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Association: Chance, fortune, risk. Question: Can I achieve a lot, if I put just a little bit of the effort? General Meanings: If you dreamed that you bought a lottery ticket or a raffle ticket, then something in your life is out of control. The other meaning foretells that the consequences are not always accurate to the actions you take, which means that sometimes you get completely different of what you’ve expected. Sometimes the dream m… Continue reading

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Psychologically: Something that would like us plugging in the unconscious, so we go out in waking life more of us. * Please, see meaning of purchase tickets. Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A pass entitling the holder to admission to a show, concert, etc. Complete definition A ticket is a voucher that indicates that one has paid for admission to an event or establishment such as a theatre, movie theater, amusement park, zoo, m… Continue reading

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Get lost

Association: – Directionless; Missing person. Question: Where in my life am I lack of self-confidence? In general: Get lost stands for a wrong life direction with intentions and aims which do not stand in harmony with your own personality. You will either fail with the successes and will not be happy. Psychologically: Usually this translated as the emotional or mental sense of ” do not find your way” in the waking life.  For example,… Continue reading

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Entrance ticket

Association: Granted access. Question: What for new experience or new target I‘m strive? Explanation & Definition: Short explanation A pass entitling the holder to admission to a show, concert, etc. Complete definition Ticket (admission), a card or slip of paper used to gain admission to a location or event. Synonyms of entrance ticket verb: label; noun: label, card, tag; plural: labels, cards, tags; related terms: commercial document, c… Continue reading

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To get lost (strayed)

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – You are dreaming that you lost your way and stray in the unknown place: this dream announces good profits.The financial gain – to earn more money from investments, a payment or a gift from somebody, or win the prize or any kind of the winnings. This dream shows that you will increase your profits. Arabian (Islamic… Continue reading

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Association: Persecution, tracking, research. Question: What is is that I am willing to catch? Do I receive everything in life because of my ability to get it all by myself? What is is that I am looking for? General Meanings: Generally hunting shows unexpressed feelings such as hopes, wishes and pursuits that are related to the dreamer’s life. Repressed sexual desires. The hunting as a symbol is known for unexpressed sexual desires and wishes…. Continue reading

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Ring (jewellery)

…onsider, that the laws of society are much lower than the laws of our souls, and we should not give them so much importance. Tsvetkov Dreambook: Ring dream interpretations by Tsvetkov Ring can be interpreted as: 1. Proposal; 2. Relations or relationships; 3. Loss (the dreamer could get a divorce or separation). Vanga’s Dreambook: Dreaming about ring meaning by Baba Vanga The appearance of the ring in a dream symbolizes the circle of event… Continue reading

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Silver ring

Association: – Valuable promise, important oath, spiritual obligation. Question: – With what I want to unite myself spiritually? Generally: Historically at the practical level in subconscious silver act as money, ring usually stands for a relationship. But dreaming of silver ring shows more than material values in the relationship. Silver ring shows clearly that the dreamer has same values in his life as partner has. Silver ring in dream shows s… Continue reading

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Lottery drawing

Traditionally: European – To dream drawing in the lottery: destroyed hopes. * Drawing is the process in lottery: selection of a winner or winners in a lottery or raffle. And another explanation of drawings in lotteries: players buy hances and prizes are distributed by casting lots…. Continue reading

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ATTENTION: If you notice numbers in a dream, so you should try to play in a lottery. These numbers should bring a good luck. Those who want to save time and see symbolism immediately, should use shortcuts and jump directly to numbers: Zero 0, One 1, Two 2, Three 3, Four 4, 5, Six 6, Seven 7, Eight 8, Nine 9, Ten 10, Eleven 11, Twelve 12, Thirteen 13. For better understanding of dream about exact number, one also should look in dedicated page for… Continue reading

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Raffle / Tombola

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – If you are dreaming that you pull a profit or a prize: you will become speculation victim; – In the dream you are in a church raffle: announces disappointments; – If a young woman has such a dream, this promises empty expectations. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – There isn’t any meaning of dream in Islam. Explanation & Definit… Continue reading

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In general: The visions in the dream of loss frequently appear after the death of loved people. However, they can also appear if they are about the loss of less tangible things like, love or respect or even self-esteem. If the dreamer has lost something in his dream, this can also mean that he has forgotten things which could be important. This can be a chance, a friend or a way of thinking, something what has maintained him earlier. If the drea… Continue reading

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Association: – Confusion in your beliefs; Trying to find the way to hide. Question: – What do I believe in? What is my relation to God? Where I can hide? General Meanings: There are many dreams which include images that have to do with underground rooms such as catacombs. These places are made by human for religious practices such as passageways. In dreams catacombs also have religious meaning, practices that are done and/or beliefs. The fear of… Continue reading

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Diamond ring

…Diamond Store in my previous dream ,…many months ago ,somehow lost it and found it again in my dream of last night.The prices was on both rings of which I can see the price tag on the big single diamond ring of about
R385 000 .The other ring with the many small diamonds , this amount was not clear to me. Appreciate your feedback ..thanks… Continue reading

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Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – There isn’t any interpretation of dream in Christianity. Hindu (Hinduism) – There isn’t any explanation of dream in Hinduism. Arabian (Islamic) – In the dream you are searching for something and you ca not find it: the pursuit of pleasure that you are trying to have, you are only wasting your life life; – If you are dreaming that you are looking for something and you found it: with a lit… Continue reading

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Association: Workplace, vocational aspect of the self. Question: Why or how do I work? In general: The office is a symbol of professional activity, livelihood security and sense of community. The work situation of the people is often the ambience of his dreams. The office is usually made ​​more formal than the flat, and therefore they have playing there scenarios often the relationship to work and authority on the subject. It usually refers to t… Continue reading

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Association: Dismemberment. Question: What I have to tear apart, to be able to be completely self? In general: Is a dream by the amputation of one or more limbs, so afraid of risk or the dreamer, a part of himself to lose, by this it will “cut off” or suppressed by him. Dreams in which one loses one’s own body part by amputation (a common dream!), leaving a strong sense of loss. An ability, power or property is lost or somethin… Continue reading

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Widow & Widower

Association: – Loneliness & Isolation. Question: – What part of me is isolated? In general: Dreaming of being a widow, can point to a loss and sadness. Sometimes a dream marked a change in the consciousness of a woman on the path of development for the wise old woman to use the associated freedom and the opportunity that’s inherent wisdom. Widow or widower often warns against retreat into memories and emotions, life needs to be more ac… Continue reading

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Lose weight

General Meanings: Weight loss announces your own future economic prosperity. If you lose weight yourself, you may soon feel sorrow and worry about a “life off”, or you will feel jealousy and envy from false friends. Maybe the unconscious wants to show us that there are a lot of other people who lives in poorness while our prosperity is assured. Psychological Meanings: Meagerness - Mostly, for your own, means psychological substance l… Continue reading

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Association: Personal power, ego. Question: Where I am going to arrive ? Who  I am? In general: In General, car symbolizes the facts and subjects which motives that dreamer. The car in dreams shows the path of the dreamer, not only professional one or the personal one, but in all aspects of his life. To understand the dream that is related to car better, the dreamer must associate the symbols with the reality he is at the moment, only then he wi… Continue reading

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Lose / loss

In general: Lose (for example, money) has contrary meaning in the dream, you will achieve success and profit. Psychologically: If you lose something in the dream, you should pay attention to the subject which gets in loss, and point to other further details. Mostly losing implies the indication to a mental weakness. Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) – You lose something:a profit; you will find something or discover really interesting t… Continue reading

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