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Baby / Babies

… that you will encounter some changes related with your friends. But be aware that dreaming of handsome, lovely or pretty babies (must be more than one), announces potential loss in social life – the end in friendship or sometimes renewal of it, but keep in mind, that it shows also an oppurtunity to start a new one. Maybe you are in exactly this situation right now? Have you lost your friend/s or state of trust and support? Perhaps dream is a image of current changes of faith. Please, …

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… a letter from her lover and pushes it to the heart – Means that she will keep an eye on another handsome man. Honesty is punished with jealousy;

Worries if can not read the letter – This dream announces that you will suffer loss of business or have personal problems;

Be aware of enemies if the letter is intercepted by someone – The dream is a warning that your enemies are working to defame you;

Doubtfulness  if hide a letter from a lover or a spouse – The meaning is that …

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… she is pregnant indicates her wish for a child or it can denotes that she has the wish to find a man.

Wish for a Man – If a woman is dreaming about pregnant man, then such dream clearly shows her wish for a man, which can bring a lot of things in their homes.

Love or Wealth for a Man – If a man is dreaming about being pregnant, then such dream indicates his wish to give a birth in his life for something. It can be related to professional activities that brings money or it can …

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Islamic Water

… (3) Marriage, in view of a verse in the Holy Quran that says: “And He it is Who hath created man from water, and hath appointed for him kindred by blood and kindred by marriage; for thy Lord is very Powerful.” (“Al-Furqan” [The Criterion], verse 54.)

(4) Semen, because God Almighty has called sperm water and Arabs call notfa, or semen, abundant water.

(5) Money, because it generates profit.

(6) Purity.

(7) Birth of one or more children.

(8) Price decreases.

(9) Justice. …

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… grown, became an adult. This is not good the death is near, somebody is going to die. When the old man dreams that he became a child, it is a bad sign. It means his death. A good sign, however it is for a man – to be a youth, and for the youth to become a boy. Changes for both ages are youthful. It brings happiness when the boy transforms into a young man, a young man into the man, and the man turns himself into an old man. Because each of them become more honorable age. A young man – to …

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… lack of success in the work for his daily bread.

- Are these body parts become more beautiful and handsome, it puts out as a success and increase its business.

- Healthy: you will reach your goal;

- A meager: are the hopes of not, you will after all be lucky again;

- Thick, red : happiness;

- Sunken, pale: serious concerns.

Arabian (Islamic)

- Dreaming of a prince or emperor, cheeks, temples and mouth had been widening beautiful, it is fame and fortune in the war, a common man or a …

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… Also this symbol indicates exaggerated hopes of achieving your own plans;

Success if see handsome, beautiful good-looking monument – In the dream you see very beautiful monument, this is a good omen. Your efforts and hard work will be rewarded with success;

Glad if see and sit – In the dream you see a monument and sit on it, shows that you will be happy about progress in your life;

Recognition   if help to build – When you are building a monument or even help …

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Champagne cork

… - a young woman dreaming that she pulls champagne corks must forward them to a loving and handsome lover who showered them with money and attention. You should pay attention to your reputation and take well-meant advice of their parents’ hearts.


- There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism.

Arabian (Islamic)

- None dream explanation in Islam.

Explanation & Definition:

Short explanation

The bark of the cork oak, which is very light and porous …

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Fine (penalty)

… in advance.

Synonyms of fine

adjective: nice, delicate, beautiful, fair, subtle, good, handsome, pretty, excellent, subtile, thin; verb: mulct, amerce, clarify, penalize; noun: penalty, forfeit, mulct, amercement; adverb: well, nicely, good; plural: penalties, forfeits, mulcts, amercements; related terms: penalty, library fine.

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… Better life and profits if see – This dream symbolizes thoughtful speculation and handsome profits, which will improve your life.

* Please, see meaning of battery.

Definition of Accumulator:

Short definition

A person or thing that accumulates things.

Complete definition

An accumulator is an apparatus by means of which energy can be stored, such as a rechargeable battery or a hydraulic accumulator. Such devices may be electrical, fluidic or …

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… organ or anything that is false and fake. The studies shows that depending on who is the dreamer man or women could have different explanations. Mostly for men the cat, especially the wild one is related to their sexual desires and the need to have sex to someone. However, if the women has dreamt about the cat, then such a dream signifies falseness, which is more common between women, because women intend to fantasize and lie more than men do. The dreams could have completely different …

Comment by indigo: … of shit! Surely a man wrote this trash!!! Mostly for …

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… independence. The dreamer must learn to understand the change of responsibility. In the dream of a man a bride symbolizes the view of the feminine, innocent parts inside her. If the dream about wedding – especially if it is of those who is dreaming – then this is an indication of feelings integration to reality. Bride, bridegroom are understood trivially, sometimes as the need for a marriage or partnership which is perhaps suppressed. Symbolic meanings often stand behind it, for example: …

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… animals. Therefore, their image in the dream may express repressed desire to be a parent. If a man sees a woman, taking care of the rabbit, it expresses his desire to possess the woman and create future with her.

Antique French dreambook:

Dreams about rabbit and interpretations from old French dreambook

If the rabbit is white it symbolizes success;

If black – disappointment, because of someone’s fault. There is a possibility that you will be upset;

When the dreamer kills …

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