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Juniper berry juice

… in European cuisine, and also give gin its distinctive flavour.

Synonyms of Juniper juice.

noun:juniper sap;plural:juniper juices.

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Grape harvest

In general:

Grape harvest (vintage) announces a work that you will do willingly and successfully.


Dreaming of grape harvest, which takes place even in the fall, announces that we are entering a phase in life, which promises us a lot of pleasant. Older people can be happy with this dream, because harvesting of grapes in dream announce, that they will satisfy some of their wishes. …

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In general:

If the dreamer in his dream perceives grape this points out that he has a need for celebration and ceremony. A dream of grapes suggests that in the life of the dreamer had been too little fun and laugh. Best way to change this is to bring creativity into life.


When grapes appear in dreams, then this maybe indicate a sacrifice. The dreamer has to give up something to achieve exactly what he are really looking for. …

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… vines, sweat and fatigue of the winegrowers in the spring and autumn, sweet fruit of the grape, right treatment of grape wine, its transformation into the fermentation process, the careful storage in the dark coolness – this whole path is a way to make a cultural drink.

Psychological Meanings:

Happiness and life force In dreams wine can be a symbol for a happy and cheerful occasion. It affects the consciousness and perception. Therefore, a wine cellar indicates all the …

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… land (a plantation or a farm) of grapevines, typically producing grapes used in winemaking, grape juices and raisins.

Complete definition

A vineyard is a plantation of grape-bearing vines, grown mainly for winemaking, but also raisins, table grapes and non-alcoholic grape juice. The science, practice and study of vineyard production is known as viticulture.

A vineyard is often characterised by its terroir, a French term loosely translating as “a sense of place” that refers …

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… Health The broken leaf of aloe indicates health and well-being (physically and emotionally). The juice of aloe signifies your current health situation, if it is fresh – good health, if it is bad – you have to take care of your health.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Elixir of life if have aloe – The dream signifies the sources to make your health stronger and become wiser;

Wise if see aloe – This dream may be a sign of wisdom.

Hindu (Hinduism) …

Comment by VanPisces: … started eating the juice & gel (it was very juicy). …

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… confidence and the development of the personality of the dreamer.

Sour experience The juice of the lemon is very sour, in a dream this image sometimes points to experienced disappointment or bitterness of the dreamer. The dream of squeezed lemon can point to the fact that dreamer is exploited in the waking life, which makes him very sour.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Earning if see a fresh lemon – In the dream you see a fresh lemon, signifies …

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Vintage (harvesting of grapes)

* To interpret dream of vintage (harvesting of grapes), please see meaning of grape harvest .

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Vintage is time in the year or place in which wine, esp. wine of high quality, was produced.

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… melon like fruit of a plant of the gourd family, with smooth green skin, red pulp, and watery juice.

Complete definition

Watermelon is a vine-like (scrambler and trailer) flowering plant originally from southern Africa. Its fruit, which is also called watermelon, is a special kind referred to by botanists as a pepo, a berry which has a thick rind and fleshy center ). Pepos are derived from an inferior ovary, and are characteristic of the Cucurbitaceae. The watermelon fruit, …

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… squaw root, squawroot, holly-leaves barberry, hollygrape, Mahonia aquifolium, mountain grape, Oregon holly grape, Oregon grape, Mahonia nervosa, Oregon grape, allspice.

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Jew’s harp

… overtones.

Complete definition

The Jew’s harp, jaw harp, mouth harp, Ozark harp, trump or juice harp, is a lamellophone instrument, which is in the category of plucked idiophones: it consists of a flexible metal or bamboo tongue or reed attached to a frame. The tongue/reed is placed in the performer’s mouth and plucked with the finger to produce a note.

Synonyms of jew’s harp

noun: mouth organ; plural: mouth organs; related terms: jews’ harp, mouth bow, musical …

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… Short explanation

A strong alcoholic spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice.

Complete definition

Brandy (from brandywine, derived from Dutch brandewijn, “burnt wine”) is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy generally contains 35–60% alcohol by volume (70–120 US proof) and is typically taken as an after-dinner drink. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, some are colored with caramel coloring to imitate the effect of aging, and some …

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… to a separation or a similar sad event.


Erotic symbol of sensuality full of juice and sweetness. The shape is similar to female, to yearnings to unite.


European (Judeo-Christian)

- pick pears: accident, followed by a pleasant surprise to disappointment;

- harvest: very successful businesses are imminent;

- pretty golden trees: the fate of one is disposed to be more favorable than previously;

- boiled: mastering setbacks well;

- baked: boredom in …

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… gas or “natural gas”.

Synonyms of gasoline

noun: petrol, gas, benzine, gasolene, juice; plural: petrols, gases, benzines, gasolenes, juices; related terms: gasohol, leaded gasoline, leaded petrol, fuel, hydrocarbon, napalm, unleaded gasoline, unleaded petrol.

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… it is a close relative, if it doesn’t bear any fruits – there will be a stranger.

Family if grape tree – A bachelor dreams a noble or wild grape vine has sprouted in his house, he will meet a woman and generate so many children with her as much as he saw grapes on the tree; If he didn’t see any grapes, he may nevertheless hope for children;

Worries if plant trees – You have planted trees in your dream, but didn’t know whether they have grown, you will be pushed to troubles …

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… as in “spiritual intoxication”.

Complete definition

Dionysus was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. His name in Linear B tablets shows he was worshipped from c. 1500—1100 BC by Mycenean Greeks: other traces of Dionysian-type cult have been found in ancient Minoan Crete. His origins are uncertain, and his cults took many forms; some are described by ancient sources as Thracian, others as Greek. In some cults, …

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… fruit, typically apples.

Complete definition

A fermented alcoholic beverage made from apple juice. Cider varies in alcohol content from 2% abv to 8.5% abv or more in traditional English ciders. In some regions, such as Germany and America, cider may be termed “apple wine”. In current usage of the term in the United States and Canada, the term “hard cider” is used for the alcoholic beverage discussed in this article, while the term “cider” usually refers to a non-alcoholic …

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Psychological Meanings:

Love and Pleasure Like “apple”, “plum” or “grape”  the orange is evaluated as a love symbol and as a the temptation for worldly and sensual pleasures.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Joy if see – the dream says that you are close to joy in your life;

Wanderlust if see an orange – In the dream you see an orange, the mind shows that it desires for journey;

Love if a lot lot mature hanging on a tree …

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General Meanings:

Desire for mental and spiritual self-realization  Abstinence is the form of self-control, suppression of needs and abandonment of proclivities and desires, especially from physical desires. This means that the dreamer takes care of and seeks for a higher degree of mental and spiritual self-realization and would like to remain faithful to his principles. The dream in which …

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Wine press

… are squeezed in making wine.

Complete definition

A wine press is a device used to extract juice from crushed grapes during wine making. There are a number of different styles of presses that are used by wine makers but their overall functionality is the same. Each style of press exerts controlled pressure in order to free the juice from the fruit (most often grapes). The pressure must be controlled, especially with grapes, in order to avoid crushing the seeds and releasing a great …

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… employed by wineries or wine companies.

Synonyms of winemaker

noun: vintner, winegrower, grape picker; pural: winemakers, winegrowers, grape pickers, vintners.

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