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… she is pregnant indicates her wish for a child or it can denotes that she has the wish to find a man.

Wish for a Man – If a woman is dreaming about pregnant man, then such dream clearly shows her wish for a man, which can bring a lot of things in their homes.

Love or Wealth for a Man – If a man is dreaming about being pregnant, then such dream indicates his wish to give a birth in his life for something. It can be related to professional activities that brings money or it can …

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… should induce us to come with ourselves to the pure self. Personified this animal could be a man that benefits ourselves only if we do not become enemies with him.



– In general: with the internal drives is a difficult fight in progress, have a thieving employees, also divulges trade secrets;

– To hear the howl: your conspiracy will be investigated;

– To look into wolf or to see one: applies to false, hypocritical friends. Dreamer should not to make …

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… grown, became an adult. This is not good the death is near, somebody is going to die. When the old man dreams that he became a child, it is a bad sign. It means his death. A good sign, however it is for a man – to be a youth, and for the youth to become a boy. Changes for both ages are youthful. It brings happiness when the boy transforms into a young man, a young man into the man, and the man turns himself into an old man. Because each of them become more honorable age. A young man – to …

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… they simply do not help in your life any more.

A tree or sapling, sprouts from the loins of a man, clearly stands for the sexual energy that can speed up your whole life.

The roots of a tree, show the connection between the people and the earth. The statement would be more correct, they represent the capacity of people to fight for the practical side of life and enjoy its existence.

Spreading out roots mean the willingness to show openness, while profound roots show restraint. …

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Adam (the first man)

… is a lucky dream.

Psychological Meanings:

Relationship with dreamer’s father The first man Adam, as the progenitor of mankind, often occurs as a symbol of physicality and sensuality, which is not channeled enough of consciousness, then it must be understood as a call to rein in the more sensual and the spiritual realm. Also Adam partly stands for the dreamer’s father, in this case it is an indication of good or negative influence on personal development and conflicts that strain …

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… animals. Therefore, their image in the dream may express repressed desire to be a parent. If a man sees a woman, taking care of the rabbit, it expresses his desire to possess the woman and create future with her.

Antique French dreambook:

Dreams about rabbit and interpretations from old French dreambook

If the rabbit is white it symbolizes success;

If black – disappointment, because of someone’s fault. There is a possibility that you will be upset;

When the dreamer kills …

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Islamic Water

… (3) Marriage, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “And He it is Who hath created man from water, and hath appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for thy Lord is very Powerful.” (“Al-Furqan” [The Criterion], verse 54.)

(4) Semen, because God Almighty has called sperm water and Arabs call notfa, or semen, abundant water.

(5) Money, because it generates profit.

(6) Purity.

(7) Birth of one or more children.

(8) Price decreases.

(9) Justice. …

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… men get married in their lifetime.

Synonyms of husband

verb: economize, spare, save; noun: man, spouse, mate, consort, hubby, partner, helpmate; plural: men, spouses, mates, consorts, hubbies, partners, helpmates; related terms: hubby, married man

benedick, benedict, cuckold, family man, house husband, househusband, better half, married person, partner, spouse, mate, uxoricide.

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Old people

… thoughtful and responsibly.

Get rid of long forgotten traditions To dream yourself as an old man, this marks that you live with your long forgotten ideals and traditions. The world is changing and you have to change your old attitude. If you are young and dream yourself as an old person, then this is shows that you just begin to mature as a personality.

Can not escape from influence To dream your old parents, this shows that you can not escape and free yourself from their influence. …

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… just like when they were born.

Other contexts

If the woman dreams that she has a hair of a man, such dream represents the masculine side of her. It means that there is less femininity in her, then in any ordinary women.

If the man dreams that he has hair of the women, then such dream shows the feminine side of the dreamer. Such man has the features which is more common to women: romanticism, gentleness and purity.

To dream of hair on the chest and abdomen, shows sexuality and …

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… dreaming of fire and dreaming of conflagration. The fire is seen as a major element of nature that man has, without awe and guilt, like all myths tell that the fire was stolen to serve for man. This value radiates the heat. Such a dream always results large spiritual powers. For one of the qualities of the soul is the fire. Therefore, the fire in the outer appearance is so attractive to all people.

