped and started falli… Continue reading

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Magic & Spells

…notice I turn into a vampire and this is recurring. It almost felt like someone in my dream casted a spell on me if that is possible? I went to this safe house with a which, and she said it was a powerful spell. She put like 10 things in a pot it turned like black and red as it compined. She put the liquid in my mouth . She gave me a name She said that Ron was trying to cast a spell on you, but I don’t know anyone named ron? I have lucid dreams… Continue reading

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…. THANDI A MAN COVERING HIS FACE AND WEARING GLOVES WAS FORCING ME TO HOLD A BURNING BIG BROWN CIGAR AND I REFUSED AND I IMMEDIATELY WOKE UP. IT WAS A BIT SCARY. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THAT? Alison My ex girl friend past away 10 days ago. Last night I had a dream of her. I woke up right away with the urge to call her however then I remembered she had past away. When I fell back to sleep I believe it was still her in my dream and she was putting o… Continue reading

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