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European (Judeo-Christian)

Troubles if dream of objection – the matters with the law mostly causes uncomfortable experience. However, such dream could also indicate the winning against something important, in those cases, when the objection was successful.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Unpleasant experience if made an objection – such dream indicates awkwardness, troubles and …

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… helpings, contributions; related terms: assist, activity, self-help, facilitation, helping hand, hand, recourse, refuge, resort, thanks, ministration, succor, succour, relief, lift, service, accommodation, boost, encouragement, comfort, support.

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… that has not reached his consciousness and we should pursue it. The dream bed is best for the left hand, unconscious on the side. At the moment when a woman moved her bed to the right dream, a ghost appeared to her nature. Ghosts appear, however, if a natural order is disturbed. If untoward happens, it is “tremendously”.


Traditionally, the bed is seen as a symbol of the circle of life: here are conceived and born children, the sick and healthy, it is the place of the …

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In general:

Confession means on the one hand, that one admits fault and blame, but on the other hand, forgiveness is hoped that allows a new, light-hearted start. Often you will be prompted by the symbol of confession in a dream, finally, admit mistakes and correct them.


One would like to talk about something depressing about the soul, it is silent about the everyday life. Dreams of a devout man of the confession, …

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… The praise expressed by clapping.

Synonyms of applause

noun: approval, acclamation, hand, acclaim, clap, plaudit, clapping; plural: approvals, acclamations, hands, acclaims, claps, plaudits, clappings; related terms: commendation, approval, ovation, standing ovation, hand, handclap, round.

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Alarm devices

… a state as “alarmed”.

With any kind of alarm, the need exists to balance between on the one hand the danger of false alarms (called “false positives”) — the signal going off in the absence of a problem — and on the other hand failing to signal an actual problem (called a “false negative”). False alarms can waste resources expensively and can even be dangerous. For example, false alarms of a fire can waste firefighter manpower, making them unavailable for a real fire, and …

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… accompanying instrument. The performer normally plays the melody on buttons or keys on the right-hand manual, and the accompaniment, consisting of bass and pre-set chord buttons, on the left-hand manual.

The accordion is often used in folk music in Europe, North America and South America. It is commonly associated with busking. Some popular music acts also make use of the instrument. Additionally, the accordion is sometimes used in both solo and orchestra performances of classical music. …

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… in the everyday life of an enemy in a pincer.



– To have pliers in hand: you will be exposed to enemy assaults;

– To handle: by your reckless and willful conduct, you will worry and cause difficulties for other people, without which one intends to do so; Also: problems in a love affair can be expected.


– Pliers in dream: indicates a dangerous predicament of moral nature, warning of fire and disputes;

– To see or to work with pliers: …

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… from loved ones.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Wave – move (hand or arm, or something held in hand) to and fro.

Synonyms of wave

verb: swing, flutter, brandish, undulate, sway, flap, curl; wave as verb: waving – present participle; waved – past tense; waved – past participle; waves – 3rd person singular present; related terms: handwaving, handwave.

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Nuclear weapon

… aware that the completion of a certain period of life most dramatically is imminent. Often goes hand in hand with the vision to feel that explosion must be preceded by a destructive energy reconstruction. Atom bomb symbolized in some cases, the destructive forces that lie dormant in the unconscious of a person and destroy lives.


The atomic bomb in the dream could represent the fear and irrationality before used the wrong power. A nuclear bomb will deliberate a blast and …

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… you have lack of feeling to acquire knowledge through senses.

Restriction The absence of a hand probably says that the dreamer does not have enough freedom of action. Who is beheaded in the dream is in danger of waking to lose his head as well – certain recklessness in love relationships.

Spiritual Meanings:

The distortion of the perfection.

Traditional Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Losses if amputated smaller limbs (fingers, toes) – This dream announces …

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… to overcome finally as an adult. This can be pathological mental disorders (neuroses often) go hand in hand, which should be treated by psychotherapy.

As more frequent meanings are primarily still in question:

– Fear of own death, which is displaced, or loved ones from death people, this meaning is derived from the real life circumstances.

– Dramatic changes in personality and / or the circumstances in which many hopes, wishes, goals, attitudes, beliefs and other mental content is …

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… disappointment and shame.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

Bring and hand over (a letter, parcel, or ordered goods) to the proper recipient or address.

Complete definition

To bring or transport to the proper place or recipient; distribute.

Synonyms of deliver

verb: hand over, rescue; related terms: present, mouth, speak, talk, verbalise, verbalize, utter, speechify.

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… the symbol will be judged favorably, particularly the construction of a house is a sign of a sure hand for future planning.

– Accordingly, problems are resolved quickly, if what you build, is small and cute.

– Grows the building aimlessly up and up, then the problems growing out of hand.

– A bridge is built, it can be expected that difficulties will soon be bridged.

– If a building collapses or even removed, but warns against the failures, it should reconsider its plans once …

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Ax (axe)

… you see very sharp ax, means that scare and conflicts will arise to you;

Misfortune if take in hand – The ax in your hands brings you bad luck and misfortune;

Disputes if have in the hand, grinding or brandishing – when you have and ax and you are grinding or brandishing with it, denotes about disputes where you are not quite guiltless;

Suffer if the ax is brandishing by another – Announces that you will suffer from the thoughtlessness and recklessness of another people; …

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… master of digression, particularly in his ability to shift from the specific question or issue at hand (the hypothesis) to the more general issue or question that it depended upon (the thesis). As was the case with most ancient orators, Cicero’s apparent digression always turned out to bear directly upon the issue at hand. During the Second Sophist (in Imperial Rome), the ability to guide a speech away from a stated theme and then back again with grace and skill came to be a mark of true …

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… beings to see anything that is not related to our body.

If the hair growing out of hands or hand palms – such dream shows restriction, which shows inactivity and work that hasn’t been done, unemployment and all because of tiredness and inability to work.

If someone braided your hair – it shows the benefits, but only to those whose hair was braided. If The the dreamer braided hair to somebody else, that is a bad omen, which symbolizes unpleasant financial obligations.

Context …

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… European (Judeo-Christian)

– you will be satisfied with what you have in front of your hand;

– bathe in a marble: pleasant surprise after a serious illness;

– a bath in a zinc: from his circumstances will not be published;

– bathing in a cast-iron-enamel: the situation is improving;

– be in a hot tub: an illness or difficulties become apparent and the water in the tub is clear: pass a danger.

* Please, see meaning of baden.

Explanation & Definition: …

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Beauty, sexuality bloom.


What will my beauty and sexuality to bloom?

In general:

Dreams of flowers can have a calming effect. In waking life, there are few people who do not associate flowers with joy and relaxation. We enjoy not only of flowers, we also use it as a sign of love, appreciation, sympathy and consolation. In one of these correlations are all kinds …

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European (Judeo-Christian)

– cherub appear you: great joy, which leaves a lasting impression of quality of life;

– worried or looking reproachfully: unexpected sorrow will come upon you.


– There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

– confidence in your lucky star.

* Please, see meaning of angel .

Explanation & …

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Fear to be pulled of energy.


What haunts me? Where in my life do I fail to access with my own forces?

General Meanings:

Tired because of too big demands When big demands are placed to the dreamer, then vampire can appear in the dream who “sucks out” him.

Evil or Bad person around The blood-sucking vampire is such a frightening creature that he is …

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