Psychological Meanings:

Fire occurs as ambiguous symbol in different contexts in the most …

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… of you is willing to fight for everything you want.


A lustful person, an old man, a horny man image, a man who has to play the role of scapegoat; grumble; derogatory term for a woman.

Transcendent importance:

An ally who can help you with the safety of his movements to find what you are looking for.

Artemidoros Meanings:

Neither white nor black goat brings good luck, but all show without exception an evil, the white less, the black more.

General Meanings: …

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… memories and playful experiences. Otherwise, the meaning of the dog refers to what is known for a man and symbolizes the possibility of the loyalty and unconditional love.

Quality of the dreamer – If in the dream about dog, the dreamer is aware that it is of the specific dog breed or it is a dog with specific characteristics such as the speed of a greyhound or the protectiveness of a rottweiler, a mastiff or a boxer, or even the aggressiveness of a sharpei, a pit bull terrier, or …

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… example, the woman who finds itself repeatedly with a father figure in close relationships, or the man that is a unit time and again in dispute with female supervisors) has to be learned adequately deal with its distortions and to understand them. Succeeds, however, are their own and projections that other people have to make people aware, they can be adopted without damage to themselves will be coming. The perfect balance would be achieved if all sides of the personality can be expressed as: …

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Blind man’s bluff

… one person is blindfolded and tries to touch the other players.

Complete definition

Blind man’s buff or blind man’s bluff is a children’s game, a variant of tag. The traditional name of the game is “blind man’s buff”, wherein the word buff is used in its older sense of a small push. The game later also became known as “blind man’s bluff”; it is possible that this name is a linguistic corruption.

Synonyms of Blind man’s bluff


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Baby / Babies

… that you will encounter some changes related with your friends. But be aware that dreaming of handsome, lovely or pretty babies (must be more than one), announces potential loss in social life – the end in friendship or sometimes renewal of it, but keep in mind, that it shows also an oppurtunity to start a new one. Maybe you are in exactly this situation right now? Have you lost your friend/s or state of trust and support? Perhaps dream is a image of current changes of faith. Please, …

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… and unimportance (in relation to the dreamer or someone else). If the worm is larger than a man, then this can be close to feelings of inferiority. If the dreamer sees the piles that arises when an earthworm eats soil and excreted, so he has to do with an image of transformation. It shows him that he can change his life and do something more fruitful. It may be that the dream consciousness with this image of sexual desires, which the dreamer is considered immoral and indicating his …

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… I feel in relation to my creativity or sexuality as being threatened?

General Meanings:

If any man is dreaming of being castrated, then such a dream brings very negative emotions. For a woman it causes as much distractions as to any of the men. Such dreams can be explained and listed as a nightmare, because the castration is not only painful, but also it is the part of you which is taken away.There are several ways the castration is done, therefore it is very important to pay attention to …

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… Meanings:

European (Judeo-Christian)

Will have a new acquaintance with someone if man wears a collar – such dream shows new contacts, friendships and/or relationships;

Anger towards males if ironing the collar – for a woman to iron the collar, signifies the displeasure and hard feelings she has for men or just for particular one;

Will get invitation to special event if tie round the collar – for a dreamer to bind a collar shows that he/she will be invited in …

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… so be careful what you speak or do.

Hindu (Hinduism)

Clearness If Cut – If the man dreams, his tongue was cut off, was shortened or became big that he could not move it any more, he will cut inequitable opinions;

Disrupting If Cut – If you are wise and smart, you will lose your cleverness and wisdom, the enemies will triumph about you, and you will get in a big distress. A man will be defeated in the processes which he leads and does not come out of without …

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… handle the money, and it almost always stands for erotic speculation. Who has money, are powerful man, after all it is the ideal of the women. The woman longs for a man who can give her strength and power because of security and satisfaction.

Personal Success – Money can represent the personal resources in material or spiritual terms, and also the potential success of the dreamer. Paper money or coins represent more or less emotional and mental energy.

Luck  If Finding  – It …

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